6 Fun Experiential Learning Activities For Adults & College Students

Learning styles and preferences can take many different shapes. Some people prefer to learn visually, while others prefer to listen. Some people like reading and writing, while others prefer a more tactile approach. Experiential learning is a familiar buzzword in the education world which assists students in developing positive attitudes about life, inspires responsibility, promotes … Read more

5 Helpful Accommodations For College Students With Learning Disabilities

LD Accommodations in College

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 opened the floodgates for inclusive education for children with learning disabilities at the high school level. It helped many of them fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education at the college level. However, the continuance of certain accommodations and the addition of others at the college level … Read more

Activities for College Students to Improve Time Management Skills

Activities for College Students to Improve Time Management Skills

College is the next stepping stone after school life. In school life, students learn a lot of skills and develop their personalities. These skills are put to test in colleges. It is when adolescence hits the peak. Students realize their strengths and weaknesses. These few years of college are incredibly crucial as students discover themselves … Read more