Top 7 Games For Understanding Math Exponents

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Learning exponents becomes much easier by playing online games. Often, teachers find it difficult to tell the students how to differentiate between say n times A and A to the power n (the difference between multiplying by n and raising exponentially to the power n). With learning supports like online games, math beginners can absorb and learn to implement the concept of exponent confidently and fluently.

For the uninitiated, the Exponent is usually notified as ‘to the power n.’ And it is expressed as An where n can be any integer or fraction too. It means A multiplied n times. This means, if n = 3, then you are actually calculating A*A*A to find the third power of the number A.

Why play Exponent Games?

By playing games that teach exponents, learners can clearly understand the difference between nA and An , a difference that confuses the early learners most commonly.

Exponent games are easily available online. These games can provide an engaging practice tool for learning and practicing how to solve exponents-based problems. So, you need not worry about how to engage young children in something meaningful during their devices’ usage time.

Games for exponents can help you drive the learners’ interest in solving problems based on this concept. With regular practice, kids will learn to solve these questions mentally and display exceptional improvement.

Games for practicing problems on exponents offer a reliable and gamified way of strengthening the concepts and solution methods in the learners’ minds.

If these reasons have made you start searching for games that can teach exponents, I suggest you go through the list below. These exponent games can help solve equations, learn about powers and other important concepts like squares and square roots, etc.

Best Games to Learn about Exponents

1. Alien Powers

Alien Powers Game

Alien Powers is a time-paced game that gives nice practice for solving problems of exponents. Since the answer is to be given before the aliens reach the bottom of the quiz screen, it creates correct conditions for calculating exponential values of the numbers mentally.

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Players can apply mental math, quick calculation abilities, and hand-eye coordination to pick the right answer and score points. The regular practice makes children so fluent that they will not even realize that they have actually calculated 72 to arrive upon the answer.

Game Link: Web App

2. Math Speed Racing Exponents

Math Speed Racing Exponents

How well you can keep up with your calculation abilities amidst distractions? This game for learning exponents and practicing problems based on them tells you that. There is a car racing set up that draws children naturally to this game.

They are supposed to solve the exponential forms en route, steer clear from other cars, and also collect bonus points coming their way. Thus, this game builds their cognitive flexibility skills and helps them become smarter in doing a number of things simultaneously. Not to mention, the quick calculations required to keep the car fueled helps early learners become fluent with exponents.

Game Link: Web App

3. Pyramid Math 2

Pyramid Math 2 game

Pyramid Math 2 has a number of learnings to provide. It offers learning exponents, square roots, LCM, and GCF as its various objectives. Little learners read the quiz that appears at the top, pick the marble with the correct answer (which is actually a number) and drag that to put it in the jar provided on the left.

It is a timed game and continues till you have chosen the time limit or have not made a mistake. Thus, staying in the game as long as possible compels children to brush up their calculation skills and pick the correct answer always. Initially, it may be a bit challenging, but is this not what you need to work up the brain?

Game Link: Web App

4. Math Games

Math Games playstore game

Math games on Playstore is a one-stop solution for acquiring early math skills, including exponentiation. The game offers myriad math problems that challenge the mind and boost quick thinking. You can pick any skill from exponentiation, square root, and basic operations, to brush up your calculation ability.

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Always prefer to play it repeatedly as it helps reinforce the concept, quickens the calculation speed, and gives multiple challenges to keep the mind stimulated. This game is ideal to convert your screen time into learning time while keeping the entertainment quotient high.

Game Link: Play Store

5. Powers Memory Game

Powers Memory Game

Empower your learning by playing this quiz game designed to transform you into a calculation nerd. It is amply challenging for a 6th grader as the questions may ask to find even the 4th and higher powers of any number. This math game to learn exponents allows you to challenge the brains to solve exponentiation problems correctly as well as quickly.

As a result of working on exponent problems, the ability to multiply is enhanced too. Expect positive enhancement in motor skills, as well, since the quiz requires inputting numbers and click ‘continue’ to move to the next question. The aim is to solve as many questions as possible in a single gameplay session, that improves learning in an engaging manner.

Game Link: Web App

6. Exponents Crocodile Game

Exponents Crocodile Game

The exponent Crocodile Game is a fast-paced game that is designed for primary and middle school students. It is a game where you are provided with digital dice and you have to press start and stop strategically so as to avoid the monster slot. Once you press ‘stop’ and have reached a number, you are given a question to solve. The question is to find the exponential power of one-, two- and three-digit numbers that appear.

So, the game is challenging enough to excite a 7th grader, but the early learners can also have fun by picking the questions they find easy. This game takes the difficulty level to a bit high so that the children do not feel less challenged. The pressure of picking the correct slot and avoid monsters helps enhance focus too.

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Game Link: Web App

7. Expodyssey from Legends of Learning

Expodyssey from Legends of Learning

Quite an interesting game for middle schoolers to learn the concept of exponents. It covers the properties useful for solving exponents-based equations. Children can move from solving An to solving equations using property like the product of powers, etc. The learning is made easier by providing a demonstrative solution first. Also, the backdrop of space and using astronomical values to teach exponents’ concepts contribute to the engagement quotient of this game.

Game Link: Web App

Benefits of playing exponents games

Games for teaching exponents are designed keeping in mind the proficiency level and the corresponding curriculum in mind. If the children want to solve problems more complex than what is taught in their class, they can use these games to develop their concepts more strongly and sustainably. Some of the best benefits of these games are:

  • Provide self-learning tool: Games provide the hint of the method involved in solving exponentiation problems. Thus, the kids can learn concepts on their own and get ample practice.
  • Improve thinking and calculating ability: The mental capabilities of thinking and calculating are appreciably improved due to fast-paced nature of games for learning exponents.
  • Improves cognitive skills: Calculating, reading, and picking the correct answer and sometimes, maneuvering elements or filling the answers as required by the game enhances children’s capacity to do various activities simultaneously.

Exponentiation is the next step after multiplication. If moving to a more complex topic gives you typical math anxiety, you can relax by playing these games that teach exponents in a lucid and engaging manner.

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