7 Engaging Online Games For Practicing Dividing Decimals

Decimals are numbers that include a whole number, a fractional part, and a decimal point that separates the two. For example, in the number 34.58, 34 is the whole number, and 58 is the fractional part (whose value is less than 1). Both are separated by a point known as the decimal point.  Just like … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Activities For Practicing Multiplying Decimals

multiply decimal games

As we move from basic applications in math to fractions and later on to decimals, the world of math begins to seem more complicated. This is a concept that can bewilder kids and adults both. A decimal is defined as ‘ a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten and whose numerator is expressed by … Read more

10 Decimal Examples And Applications In Real Life To Understand It Better

Decimal applications

Be it conversion from hundreds to thousands, or measuring oil precisely, decimals is a less spoken math notion that is apparent in our day-to-day life. Evidently, 2.25 pounds sounds more accurate than 2 pounds. Derived from the Latin word Decimus- implying ten, this concept deals with fractions with 10s at the denominator. Some spellbinding exemplars … Read more

10 Hands-on Activities To Practice Rounding Decimals

Rounding decimals hands-on-activities

What is rounding? What exact methods are used in rounding decimals? Do you think it is tricky? Rounding is a method used to estimate a specific figure in a given circumstance. While rounding decimals, for instance, look at the next digit in the correct position to round a number; if it is less than 5, … Read more

Printable Decimal Worksheets For Kids

Decimal worksheets

While it is undeniable that practicing mathematics is essential to take your skills up a notch, it is equally significant to opt for better learning means. Worksheets can be rendered an effective strategy to implement in your child’s customary studying schedule – in order to enhance their academic achievement. The free printable worksheets that we … Read more

8 Fun Rounding Decimal Games To Play Online

decimal decimal games

Do you find rounding decimals difficult? Well, rounding decimals can seem a little daunting for young kids to solve. The term “rounding decimals” refers to the precise rounding of decimal figures. These can be rounded to the nearest whole numbers, tenths, or hundredths. Rounding decimals allow the children to quickly and simply approximate an answer.  … Read more

Top 10 Ordering Decimals Games to Play Online [2024]

Top 10 Ordering Decimals Games to Play Online [2022]

Developing a conceptual understanding of decimals at a young age can help kids acquire skills quite early. It has to be done in an engaging manner as decimal numbers look quite complicated to young learners at the first sight. Some teachers employ manipulatives to ease learning worries, and the learning kit can be made more … Read more

10 decimal division examples teachers must use

list of decimals divisions examples

In this post, we will talk about decimal division by showing various examples for easy understanding. Let us learn a little about the topic first. As the name suggests, the topic deals with the division operation of numbers in decimals. Things get a little confusing for kids when decimals are involved. Don’t worry, through this … Read more

5 Manipulatives For Learning Decimals

list of 5 decimal manipulatives

For this post, our area of focus will only be decimal manipulatives. Although fraction is directly related but that will focus of our upcoming posts as I am focusing this post for all the age groups rather than senior years of school. So, here is the curated list of 5 really cool decimal manipulatives for learning.