9 Fun Note-Taking Activities For Students Of Different Grades

note taking

Do you know why is it important to comprehend information heard? It is because humans tend to forget certain parts of information after an interval of time. This leads to misinformation and misconceptions in understanding the original context of the information. That’s when note-taking skills come to your rescue! Each class involves a different learning … Read more

5 Helpful Empathy Activities For College Students

In a world where people are so connected to technology, it is easy to lose touch with our emotions. College students are especially at risk for this, as they often feel overwhelmed and stressed due to uninvited exposures. Therefore, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It is a vital … Read more

Top 6 Colleges That Waive Foreign Language Requirements

Colleges that waive foreign language requirement

Colleges often have a foreign language in their curriculum to ensure students are exposed to new areas. Due to certain reasons, Some students may need the college to waive off Foreign language requirements. Accordingly, some colleges offer a chance to eligible candidates to leave a language from academics, which is often known as a Foreign … Read more

Does Middle School Foreign Language Count Towards College?

Does middle school foreign language count towards college

The American education system, much like the other educational systems of the world, is divided into several levels. Beginning from the elementary level to high school, grades 6 to 9, fall under the level of middle school, which bridges the educational competencies between the elementary and the high school.  The curriculum of a middle school … Read more

15 Brain Break Activities And Games Ideas For College & Older Students

Brain break games & activities for college

No matter how passionate a child is, it is the brain break that ensures them to perform better-ensuing refreshment. These short fun practices help them to relax their mind in order to be more focused and productive. While we understand that the strategy can be useful for youngsters, do college students and adults also be … Read more

10 Recommended Accommodations For Dyslexia In College

Accommodations for dyslexia in college

A classroom is a combination of multiple mindsets. While some may be interested in academics and score well, others may need better training or support. When it comes to children with learning difficulties, personalized training may be ensured with accommodations. Their provisions are readdressed regulations and facilities offered to bridge the gap, making them ready … Read more

5 Helpful Accommodations For College Students With Learning Disabilities

LD Accommodations in College

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 opened the floodgates for inclusive education for children with learning disabilities at the high school level. It helped many of them fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education at the college level. However, the continuance of certain accommodations and the addition of others at the college level … Read more

Top 7 Colleges That Waive Math Requirements

Colleges That Waive Math Requirements

Do you suffer from math anxiety and don’t want this subject to boggle you in college life? If yes, there is good news for you! There are colleges that waive math requirements. Hence, you can fulfill your graduation dream even when you are not too good at maths. But, which colleges are offering this facility? … Read more

Activities for College Students to Improve Time Management Skills

Activities for College Students to Improve Time Management Skills

College is the next stepping stone after school life. In school life, students learn a lot of skills and develop their personalities. These skills are put to test in colleges. It is when adolescence hits the peak. Students realize their strengths and weaknesses. These few years of college are incredibly crucial as students discover themselves … Read more

Top 10 Colleges for Students with Dyslexia

List of top 10 colleges for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities

Understanding the educational needs of students with Dyslexia has become an unignorable topic due to an increase in awareness among people about it. Learning difficulty has become a recognized reason for dropouts after middle level of education. Dropping out from the education system by an otherwise intelligent student but with a learning disorder, is nothing … Read more