10 Algebra Apps For Math Aspirants

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Technology-in-Education has given innovative options to the educators to rethink the teaching ways. The functionality-enriched applications can be leveraged to engage or encourage students to learn math concepts, which are otherwise considered too strenuous. That is why forward-thinking parents and teachers keep themselves abreast with the new apps based on math concepts like Algebra, Geometry, Probability, and several others.

Advantages of using apps for learning Algebra

Learning Algebra using mobile phones can turn the screen time of your child into a meaningful activity hour. If this benefit appeals to you, we outline here some more advantages:

  • Children can learn math in a self-paced manner using Algebra-focused math applications (A mention from an exploratory study on math apps benefits done by Meilan et al, University of Texas, 2015)
  • Mobile Algebra Learning Apps offer an intervention that encourages learning anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile apps offer pedagogical learning intervention that promotes behaviorist, constructivist, collaborative and informal teaching of Algebra and other math concepts. (Naismith et al, 2004)
  • Applications promote early and more deeply ingrained learning, by offering a premise for applying constructs and ideas learned from various sources

All these research-backed findings indicate that applications come up as a ubiquitous teacher, guide, mentor, and problem-solver, helping you become an Algebra genius with well-directed efforts.

1. Microsoft Maths Solver

Microsoft Maths Solver

Haven’t you always been yearning for a one-stop solution for all your math problem-solving woes? Microsoft Math Solver offers a perfect answer to that yearning. This app is an out-and-out learning resource that offers you everything you need to become a pro in Algebra.

Right from assignments, model problems, and solutions, to tips on how to solve linear, quadratic, and other types of equations, students can find every learning support here. The icing on the cake comes as a tool that allows writing just like you do naturally on a paper, which retains the feel of conventional education methods.

App Link: Playstore

2. Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus

Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus

Algebra in higher levels can become a little confusing due to the sudden leap of concepts from the basic to advanced ones. Graphing Calculator provides reliable assistance the advanced learners need to master advanced Algebra.

The users can employ this calculation app as quick reference support to cross-check the methods’ correctness. All functions related to Algebra and other Math subjects included making it a wholesome solution for advanced learners.

App Link: Playstore

3. Math Papa

Math Papa

A virtual teacher to tell you the solutions to the complex problems of Higher Algebra, step-by-step, comes to you in Math Papa. This app for Higher Algebra can help you stupendous way when you need quick guidance for solving graphs equations, linear and quadratic equations, and inequalities, the system of two equations, etc.

The in-built Algebra calculator dons the role of that teacher who guides you whenever you feel stuck or checks the correctness of steps you followed.

App Link: App Store | Playstore

4. The Fun Way to Learn Algebra

 The Fun Way to Learn Algebra

The first introduction of Algebra needs not to scare young children away; it is the premise of this application. Equipped with various engaging tools, this application eases the learning path, leading young children to proficiency in Algebra.

Certain gamified elements are included to trick young learners into solving Algebra problems more often. These elements help decode the solution for sophisticated-looking equations. With frequent practice, it instills students with confidence while moving to complex problems.

App Link: Playstore | App Store

5. Algebrator – math calculator that shows steps

Algebrator - math calculator that shows steps

Nothing in Algebra will seem complicated anymore to high school students with the Algebrator app in their mobile gadgets. It is one of the most promising tools designed with features like equation solver, formula calculator, etc.

Myriad problem solvers help attain comfort with Algebraic equations, binomial and polynomial factor calculations support provided in this app. This app can help students become Algebra fluent with tools like factoring calculator, radical simplified, matrix solver, etc., that provide classroom-like intervention in a self-study environment.

App Link: App Store | Playstore

6. Math Algebra Solver Calculator

Math Algebra Solver Calculator

This algebra solver and calculator takes the guesswork out of the learning process. You can know better about the ways answers should be presented on solving algebraic equations. Instead of writing ambiguous answers in decimal form, you can understand the systematic way as approved by the teachers or reviewing authorities.

Algebra of high school and levels above require students to be well-conversant with formulas, midpoint, LCM/GCF, etc. This app for basic and advanced algebra fits their learning requirements perfectly.

App Link: Playstore

7. Algebra Tutorial 1: Basics

Algebra Tutorial 1: Basics

Maximize understanding of rules, formulae, equations, etc. used in Algebra with this comprehensively designed app. This app offers ease of use with a touch feature and comes equipped with several learning-focused functionalities.

The users can stay on the progressive learning path, moving from basic to advanced concepts, with additional support for checking the proficiency level provided in this app. With the correct approach and dedicated study hours, they can attain appropriate fluency in all algebraic calculations.

App Link: Playstore

8. Algebra for Beginners

Algebra for Beginners

Algebra for beginners is excellent learning support, which you will find designed in exact accordance with your study requirements. Well-structured lesson plans, a beginner to advanced level study material, and Do-It-Yourself problems with explanations for incorrect answers give students a reliable concept-builder expert right in their hands.

Waiting to get help from a teacher/mentor sometimes demotivates students. It is where this app steps in and keeps the zeal to learn kindled in students. They can internalize concepts, keep practicing and check progress to know the kind of effort they need to put.

App Link: Playstore

9. Maths Algebra Formula

Maths Algebra Formula

Formulas are an indispensable aspect of Algebra. To gain proficiency in this branch of mathematics, the students should be well-conversant with formulas. This app offers a paper-less alternative that stores in one place all essential formulas suitable for solving Algebraic problems.

Suitable for beginner to advanced learners, the app helps them handle a deluge of formulas by compiling all those in one place. Further, it shows how and when to apply these so that students can focus better on the learning part. Linear and quadratic formulas, factoring methods, complex numbers, radical and inequalities properties, and many more; this app is the most trusted solution to gain competency in Algebraic formulas and expressions.

App Link: Playstore

10. FX Algebra Problem Solver

FX Algebra Problem Solver

Publishers have utilized the best technological innovations in this app to offer ultimate study experience to the basic and advanced Algebra learners. This app encapsulates some proven tools like scientific calculator, graphing calculator, and also have an impressive animated, step-by-step problem solver. All these features collectively create a perfect learning tool for students, and also offers an easily employable guiding support for teachers.

Designed keeping requirements of Pre-Algebra, and various levels of Algebra in mind, this tool is worth relying upon to master higher Algebra’s intricacies.

App Link: Playstore

Wrapping up,

Algebra in High School is a vast subject where every concept learned in elementary and middle school are applied. The applications have made this subject a fun to learn despite the intricacies and complexity levels of Algebra concepts. So, trust your learning needs to these apps and see how these help you become a proficient Algebra problem-solver.

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