Top 7 Cool Math Gifts For Teachers To Appreciate Their Hardwork

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“A teacher can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges.”

A beautiful saying and not far from the truth. Teachers have a major influence on the infant years of a student, and the right teacher can nurture small flames and build them into large fires.

Of course, there are subjects that are easy and subjects that we love. And those teachers earn our affections much more easily. Then there are subjects like mathematics. And these teachers often have to play tough taskmasters to ease the child into a life full of mathematical challenges both in daily routine and as possible academic careers.

Tough love often gets less appreciation than it deserves. And thus, it is sometimes important to surprise your math teacher with occasional gifts, to let them know that you can feel that gentle heart beating under their tough skins, which longs for successful lives for its many pupils. 

On that note, here is our hand-picked list of cool gifts for your math teacher. And be sure to add a heartfelt thank you note:

7 Interesting gifts for math teachers

1. Math cups

Math cups

 Coffee mugs with math themes are an excellent gift for your math teachers to remember you with a smile while sipping their hot coffee, especially after a long and tiring day with the equations. They can be a simple expression of gratitude, a funny quote or puzzle, or simply demonstrate your love for the subject.

A handy mug thus is a good way to remind your teachers that they are the ones who have both ignited and quenched the thirst for knowledge in their students.

2. Math ties and scarves

Math ties and scarves

Some might call it wearing your math on your sleeves and literally so. But gifting a math tie or a math scarf to your math teacher can be a thoughtful gift, especially if they love to dress up now and then. It can act as a reminder of your acknowledgment of their expertise in the matter and your appreciation of their complete devotion towards it.

If your teacher is the shy and introverted type, maybe a pair of math socks will do the trick.

3. Math clock

Math clock

A beautiful math clock on their front wall is a fun way to tell time. And a pretty meaningful present, since their lives revolve around math 24×7. These clocks contain mathematical equations and expressions rather than numbers.

A gift like this shows your appreciation of the hours they have to spend tutoring (and what seems rather short-sighted now, torturing you!). We wish them many more beautiful and math-filled hours of teaching.

4. Math Journal planner

Math Journal planner

A math journal planner or a math notebook is again an ideal gift to help your busy math teacher plan her day ahead and the many more lessons that need to be taken. It also nurtures their love for strategizing and formulating and systematizing everything, qualities that are intrinsic to good math teachers.

Or maybe once in a while, they will leave the calculus and the equation behind, and just jot down a math anecdote with an ex-student!

5. Math key chains

Math key chains

Beautiful crafted math key chains trinkets can be a handy gift for your math teacher to express your gratitude towards them. It will also probably be something that will continuously stay with them in their pockets, and remind them of your unwavering affections.

Other math jewelry trinkets like bracelets or cufflinks can also act as thoughtful gifts.

6. Math tote bags

 Math tote bags

Math tote bags are a resourceful gift for your math teachers where they can put all their heavy books, copies, and geometry sets and move fast from one class to another.

Serious math equations can remind them of their greater purpose, but a funny math joke on the tote bag can also bring a smile on the face filled with calculus frowns. And of course, we hope that it will at least physically, lighten the burden on their shoulders.

7. Math book

Math book

 It is not the English literature teachers only who love their read. Sometimes, a math teacher also loves to curl up in the blanket with a book by their side and a coffee mug (given by you!) to keep them warm.

There are many books that a math teacher may particularly enjoy. One that comes to the immediate mind is Humble pi: A Comedy of Math Errors by Matt Parker, which revolves around what a catastrophe it will cause if math goes wrong in real life. It moves from the Roman Empire to the Era of the internet and speaks of how small math fallacies could change the course of human history.

 Of course, it has math puzzles and questions for your math teachers who are not much of a fan of letters.

This book teaches us to consider math as a friend and supporter in the journey of life, and thus the gift, thanks to our teachers for introducing us to this trustworthy and valuable friend. 

Summing up,

These gifts are excellent ways to express your admiration and gratitude for your teachers. However, the best gift you can give is the hardest to attain, even if it has the least monetary cost. That is, the gift of your dedication to the math subject, and the resultant expertise you will attain provided you work with diligence and determination. That will be a symbol of a job well done for them. And that is sure to swell their heart with pride and eyes with tears, manifolds more than these gifts can hope to

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