Printable Roman Numerals Worksheets [PDF Included]

From “I” to “X,” as a child, were you confused when your teacher called “L” a 50 and “C” a hundred? Well, gone are the days when you could not make it easy for little learners by using some tools for mathematical concepts. Hence, for teaching the kids Roman Numerals and helping them practice these, the teachers can use worksheets, which can provide the student with the necessary knowledge and help them practice and clear their doubts all at once!

As Roman Numbers are used in various situations in everyday life, from using them as class levels in schools to using them in clocks, hence, it becomes inevitable for the kids to learn these numerals. However, it can be tricky and challenging at times to teach this. So, using a printable worksheet becomes an ideal solution for teachers and educators. Worksheets make it easy for students to grasp knowledge and even raise queries in real time. Check out the usage and application of this worksheet to incorporate it into everyday lessons.

Roman numerals worksheet: What’s included 

The Roman numerals worksheet is divided into 3 parts thereby offering different ways of teaching Roman numbers. The worksheets include a combination of creativity, craft, and theoretical knowledge.

1. Match the Numbers 

Roman numbers worksheet

Students can often be perplexed about Roman numbers because they are not only different but also take time to be understood. At times, creating relatability with mathematical numerals also becomes a challenge.

  • The very first page of the printable is all about matching the right Arabic numbers to the Roman numerals. 
  • The left side is a list of Roman numerals while the right side displays a list of Arabic numbers. 
  • Students need to identify the correct matching and then match them using a ruler. To ease the process, the first one has been done.

Students are more likely to remember everything in a sequence. However, such printables offer random choices of matching Roman and Arabic numbers thereby polishing their brains with better knowledge.

2. Make Numbers with Matchsticks

Roman numbers worksheet

Creativity and math are correlated as using such aspects makes learning even more interesting. This worksheet uses matchsticks to teach the concept of writing Roman numbers

  • The page is divided into two parts where there are huge visible numbers on the left side and space for answers on the right side. Colorful numbers simply add more fun to the learning environment. 
  • Students need to use matchsticks and stick/place them according to the number mentioned on the left side.
  • First one is already done for a better understanding 

Usage of matchsticks helps students form Roman numbers in a creative manner. They not only learn about Roman numerals but also get a chance to show how to write the great Arabic numbers in the Roman style.

3. Bingo

Roman Numbers Worksheet

The printable is a visually appealing way to engage students in learning. This is definitely proved by the inclusion of a creative game that can always be played in the classroom.

  • The last page of the printable is the Bingo where various Roman numbers are written in small boxes.
  • In this game, teachers need to call out different numbers and students need to circle/cross them one by one
  • As students complete any one line, they can cut the letter B from Bingo
  • When students complete 5 lines, and that’s when they can shout Bingo!

As students get the same printable, they are sure to shout Bingo altogether. Apart from this, students get to only listen and learn to recognize Arabic numbers with that Roman numbers.

The PDF of the printable roman numerals worksheets is attached below. You can download it for free.

How can worksheets add value?

  • With the usage of worksheets, teachers can better get to know the understanding level of students along with areas of improvement in the learning process.
  • As worksheets are designed with high-end graphics and large fonts, they help retain student attention and create curiosity among them.
  • When theoretical lessons get monotonous, worksheets add a spark to the learning environment due to the existence of activity-based learning.
  • Worksheets are printable making them super accessible for parents thereby allowing teachers to assess students’ knowledge outside the classroom.
  • Worksheets are generally reusable hence, adding value to long-lasting learning, and can always be reused to revise concepts.

Decoding easy ways to learn roman numerals

Make use of straws to add a fun element to the learning process. Pick any number and ask students to make a similar Roman number using straws. If you say 8, they need to make VIII using straws.

Create a huge circle with cardboard and draw different Roman numbers on it. Now, read aloud a number and quickly ask students to jump on that number. Now, give them different operations and ask them to keep jumping on the right one. For example, if you say 5 + 2, then they need to jump on VII.

Make a different set of placards with Arabic and Roman numerals. Divide placards between students and play the music. As the music stops, ask students to find the right pair of Arabic numbers matching the Roman numerals. 

To make it fun, ask students to create flashcards of the numbers – 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. Now, simply read aloud a Roman alphabet that depicts any of these numbers. As soon as you read it, students should raise the right placard that matches it. If you say C, everyone should show 100.

Various methods can be used to teach Roman numbers. Make sure to keep it challenging with a timer or a reward at the end to ensure that every method creates an engaging learning experience!


While Roman numbers seem easy to teach, students can often be confused when writing them down. With the help of such creative worksheets, teachers and parents can often engage students in discovering Roman numerals. As worksheets are well-designed and visually appealing colors, students are more likely to pay attention to learning. It should be noted that various online games and classroom activities can also be included to enhance the learning experience when teaching Roman numbers. 

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