Top 12 Colleges for Students with Dyslexia

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Understanding the educational needs of students with Dyslexia has become an unignorable topic due to an increase in awareness among people about it. Learning difficulty has become a recognized reason for dropouts after the middle level of education.

Dropping out from the education system an otherwise intelligent student with a learning disorder is nothing but a loss to the country in the long run. Perhaps, it is the reason that colleges are now dedicating a part of resources to make the environment conducive to the learning for dyslexic students.

Cut to present times, corresponding to the fact that 10% of the students in the US are diagnosed with Dyslexia, there are colleges that have special arrangements for making education easy for students with Dyslexia. Which are the colleges for Dyslexics and what sets them above others, let’s find out.

12 Colleges suitable for dyslexic students

1. Limestone College, Gaffney, SC

Limestone College offers dedicated and neatly tailored education support for students diagnosed with learning disorders. Its unique feature is the Program for Alternative Learning Styles (PALS). This program focuses entirely on making studies available to dyslexic students in a way they are comfortable with.

But, this is not all! The college has fairly extensively designed skill-building initiatives aimed at helping students with dyslexia. These initiatives comprise writing workshops,  research-based reading programs, etc. The students can also benefit from closely monitored study halls, one-to-one test proctors, and academic counseling activities.

With such extensive support to bank upon, the students here have managed to score a GPA of 2.0 and above. This college is worth putting into the checklist while searching for an apt college for dyslexic students. The form for admission is available online here.

2. American International College

The college was founded in 1855 as an institute for immigrants. Cut to present times, it is one of the best colleges for studying liberal arts in Massachusetts. The college runs a Supportive Learning Services Program under which dedicated tutoring service is offered to students with learning difficulties.

Students can gain lots of benefits from the Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations (CASAA), and groom into confident individuals worthy of securing respectable positions in institutes and organizations. The applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and a decision is made within two weeks. You can apply here for the Degree Programs at various levels.

3. Beacon College

This college offers assistance with learning disabilities. including Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is the first college in the US to win accreditation for awarding a Bachelor’s Degree to students with learning disorders. Every class is designed to fit the needs of the children with learning difficulties so that the whole environment compels them to learn with deeper engagement.

The teachers are trained to alter their methods according to the learning needs of dyslexics or other similar disorders. This college prepares the students extensively for the world outside the premises with programs like occupational therapy and counseling, and other workshops. Education loan assistance is also available to meet the courses’ expenses.

The college started the Education for Educators program in 2012 and has the finest faculty trained to teach dyslexics and students with other learning difficulties. It has been active in providing education to students displaying difficulty in learning. It was founded in 1989 and is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC). Admissions are available around the year as students are selected on a rolling basis. You can apply through an Online application, or download the application form options.

4. University of Iowa

REACH is a community program run by the University of Iowa. This program is focused on making education easier for students struggling with cognitive and learning difficulties of various types. Students get to do every activity but in a way comprehensive to them, under this program. They need to do coursework and attend training programs and counseling sessions to find their true calling in life.

Community living is promoted by assigning residential hall facilities to the students. It helps them learn from each other. Also, they do community-based internship projects to enrich their knowledge and experience, which can be of great use in moving from a student’s life to that of an independent individual.

5. University of Arizona, Tucson

How does the University of Arizona, Tucson, help dyslexic students achieve their academic objectives? The answer lies in the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center, which they refer to as the SALT program. At this center, every learning resource is designed to meet the special needs of dyslexic students.

Apart from the Center, there is a Strategic Learning Proctor too to help and guide the students. This coach designs the course plan and helps students with coursework. Thus, with mutual cooperation, understanding, and a community learning environment, the students achieve their academic goals while managing their learning difficulties. Apply Online facility provided to get admission in various courses.

6. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is unique in the sense that it not only offers special academic assistance but also coaches students with special needs on how to carry themselves in real life. There is a need to encourage dyslexics to come out and share their experiences and compel the world around them to consider their perspective.

Just because they understand or learn in a different way does not make them any less. This is the core teaching that is done at the University of Connecticut. They have made things more systematic and organized for dyslexics through their initiative called UConn’s Center for Students with Disabilities. Apply Here for Undergraduate First Year.

