ELI5 The Difference Between Accommodations And Modifications

accommodation vs modification

The necessity for quality education for the coming generation which is supposed to be our future long ago has been recognized. But it wasn’t until recently that attention was paid to making this education equitable and accessible to all.  To meet these goals and the specific needs of those with learning differences, several provisions have … Read more

9 Helpful Accommodations For Students With Dyscalculia

Accommodations for students with dyscalculia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 17, 2022 The fast-paced and competitive learning environment has made students struggle with excelling at all concepts such as complex derivations, thousands of formulas, and complicated word problems. For students with dyscalculia with underlying deficits in number sense and counting, it can become troublesome to cope with their academics.  Difficulties … Read more

SAT Accommodations For Students With Dyslexia

SAT accommodations for dyslexia

The Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test used for college admissions in the USA. Managing this crucial test can be often stressful, especially for children with learning difficulties. It can be due to various reasons. When talking about tests and applicants who face such shortcomings, the GMAT and GRE have provided a set of … Read more

What are the 504 Accommodations for Learning a Foreign Language?

504 accommodations for learning foreign languages

Learning foreign languages opens the door for a lot of newer opportunities even for students who face learning difficulties. But, they need some assistance in these classes too. Fortunately, the 504 plan and its provisions can be employed to make a sure-shot lesson for languages.  There are some special areas in the 504 plan that … Read more

10 Recommended Accommodations For Dyslexia In College

Accommodations for dyslexia in college

A classroom is a combination of multiple mindsets. While some may be interested in academics and score well, others may need better training or support. When it comes to children with learning difficulties, personalized training may be ensured with accommodations. Their provisions are readdressed regulations and facilities offered to bridge the gap, making them ready … Read more

GMAT Accommodations For Students With Learning Disabilities Like Dyslexia & Dyscalculia

Accomodations For Gmat For Students With Learning Disability Like Dyscalculia

Entrance examinations are crucial in determining the ability of an aspirant to enrol in an academy. For business colleges, the GMAT is often an eminent test. While it aims to offer an equitable aura of test and evaluation for all aspirants, some additional provisions are ensured for special candidates to bridge the gap and make … Read more

Accommodations For GRE For Aspirants With Dyscalculia And Other Learning Disabilities

GRE Accommodations for dyscalculia

Despite appropriate preparation, examinations like GRE often stipulate anxiety in the aspirants. Such worries in special students like Dyscalculics can be dwindled through a set of accommodations that are specially offered.  Multiple accommodations come in handy for these individuals. If an individual is eligible, not only for ergonomic keyboard and screen magnification, GRE ensures a … Read more

5 Helpful Accommodations For College Students With Learning Disabilities

LD Accommodations in College

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 opened the floodgates for inclusive education for children with learning disabilities at the high school level. It helped many of them fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education at the college level. However, the continuance of certain accommodations and the addition of others at the college level … Read more

List Of 504 Plan Accommodations That Can Be Opted For Dyslexia

504 Accommodations For Dyslexia

Sir Einstein, Pierre Curie, and Galileo Galilei are a few among many examples of persons with dyslexia who have broken the glass ceiling created by learning disabilities and carved their names in history. However, far greater is the number of the unknown talents and potentials that were marginalized and not allowed to shine because of … Read more