7 Awesome Math Blogs for Teachers To Follow

One definition of mathematics is a science that studies numbers. Arithmetic is frequently used in our everyday lives. Whether it be for money counting or other calculations, every task involves math in one way or another. This helps to make our lives more organized. As a result of the numerous principles that must be applied to various arithmetic problems, learning math is challenging and necessitates more focus and concentration. Blogs here play a significant role in educating people and giving information in a way that can not be found in any other resources. Learning from experts and real-life experience adds to the joy of learning mathematics. Check out these excellent alternatives if you’re seeking the greatest math assistance blogs that educators recommend.

Referring to math blogs- Digging into edges

Every teacher wants to go the extra mile to give the best to the kids. This is the thing that makes math blogs important for them. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that the math blog can offer to teachers:

1. Helps Stay Updated

There are new improvements and innovations done every day, updating the arithmetic field for the bright future of the kids. The blogs keep teachers connected with the latest trends. They can understand the concept of teaching a new topic with real-life examples and make a boring topic interesting.

2. Enhances Knowledge and Understanding

The next thing you can enjoy by teaching with the help of math blogs is enhancing your knowledge. Kids tend to learn and memorize things better when taught practically; thus, using blogs to create new ideas can make them confident with the subject. 

3. Helps Tackle Doubts

If you teach the kids only with the help of books, they might have a zillion doubts about how it happened, but when the same thing is taught practically, it gives a clear picture. Blogs familiarize you with new techniques so that you can impart the best to your kids. You can handle their doubts and solve them efficiently.

4. Boosts Confidence

The blogs can make you feel confident in teaching new concepts so that you can give your best shot and make your students feel confident. Teachers can learn new concepts and they can make even the most difficult concepts easier for their class. 

5. Improvises Teaching Methodologies

Math blogs help improvise the teaching methodologies and keep the teachers connected with the kids. This also shows the teacher’s dedication to educating kids, as the teacher is all set to think of innovative math ideas for the class. Math blogs can help you with some activities that will turn the most boring topic to be the most interesting one. 

Math blogs for teachers to follow- Our suggestions

Want to try out something new for your kids? Why not teach them with new methods? These math blogs will help you in bringing out better results: 

1. Dean of Math 

The dean of math is one of the helpful blogs where Mrs. Dean shares her experience and her love for the subject. She shares how she has worked on different scenarios and served her students with her knowledge. Math is considered one of the tricky subjects, and this blog offers them quick advice and solutions. 

A piece of advice from the experts can help understand concepts of math in a structured and presentable manner. The teachers who feel that they are not able to teach the concepts can enjoy working on their curriculum with Mrs. Dean.

Teachers can gain special, timely insights that can be used progressively in the classroom for effective learning with the help of the findings of many sorts of research.

Official Site

2. Math Blog 

The goal of Mathblog.com is to elevate mathematics’ aesthetic value at all levels. Antonio Cangiano, a software developer and technical evangelist working for IBM’s Analytics Emerging Technologies division, founded it in 2007.

The blog provides different math categories including basic math, statistics, and applied math. A news section helps teachers stay updated with current happenings in the arithmetic field of knowledge. Certain blogs also highlight social media algorithms and how numbers are used in such situations.

Additionally, teachers can find a variety of blogs on discrete Mathematics, problem-solving, square roots, book reviews, and basic math concepts. These blogs are drafted in an easy structure with rules, steps, and accurate examples.

Official Site

3. Yummy Math

In Newton, Massachusetts, Brian Marks works as a math coach, expert, and coordinator. Prior to taking this position, he spent eleven years teaching math. He is the founder of YummyMath.com, a website that offers instructors interesting math problems from the real world. 

The website is home to various math problems, popular activities, and membership programs. One can basically find math-related queries from 2nd grade to high school. Each grade provides a set of different math concepts including fractions, measurement and data, algebraic thinking, and geometry. Teachers can also find well-written blogs on statistics and probability, expressions, and equations along with various tips and tricks. Various math concepts are taught with real-world examples through blogs.

The NCTM Process Standards and the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice are also referenced in the writing activities. Since March 2010, they have updated the website numerous times a week with free exercises for instructors. 

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4. Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog

The blog is really helpful for the teachers who want to go the extra mile and teach the kids. It helps in understanding the concepts in creative ways and giving the best to the students. The blog pays to focus on the crucial things that math teachers must understand.

Experts publish blogs on a variety of topics right from researched-oriented articles to fun problem-solving methodologies. Teachers can find activities, puzzles, math arguments, and sequences. Articles have interesting titles allowing the readers to engage deeply in the content. Mathematical advice is published by considering real-life problems and generating solutions through math.

Teachers get an amazing opportunity to not only learn new teaching concepts but create relativity of these concepts in their daily lives. Such blogs give innovative ideas in teaching, explaining, and developing activities for students.

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5. I Speak Math by Julie Reulbach

Julia created the blog so that the teachers who face difficulty in teaching the concepts to the kids gain confidence and make them learn while they play. It is an interesting blog and keeps you connected with new activities every now and then.

If you are bored of teaching your students with the same old methods, then you must try out this blog and understand how you can make a boring concept turn into something interesting. 

Such a blog increases confidence and makes teachers stay connected with the trendy concepts of math. They can also refer to images and videos while teaching difficult concepts.

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6. Mind research Institute Blog

The Mind research institute is a product of efforts from the researchers of the University of California. Started in the 1990s, it focused on visual instructions for people to build a better understanding of math. 

Blogging is a part of the site that lists articles in audio (podcasts) and blogs. The podcasts come with tips and new insights from the latest research. Whereas the blogs encompass suggestions, guides, and resources for teachers, children, and parents. 

With the insights of multiple types of research, teachers can acquire unique, timely insights that can be employed gradually in the classroom for efficient learning. 

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7. Marilyn Burns Math Blog

Marilyn Burns, one of today’s most well-respected math teachers, has taught students, led professional development sessions, delivered conference speeches, contributed to professional journals, written a dozen children’s books, and produced more than twenty resources for professional development for teachers and administrators.

The Association of Educational Publishers honored Marilyn in 2010 by inducting her into the hall of fame for educational publishing. This blog has 3 different sections – Blogs, Podcasts, and Video Chats. Teachers can learn about digital interview tools, tutoring tips, and real-world problems. There are multiple blogs on data, algorithms, estimation, mental math, probability, and other important concepts. 

Additionally, this blog offers books for children wherein they can easily learn math through engaging pictures and stories. The blog offers the best knowledge to the teachers for working on their skills and giving the best to the students. 

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Which one did you like the most?

For professionals like teachers, blogs play an important role in aligning them to the present trend. For improvement and new insights into math, the instructor can choose one or more of the above choices. These come with a serene and easy-to-read interface and also assure valuable insights. Check out which of these is your choice and ensure to read them after school or at home to get the best value for yourself and your students.

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