Disadvantages of 504 Plan

Disadvantages of 504 plan

The 504 plans are a formalized set of accommodating services that schools develop under the guidance of the district to support the eligible special children to compete in academics. Its focus is on giving assistance to learners in areas where their daily activities may be hampered due to disabilities. Being a reliable plan under the … Read more

An Overview Of Teacher’s Responsibilities Under 504 Plan

Teacher's responsibilities under 504 plan

Having a sound knowledge of federal legislation and educational programs of the 504 plan is important for teachers, parents, and students to avail assistance for the learner’s special condition. As a part of the same, looking in detail the role of a teacher in the 504 plan is not confined to just understanding the regulations … Read more

504 Plan Eligibility Checklist [PDF Included]


Section 504 is a federal law that aims to protect the integrity of students and individuals with disabilities associated with programs and activities in institutions like schools and colleges that function on federal funds. This section is enforced by the US Department of education, which makes sure that a school district or an Institution under … Read more

Can you join the military with a 504 plan?

Military and 504 plan

Joining hands to protect the country is often an aspiration for many students. Be it armed forces, military, navy, or air force, the responsibility can give a sense of pride to the serving individuals. To join the military, a candidate is obligated to have sound health- not only physical but also mental. There are a … Read more

Is Medical Diagnosis Required To Get A 504 Plan?

Is medical diagnosis required for a 504 plan?

Accommodations from 504 plans and IEP goals are often assertive for special children to compete with peers. Adhering to eligibility criteria, special children can avail of these plans. Parents may have a few confusions in the area of documents required for applying and the criteria of eligibility.  This article talks about if a medical diagnosis … Read more

What are the 504 Accommodations for Learning a Foreign Language?

504 accommodations for learning foreign languages

Learning foreign languages opens the door for a lot of newer opportunities even for students who face learning difficulties. But, they need some assistance in these classes too. Fortunately, the 504 plan and its provisions can be employed to make a sure-shot lesson for languages.  There are some special areas in the 504 plan that … Read more

504 Plan vs IEP: Similarities and Differences

504 and IEP

Special education is supported by multiple plans to ensure individualized training and assistance for children. These focus on bridging gaps making them market ready to compete.  There are two popular plans: IEP and 504, which focus on children with disabilities. With a couple of options in hand, mentors may need to comprehend in detail which … Read more

Important 504 Accommodations For High School Students: Guiding the early steps

504 PLAN For High School

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provided a series of measures to ensure inclusive and equitable education and employment for students with disabilities. It is a part of one of the first US Civil laws that offered protection to Children with learning disabilities and has inspired many more legislations. The Section requires school … Read more