Printable Elapsed Time On A Number Line Worksheets [PDF Included]

We all know what elapsed time is, but have you ever thought about how it’s represented on a number line? Before we dive deeper, let us define the concepts of time and elapsed independently.

Time is a quantifiable period or length of time in which an event occurs, and elapse is a verb of time that signifies ‘pass or go by.’ This elapsed time is a time term that refers to the period that has passed between the beginning and end of an event. This time can be calculated by subtracting the end and start times. To measure, simply subtract the minutes and hours separately. It specifies the length of an event.

Helping learners put this into practice can put the best of the educators in a dilemma; while the traditional teaching methods work wonderfully, taking additional help of worksheets and printables can often be an essential enhancement. Hence, in this post, we provide you with a printable worksheet and template that can help students practice and understand the concept of elapsed time on a number line.

What’s included in the worksheet?

The worksheet PDF has 3 worksheets, all focusing on teaching students about Elapsed Time.  

  • The first worksheet in the PDF comes with a set of word problems, each of which needs to be solved on a number line. The student needs to read and calculate the time elapsed between the two given time frames using the number line given. This worksheet has 4 such word problems for the practice of students. The word problems include events with time frames that lets students think, add and find the total time taken for all tasks to complete.
  • The next worksheet also comes with some word problems that the student needs to solve on the given word problem. The problems included in this worksheet are a little more complex than that of the first worksheet that can be used as a level upgradation when the child gets a hang of the simple word problems.
  • The third worksheet comes with a set of problems that the student needs to solve with the help of the “KEY” that is given with the questions. The students solving the worksheet need to fill and find the correct starting and ending time. The purpose of this worksheet is that the students get to know how different time frames can be represented on the number line without getting confused between hours and minutes.
Elapsed time on number line worksheet
Elapsed time on number line worksheet
Elapsed time on number line worksheet

How can these worksheets make the learning process easier?

For children, elapsed-time problems seem to be notoriously tricky. Existing mathematics[1] education literature does not emphasize instruction on techniques for learning and teaching elapsed time. This lack of instruction irritates parents, children, and even teachers. Most children experience frustration when attempting to determine elapsed time during mathematics instruction. This is particularly true when the beginning or end time is between the hour and the half hour. In addition, children have difficulty keeping a record of unit changes between minutes and hours.

One way to help this confusion, frustration, and lack of learning is through student-friendly, well-drafted worksheets. Then, with proper guidance and handholding from teachers, students can quickly get on track and begin to get comfortable with this concept. 

Students have a different and varied understanding of time-related problems and elapsed time concepts. These worksheets allow them to look at real-life situations and even make mistakes if necessary. During corrections, teachers can spend a good chunk of time on each student, show them the mistakes, and help them correct them. 

What makes these worksheets unique?

Students can grasp concepts during their formative years, and time is an important topic in mathematics and real-life scenarios. Elapsed time exercises encourage students to practice reading and writing using various instruments.

Elapsed time teaching materials and worksheets will assist students in solving various types of word problems using digital and analog-style clocks. They require knowledge of minutes, hours, and seconds, which anyway gets a tad bit difficult for children to keep track of and then go on to solve word problems keeping in mind the same. 

Teachers can print these well-formed worksheets over and over till the time students reach a decent stage where they can fairly solve a word problem. 

These free worksheets can easily be incorporated into a student’s learning plan and geared to their specific requirements. Depending on your child’s cognitive level, parents and teachers can allocate these hard copies all at once or each one at a time.


Any learning style can benefit from a worksheet exercise. These free printable worksheets assist students in better understanding time. In addition, these are easy to use. All you need to do is download, print, and begin practicing. 

Please know that elapsed time is a tricky concept in itself, and patience is an absolute key here. Make sure you give your students or child enough time to adapt and warm up; results will definitely follow!


[1] Tracking Time: Representing Elapsed Time on an Open Timeline. (n.d.). Juli K. Dixon.

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