8 Activities For Teaching Middle Schoolers About Waves & Its Concepts

waves activities

Waves are all around us, from the gentle ripples on a pond to the crashing waves of the ocean. They are a fundamental aspect of nature and can be found in many different forms, including mechanical waves like sound and water waves, and electromagnetic waves like light. Understanding the properties and behavior of waves can … Read more

10 Fun Physics Games & Activities For High School Students

Physics Games And Activities For High School Students

Physics is the study of the physical matter of the universe. But usually, it shows up in our textbooks as boring formulas and abstract principles that seem to make no sense in real life. Think about the last time you used F= MxA. Not since you last gave the physics exam that required you to … Read more

8 Fun Games And Activities For Learning Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration Concepts

speed,velocity games and activities

Speed – The rate of change of distance.Velocity – The rate of change of displacement.Acceleration – The rate of change of velocity per unit of time. Sounds confusing, right? One of the best characteristics of a good teacher is to make difficult things easier for students. The above definitions reflect how these three physics concepts … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Activities For Learning Distance And Displacement Concepts

distance and displacement 2

A teacher can often find students with different levels of interest in the subject. Although physics is a fascinating subject, there will always be a set of students in the class who are apprehensive of it. The primary reason why these students are not interested in the subject is because they do not understand it … Read more

Learning Physics Being A Dyscalculic

Physics & Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a mathematical learning disorder caused by an organic condition of the brain. About 7% of children have dyscalculia with different degrees of difficulty in performing arithmetic calculations.  Having difficulties with numbers is common among children. Furthermore, we may find that in certain lessons, dyscalculic children have an outstanding performance, especially in non-mathematical topics. … Read more