Top 10 decimals ordering games to try [2020]

list of top 10 decimals ordering game

Developing a conceptual understanding of decimals at a young age can help the kids acquire skills quite early. With tons of games available online, you now have an opportunity to help your kids improve their math skills and keep them engaged for hours. Honestly, these interactive and fun-based decimal activities are a two-way accomplishment – … Read more

10 decimal division examples teachers must use

list of decimals divisions examples

In this post, we will talk about decimal division by showing various examples for easy understanding. Let us learn a little about the topic first. As the name suggests, the topic deals with the division operation of numbers in decimals. Things get a little confusing for kids when decimals are involved. Don’t worry, through this … Read more

5 manipulatives for learning decimals

list of 5 decimal manipulatives

For this post, our area of focus will only be decimal manipulatives. Although fraction is directly related but that will focus of our upcoming posts as I am focusing this post for all the age groups rather than senior years of school. So, here is the curated list of 5 really cool decimal manipulatives for learning.