7. Southern Methodist University, Dallas

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center of Southern Methodist University, Dallas has a well-designed teaching curriculum aimed at the educational needs of Dyslexics. The College has taken care of all the aspects of imparting a well-coordinated education program comprising academic coaching. With features like peer monitoring, the students can encourage each other to rise above difficulties and grow by exchanging knowledge.

Subject-specific tutoring plans are also available so that more practice and focused attention can be provided to students demonstrating the need for extra effort. Its unique offering designed for Dyslexics is known as the HDEV 1110 course. The course is titled Reading and Learning Strategies for Students with LD/ADHD, where students can identify and pick their learning styles and improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Admission Deadline for Spring Semester: November 1

Apply here for the First-year- Domestic Undergraduate Program.

8. Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT

It is one of the best colleges for Dyslexics offering a well-designed learning program for students with LDs. In addition to the learning program, the college works towards making the life of Dyslexics easier by offering residential support and scholarships.

Specialized academic advising is imparted through their program called Westminster’s Learning Differences Program. The core values of this program are an academic Survival skills workshop, audiobook-supported teaching materials, alternative delivery methods, and more flexible test times.

The rolling Admissions Process begins on December 1. For filling the seats left vacant, the applications from the students who apply after March 1st are also considered.

Apply here: Online Application, Common App

9. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan runs an in-house support program for dyslexics known as Services for Students with Disability. This learning program reflects the best educational values that set this university apart from others. A number of in-campus free services are provided to students with Dyslexia and other disabilities ranging from special academic tutoring and counseling, Life-skills development programs, and reading and writing learning programs, to financial aid and accommodation assistance. Other notable features are extended test time, distraction-free testing environments, and real-time captioning, to quote the important ones.

Winter Term Application Deadline: October 1, Fall Term: February 1. Online application form available.

10. University of Essex, the UK

The University of Essex is one of the most preferred colleges that offer full support for learning to students with various learning difficulties including Dyslexia. It has a faculty of trained teachers called disability advisors. Their job is to identify the learning needs and create the correct environment to fulfill them same.

The university has a dedicated Departmental Disability Liasion Officers cell that one can approach for communicating the needs based on the information given, the learning support is designed and delivered to the students in need.

Apart from coaching help, the university provides equipment and learning support designed according to the LD the student deals with. The specialized coursework and exam pattern are designed to help dyslexic students further. Other supports one can find here are – accommodation facilities for students with individual needs, student support workers, and skill-learning support.

For admissions in 2024, 16 October 2023 is the last month to apply for medical, veterinary, and other professional courses.

For all other courses, to get entry in 2024, 31 Jan 2024 is the last date for applying.

One can apply through UCAS after selecting the course of choice.

With only 24% of the colleges offering learning solutions for dyslexics, there are a whole lot of possibilities for improvement. The silver lining is that more and more colleges are understanding the specific requirements of students having learning disorders. Thus, education is going to be for one and all, in a real sense in the coming times, expectedly.

11. Landmark College

Landmark College is another choice for students who have different learning needs. The college caters to students with dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and other executive function challenges. With a student-faculty ratio of 6:1, the college ensures every student gets personalized attention to help them overcome their challenges. 

Their mantra is focusing on strengths, thereby empowering students with the skills required to navigate and succeed in life. The inclusive learning environment ensures students are comfortable with their way of learning so that they can strive harder toward success. 

In addition to student programs, the college’s research and training vertical conducts research on various learning disabilities and offers webinars, online training, and more to educators as well. 

Interested candidates can apply through their online app or common app. 

12. Pitzer College

PASS, or Pitzer College’s Academic Support Services aims to provide assistance to students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities so they can achieve success in academics and life. It ensures that all students, irrespective of their special needs, get equal opportunities on campus. 

Students get access to the resources, training, and accommodations necessary to excel in academics. Some examples of accommodations students can expect to receive at Pitzer College are extended exam times, note-taking support, separate test areas, and the availability of assistive technology for students with reading difficulties. 

Students can request accommodations, and their relevance is determined through individual assessments. They also provide housing accommodations for students with disabilities and permit service animals and emotional support animals on campus if the animal qualifies as a reasonable accommodation.

Applicants seeking admission in the first year can check out the admission process here

In conclusion

With only 24% of the colleges offering learning solutions for dyslexics, there are a whole lot of possibilities for improvement. The silver lining is that more and more colleges are understanding the specific requirements of students having learning disorders. Thus, education is going to be for one and all, in a real sense in the coming times, expectedly.

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