Printable Decimal Worksheets For Kids

While it is undeniable that practicing mathematics is essential to take your skills up a notch, it is equally significant to opt for better learning means. Worksheets can be rendered an effective strategy to implement in your child’s customary studying schedule – in order to enhance their academic achievement. The free printable worksheets that we provide come in handy in situations like these. 

Through this decimal worksheets pdf, your child can learn age-appropriate information and ideas. Moreover, they can elevate their skills in fundamental decimal concepts, such as place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals – and so forth. It covers these mathematical concepts employing fun questions, vibrant colors, and intriguing story prompt – to keep your kids engaged in learning!

Free Printable Decimal Worksheets for Grade 4,5,6 [PDF]
Free Printable Decimal Worksheets for Grade 4,5,6 [PDF]
Free Printable Decimal Worksheets for Grade 4,5,6 [PDF]

Decimal worksheets: What do they comprise?

The free printable decimal worksheets can potentially contribute to your child’s academic performance. It consists of three sheets altogether, which are bright and enjoyable for children to work upon. Consequently, it will help your child learn the basic concepts of decimals in a fun and engaging manner.

  • The first worksheet encompasses 3 multi-colored trains with berths. There are decimal numbers given in each berth. All they have to do is place the correct value of the underlined digit in the blank space given on the top of every berth.
  • In the second worksheet, you’ll reckon that there are six different boats on the sea. Furthermore, you’ll notice 6 unique fishes in the sea with decimal numbers written on them. The picture illustrates some kids are trying to catch fish – and the fish are carrying the answer to the question. After reading the question carefully, the learner should connect the string from the rod to the fish carrying the correct answer.
  • In the third sheet, you’ll find 6 different types of questions based on decimals. Word problems are a little confusing and difficult for children. However, the picture-based problems in these worksheets make it easy for your child to get a grasp of the concept better. Overall, the worksheet encompasses questions on all four methods of decimals – division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Your child just needs to comprehend the question, deduce the method and give accurate answers. 

How do these worksheets benefit the learning process?

These worksheets aid children in scrutinizing numerous notions and ideas. Thus, they help formulate an excellent motor response, practical reasoning, and memorizing things on their own. These can also make your kids privy to fresh and better concepts of understanding, acquire ideas, and depict the same on their worksheets. 

Here are some fascinating benefits:

  • Pictorial Cues: These worksheets are adorned with relevant images to clarify uncertainties. These may improve focus and logical thinking, making comprehension better.  
  • The first question in the sheet is worked out as an exemplar. Inferring them can give a better idea to expedite solving the remaining. 
  • Sequential learning: The questions in this worksheet start with easy ones, making commencing effortless. Further, the first sheet needs the kid to identify, while the later ones need computations, corroborating the sequential approach. 
  • A distinctive way of answering makes pupils exhilarated. In the second sheet, students need to draw the rope from each fishing rod to the answer fish after finding the answer. 
  • Constructive Quick Tests: With not more than six questions in a sheet, these can be a swift evaluating means to assess students with quick results.

Results you can expect

With the help of these worksheets, you’ll be able to understand your children’s base, their previous learnings, and the outcome of what they’ve learned. For younger children, worksheets are a fantastic learning tool. These worksheets are designed to make their learning experience more enjoyable – and boost productivity. These worksheets may benefit your kids in the following ways:

  • With the help of these worksheets, your child will be able to understand decimal concepts effortlessly.
  • Strengthens their confidence and motivates them.
  • Enhance their abstract math potential.
  • Helps them develop excellent motor skills.
  • Upscales their logical and critical thinking abilities. 

Thus, they not only help boost learning performance in all stages of education, but they also help boost academic proficiency overall.


Keeping your kids occupied and making them study might get a little difficult; this is where worksheets come in handy. As worksheets have evolved into a fun way of instilling value education in young brains, kids find them entertaining, thought-provoking, and interesting. As a parent, you may note that your child will be more committed to these worksheets than their textbooks. Worksheets help track the progress of students and promote active learning. They help students identify key learning gaps and improve their grades. What’s more, this worksheet can also ensure that parents and children will spend some valuable time together. 

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