8 Fun Rounding Decimal Games To Play Online

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Do you find rounding decimals difficult? Well, rounding decimals can seem a little daunting for young kids to solve. The term “rounding decimals” refers to the precise rounding of decimal figures. These can be rounded to the nearest whole numbers, tenths, or hundredths. Rounding decimals allow the children to quickly and simply approximate an answer. 

However, there is a lot of ambiguity around the term’s ‘round up’ and ‘round down.’ For better clarity, Round up refers to converting a number to the next smallest integer that is greater than it. In comparison, round down is converting the number to the next greatest integer that is less than the original value.

On this note, let’s dive into some great online games on rounding decimals!

List of rounding decimals games for kids

Rounding decimal games have young learners working on a collection of issues about rounding decimal numbers, which helps them reinforce their comprehension of the topic.

In these games, the learner will round decimals up to hundredths to the nearest whole. Students will have to go over a list of possibilities and choose the proper one.

1. Decimal of the Caribbean 

Decimal of the Caribbean

In this game, the player will be given a sentence first. According to the sentence mentioned above, the player will be asked to click on the correct digit of the decimal number. A boat or ship will be sent in with every correct click. Kids would need to drown all 20 boats and ships to win the game. This game starts with two decimal places and increases by two decimal places at each stage.

With the help of the place value decimal game, the child will be able to understand 4 Decimal places skillfully. 

2. Decimal Detective 

Decimal detective

In this game, the player takes on the role of a detective searching for a suspect hidden behind a secret decimal number. The player should try to get the number by guessing between a set of numbers. (For instance, the number is somewhere between 8 and 9) Adhering to each guess, the player will be told whether the secret number is higher or lower than their own. The player must first find the tenth digit, then the hundredths, and finally, the thousandths if they choose the most challenging level.

The game is based on place, value, and estimation. With the help of this game, the child will get to learn and will understand up to 3 decimal places.

3. Identify the place

Identify the place

In this game, the kid needs to round the decimal number that appears below to the nearest tenths. If the player clicks on the box with the right answer, it will set off on its way.

This game is one of the simplest and unique ways to explain Rounding decimals to the nearest tenths to children. As you go on giving the correct answer, your level increases – and you get a chance to get acquainted with new concepts of decimals. This game is designed to incite curiosity in children to solve rounding decimal calculations with ease.

4. Franken Wife

Franken Wife

This game is based on rounding numbers, which is an enjoyable one and a no-pressure pastime. A rounding problem will emerge when the player clicks a square in the crossword. With the “reveal” button, the player can seek assistance later. When finished, the player will have to click the “Check Puzzle” button. This activity is based on Rounding decimal numbers to the nearest hundredths. It is one of the most basic ways to teach the concept to the child.

A great feature of this game is that this offers a progress report to the parents which goes directly into the dashboard. Moreover, the difficulty level can be increased according to the grade of the child. 

5. Decimal crossword Puzzle 

decimal crossword puzzle

This is a crossword puzzle in which players will interact with different puzzles and crosswords. This game helps you to understand the concept of Rounding Integers to its nearest hundred. In this game, you will be given the closest whole number of integers; one must specify the correct hundred value among the various options. The cross puzzle game is incredibly easy and fun to learn the concept of rounding integers. 

6. Round Tenths Using a Number Line

Round Tenths Using a Number Line

The game revolves around a number line, which displays a number in decimals. This number is displayed on the correct place of the number line, and the player needs to choose the correct whole number to which it should be rounded. For example, the number of the number line is 14.7, and two options given to the player are 15 and 14—out of these, the user needs to select the correct option to move to the next question.

The game demands students to struggle with the concept of rounding off to the correct whole number. Moreover, it also strengthens the number line topic for the little ones who need adequate practice for both. 

7. Rounding Decimals Soccer Game

Rounding Decimals Soccer Game

Students will explore the numbers in decimal forms in this game, which would have to be rounded off to the nearest whole number. The students can practice and test their knowledge about whole numbers by answering the questions correctly. Revolving around the soccer theme, this game gives a unique approach to the concept of decimals as the student needs to hit the goal with the right whole number. For example, if 89.78 needs to be rounded off, the player needs to select the correct whole number, which is 90, and that’s where they’ll hit the soccer ball. 

