Top 10 decimals ordering games to try [2020]

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Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Editorial Team

Developing a conceptual understanding of decimals at a young age can help the kids acquire skills quite early. With tons of games available online, you now have an opportunity to help your kids improve their math skills and keep them engaged for hours.

Honestly, these interactive and fun-based decimal activities are a two-way accomplishment – while your kids are enjoying the time of their lives, you are ensured that they are fed with some great curriculum-aligned content as well.

In this article, we shall cover all the ordering decimal games that are popular throughout the internet.

10 Best decimals ordering games

Here’s a list of top 10 ordering decimal games for your kids that highly recommended for helping them understand decimals better.

1.    NBT.3.b

NBT.3.b decimals oredering game

Teaching your children about decimals and their ordering requires a substantial amount of energy and time. It specifically depends upon the kid’s ability to grasp a new concept. But with the NBT.3.b game, your kid will learn how to compare decimals within no time. Its subsequent worksheets on ordering decimals help students recognize the meaning of each place of the digits.

Moreover, the worksheets will also have the students use comparison signs to record all the results, making them familiar with <, >, = symbols. And what’s the best part?  These activities are totally aligned, along with your kid’s regular curriculum.

2.    Comparing and Ordering Decimals Game

Comparing and Ordering Decimals Game decimals oredering game

Commonly referred to as a component of a number, a decimal is an easier method of representation while lets you add or subtract numbers quite easily. And why not create some fun while learning decimals? 

Enjoy this hands-on comparing and ordering decimals game that lets you print and have real cards to build up the game. Usually played in pairs, each of the members will have a pile of cards. Unraveling each card at a time, the one with the highest score takes away both the cards as a win. This game pattern will continue until one player has gained all the cards.

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3.    Pecking Order

Pecking Order decimals oredering game

Yet another exciting educational game, Pecking Order, is a must-have for students to practice various essential math concepts such as decimals, percent, and fractions. So what’s the game about?  All you have to do is arrange the birds in ascending number, representing them on a number line as fast as possible.

The catch is that 5 rounds should be completed without committing any mistakes. Upon completion, kids will get to create some awesome music alongside the great Bird Band.

4.    Compare and Order Decimals

 Compare and Order Decimals decimals oredering game

Grade 5 students get to enjoy interactive activity sessions in this incredible Compare and Order Decimal Game that will certainly leave them amazed. The motivation to earn coins upon giving every right response to each question will surely keep them going.

This highly engaging game will target more on the decimal concept for better understanding. And the best part, students can log in for free so join now!

5.    Order Decimal Numbers – Online Practice Game ( Grade 4-7)

Order Decimal Numbers – Online Practice Game ( Grade 4-7) decimals oredering game

This game will offer you with numbers having decimals from 2 -4. However, selection can be made based on the grade of the student and the level at which they would be comfortable. This online activity will help your kids to arrange the decimals in proper order.

The ordering game will have the students drag the numbers into appropriate boxes in the correct fashion. The teachers and students can choose the level of difficulty accordingly so that the students won’t be stuck at the same question.

6.    Ordering Decimals

Ordering Decimals game

Ordering decimals is easy to go fun-filled math activity that assists the students in having a better understanding of decimals that is quite in contrast to their regular serious lectures.

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The game involves the selection of decimals in the sequence ranging from least to the greatest number. What it targets? The main concepts under target would be ordering numbers, improved understanding of decimals, and some basic math.

Not to worry, this platform also offers a separate list of activities and math worksheets to Students of different grades, depending upon their curriculum.

7.    Ordering Game

Ordering Decimals game

A combination of thrill and some quick math tips, this Ordering decimal game is all about getting the given set of numbers at the perfect place! 

Students would be asked to place decimals, negatives, fractions in the correct order to get promoted to the next round. The right order leads you automatically to a fresh new challenge. It means that the students will undergo a quick practice to improve their pace.

8.    Range Arranger

Range Arranger decimals ordering game

Range Arranger aims at helping students compare numbers and place them in the correct order. The exercise involved will be building a large tower of numbers. The blocks, however, need to be placed at the correct spots from the smallest to the largest to get it right. Students will get to have lots of fun working on these tasks while bubbling their curiosity of numbers.

With a range of difficulty levels available, you can easily choose the one that is appropriate for your child.

9.    Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Comparing and Ordering Decimals Ordering Decimals game

Learning new concepts is not just about getting it right but is also about getting it right in lesser time. Solving math requires you to work at your maximum level without sparing a single second. And to make your kids solve decimals and comparison problems effortlessly, this comparing and ordering game provides students with a set of questions. Each question is provided with four options from which you have to pick the right one in a given time.

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Each set will have a predefined time limit before which you have to complete your submission. What more?  You also get access to practice problems, live interactive sessions, and homework.

10. Compare Decimal Numbers

Compare Decimal Numbers decimals ordering game

Help your kids get trained in comparing decimals quickly by introducing them to this yet another impressive game. Just like the previous one, this compare decimal game provides students with questions, each having four options.

Time taken to answer the set will be noted for your benefit, and a smart score will be provided to you. What if you feel underprepared? You can get quick learning tips in the option before you take up the next challenge!

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned games not only focus on offering a vast range of fun-filled activities but also make sure that the kids become familiar and comfortable with the concept of decimals. Check out these games and introduce them to your kids to boost their confidence and make them fall in love with the subject!

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