11 Funny Gifts Every Math Teacher Will Love

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“I can’t believe I just saw my teacher at the grocery store! I thought she lived in her classroom.” – Heidi McDonald 

A funny quote that perfectly describes our math teachers. They are always busy teaching young minds some old and complex math problems or solving them on their own, it’s hard to imagine them anywhere but in their classrooms. 

Math teachers are often believed to be strict as they probably teach one of the toughest subjects the curriculum has to offer. However, seeing them from a different lens, they are highly patient and calm teachers, since they manage to make kids comprehend the most challenging and disliked subjects of all MATHS! 

To appreciate their efforts in a fun and light-hearted way, we have curated a list of some funny gifts for your math teachers. These gifts are a perfect token of appreciation for conveying your thanks and gratitude but in a fun and playful manner. Go ahead, check out the list, and find a cool math gift for your amazing math teachers. 

Cool and funny gifts for math teachers 

Here is a list of some cool and funny gifts for your math teachers to make their day more pleasurable and to show your appreciation for their hard work – 

1. Math Socks 

Math Socks

A pair of math socks is a perfect funny gift to bring a smile to your math teacher’s face and remind them to relax and chill a bit. The warm and cozy socks will always keep their feet protected and help them stay connected with math due to all the equations and formulas printed on the socks. 

These super comfortable socks can be gifted to math teachers on any occasion and will be a great reminder of your math humor and wittiness. You can also pair up a funny math scarf with these socks and make up a perfect gift set for your teacher. 

2. Funny math quotes keychain 

 Funny math quotes keychain

Let your math teacher stay busy with all the equations, meanwhile, you can give them a funny yet stunning keychain to keep their keys organized and in one place. Funny math quote keychains are a handy gift that will show your appreciation and humor in equal parts.  

It is a wonderful gift to use in daily life and it will surely bring a pride smile and laughter on the teacher’s face, each time they read the funny quote and view the keychain. 

3. Tumblers 


Tumblers are a unique gift for your math teachers and a funny math quote on it is a great way to send them in a frenzy of laughter. Teachers can carry these funny math tumblers with them everywhere. It comes with a lid making it a perfect traveling partner.

It is a great way to show your appreciation for your teacher’s expertise while simultaneously adding a perfect pinch of humor to your gifts. In place of tumblers, you can also give your math teachers funny math mugs or both, just to be extra funny and grateful. 

4. Funny Math Zipper/ Cosmetic pouches

Funny Math Zipper/ Cosmetic pouches

Everyone needs zipper/ cosmetic pouches. It is a handy gift for math teachers as they may carry their pens, calculators, and geometry in it and it is a beautiful gift to show your appreciation and gratitude to your teachers and thank them for their efforts. 

The funny math zipper pouches will add a little banter to your gift and will give way to a beautiful bond between you and your teacher. Don’t forget to add a playful note along with the zipper pouch for a positive impact. 

5. Funny Math Quote Tote Bags 

 Funny Math Quote Tote Bags 

Another ideal funny math gift for teachers is a beautiful and handy tote bag. It is a spacious bag that is easy to carry and looks classy. The funny math quote will add a charm to it and will fetch a laugh every time your math teacher reads it. Teachers can easily carry multiple things in this bag and keep their things organized. 

You can select tote bags with zippers or without zippers for your teachers and can even customize them if you want. It is an amazing gift for your teachers that your teachers can easily use in their daily life activities. 

6. Math blankets 

Math blankets 

Math blankets are a wonderful gift for the teachers who live and breathe math. Needless to mention, it is a perfect funny gift for your math teacher to snuggle in and have a good nap. Or maybe they can simply solve all the equations or read those funny and inspirational math quotes printed on the blanket while they are relaxing.  

Your teachers can surely enjoy a peaceful evening with a coffee in the funny math quote Tumbler you gave them and wrapped in the funny math blanket. 

7. Funny Metal Tin Sign Decor for Wall

Funny Metal Tin Sign Decor for Wall

Another funny yet stunning piece of math gift for your teachers is a metal Tin Sign wall decor. It is a perfect hanging decor for homes or offices that is classy and funny at the same time. It is a great gift for teachers who take pride in their expertise and are happy to let others know the same. 

The light-hearted and funny math quote on it adds to the charm of the decor and will be a great showpiece adorned in your teacher’s personal space. 

8. Pencil Earrings 

Pencil Earrings 

For educators who live for math and breathe math, these pencil earrings are the best gift for them. Math accessories are also perfect to tickle some funny bones in teachers and fetch the laughter out of them. These pencil earrings are classy and can easily be paired with formal and informal clothes. 

These pencil earrings come in various colors and are a perfect token of appreciation with a little fun for the teachers. 

9. Math Tie 

Math Tie 

As they say, everything around is math and numbers, so why not depict that using a math necktie? These funny math ties will make your teachers happy. If your teachers are keen on wearing ties and like to dress up, these ties are a perfect gift item that will make them laugh out loud and feel proud of their students. 

These ties come in various patterns and shades and are filled with math diagrams, equations, formulas, and functions. A great way to show your respect to your teacher in a playful manner. 

10. Funny Math Coffee Mugs 

Funny Math Coffee Mugs 

The list of funny math gifts for teachers is almost incomplete without funny math coffee mugs. These funny mugs with coffee in them can be a perfect companion for your teachers while having a break or solving those impossible math problems. Additionally, a funny math quote will help your educator feel light-hearted and high-spirited in both situations. 

A memorable gift for your teachers that will always remind them of your thoughtfulness and kind attitude with a twist of fun. 

11. Funny math puns bookmarks 

Funny math puns bookmarks

Another wonderful funny math gift option for teachers is math pun bookmarks. These bookmarks are not only highly useful and durable but the math puns printed on them will always mark a fun beginning to challenging math problems. 

These bookmarks will be super handy in organizing the reading materials and keeping a record of the completed portion and the portion that is left to work on. 

Bottom line 

If you think nothing can get through the tough demeanor of math teachers, try these gifts and you will get to see a soft side of them, hidden behind all those math formulas and theorems. These gifts are an excellent way to express your gratitude to your math teachers and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Ensure to add some beautiful handwritten notes with the gifts, expressing your gratitude more comprehensively. Gifts along with handwritten notes will surely puff their chests with pride and bring tears to their eyes. However, we cannot be sure if tears are due to the overwhelming emotions or the funny gifts you just gave them (just kidding!!!) 

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