Giving an opportunity to parents and educators to test the knowledge of the little ones, this game can be played in teams and alone.

8. Rounding Numbers

Rounding Numbers

Rich in graphics, this game has three levels for the user to choose from. Depending upon the proficiency level, the player can choose the level and get playing. The first level is about rounding off the number to the nearest tens, the next one is about rounding off to the nearest hundred and thousand, and the last one has bigger numbers that need to be rounded off to the nearest ten thousand. 

When the player gives a correct answer, they get a plus 10, otherwise a -10. Later, when the game finishes, the player can shoot some soccer balls in the net depending on the number of correct answers given. This is the ultimate objective of the game—the number of questions answered correctly, the more goals you would be allowed to hit. 

Fascinating and Interactive ways to learn round decimals 

Numerous online games come with fun-filled activities for children to deliver curriculum-oriented and tailored learning experiences. When a young child is allowed to play games, it is enticing. And when they can learn mathematical concepts by employing study-related games, nothing can compare.

Rounding Decimal Games that can assist children in learning new skills fast include-

Round decimal to nearest whole number: This game will teach children about place value and how to round numbers to the nearest whole number.  For example, 2.2 will be rounded down to 2, 11.88 will round up to 12.

Round decimal numbers to the nearest tenths: This game will teach kids about place value and how to round numbers to the nearest tenth. For example, 2.726 will be rounded down to 2.73, 35.78 will round up to 35.8.

Round decimals to the nearest hundredths: This game will educate kids on how to assess the place value of a number and how to round it to the next hundredth. For example, 3.931 will be rounded down to 3.93, and 35.789 will round up to 35.8.

Why are Rounding Decimals Challenging for Kids?

Rounding Decimals are challenging for Kids because they require inventiveness, brainstorming, and accuracy. Decimal numbers can be a tough challenge for children. If the correct answers don’t match their answer, they may lose interest halfway through. This makes them feel demotivated. It’s difficult to grasp the decimal point and its functions. However, it is also critical to make children learn the proper fundamentals of mathematics. As a result, experimenting with new approaches helps the child to embrace round decimal problems and not find them too daunting to solve.

What Role Can Online Games Play in Rounding Up?

Rounding numbers make things simpler to understand and adopt. Their values are relatively close to what they were initially, despite being slightly less precise. People round numbers in a variety of contexts, including a mixture of real-world scenarios. Here’s how online games can benefit your child to learn rounding decimals.

Advantages of learning through games:

  • Games that follow the curriculum helps children to Comprehend easily.
  • Visual representation aids in the creation of a lasting image in mind.
  • Children can go at their own pace when it comes to learning.
  • Practices of individualized education.
  • Getting a higher grade is less appealing to children than scoring points in a game; this helps them learn innovatively.

What Is Your Role As A Parent?

As a parent, one must be aware of the advantages of this cutting-edge learning method to prepare their children for the future adequately. They should use examples from everyday life to help their children learn these concepts. They should always remember to be patient with their children and to give them space and time to learn these mathematical theories. Below are a few tips that you can follow to help your kid with math:

  • Avoid saying, “you are bad at math”. When you say this to your kids, they might actually start believing so – and would want to give up. On the contrary, it motivates them to do better. 
  • Ask your child to teach you math. This can help them believe that they are up to some game and intellectual enough to teach their parents math. This would help boost confidence.
  • Talk about math. Tell your kids how interesting math is as a subject and encourage them to understand the concepts better.
  • Ask your kid to try the new math. Math comes with a wide array of intriguing topics and concepts. Trying out new math will help your child learn something new – also retain interest.
  • Lure them. Lure your kids saying that if they finish off a particular set – or are able to solve a difficult question, you will take them for ice cream or buy them their favorite toy. 


One can round decimals to a specified number of decimal places or a certain level of precision. This is used to make calculations and findings more understandable when exact quantities aren’t required. We can conclude that by introducing activities involving rounding decimals, children will easily grasp the concept of rounding decimals. It’s a unique and fascinating way of explaining an idea. Rounding decimals may be fun, easy, and exciting for children if the correct teaching tactics are used.

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