8 Engaging Writing Activities For Middle School & High School

Writing activities for middle and high school

Writing skills are pivotal for students. As the learner passes through grades from elementary to high school, they may need some additional skill sets and brush up on their writing abilities. As the academic responsibility also increases, transforming learning sessions into interesting activities can be a viable option for them. Reading through this post, you … Read more

15 Energizing Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Middle School & High School

Brain break activities for middle and high school

The age of adolescence is an important phase. This is the age where the individual is at the best level of enthusiasm and abilities to learn new concepts. But long exposure to sessions may make them exhausted mentally. This brings the need for brain breaks for the youngsters.  Not only kids, but higher grades in … Read more

Top 10 Summer Programs For High School Students With Learning Disabilities

Summer programs for learning disabilities

High school may be perceived as a period of life that may teach a lot of life lessons. Summer programs may act as an extension to that vision, as they bring forth experiences that wouldn’t be a part of the predefined curriculum for a student. These campaigns may not be solely academic but involve vocational … Read more

List Of Math Goals For High School Students

Math goals for high school students

By the time the students reach the high school level, they have developed ease with several math concepts. They develop fluency in counting, comparing values, doing basic operations, and number sense. From whole numbers and integers, they move to the world of rational and irrational numbers. In fact, in every math skill, they are required … Read more

15 Kinesthetic Learning Activities For Kids, Teens & Adults

Kinesthetic learning activities

Hands-on activities can be handy along with classroom pedagogies to ensure sensible training. While kids and teens may get indulged for better grades and academics, adults may participate in activities to instantaneously grasp skills. But, which learning style can be befitting, especially for pragmatic learners? The behavior and attitude of the aspirant determine their learning … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Learning Parts Of Speech In Middle School And High School

parts of speech activities for middle and high schoolers

The notion of creating a wonderful and creative sentence has been an exciting source of research and intrigue throughout time. Many philosophers and writers have constantly worked and are still working on establishing a chunk of poetry, a story, or a poem that would embed the sense of an ultimate satisfaction regarding integrating accurate words … Read more

6 Engaging Trigonometry Activities For High School Students

Trigonometry activities for high school

Sine, cosine, tangent – these terms enter a student’s life when they study trigonometry books in high school. It does require a little bit of rote memorization to be familiar with the trigonometry rules. But, that is not the only way to learn. Learning by activities helps gain practical insight. It is why students prepare … Read more

10 Fun Math Activities For High School Students

High school math activities

Can math be a fun-loving subject? Most high school students whine about math being a boring and hectic subject. They face many difficulties remembering equations and formulas, which is the essence. To make math an enticing subject for high schoolers, along with traditional pedagogies, teachers should also involve them in fun math activities. In this … Read more

10 Fun Graphing Activities For High School Students

Fun graphing activities for high school

High school is an exciting phase of one’s life. So much to learn, and also, there is so much fun! However, this is also the time when students make some choices that well over pave their life. Academic performance is needed too, and the subjects get harder! One such concept is graphing, which is not … Read more

7 Must-Read Math Novels For High School Students

Math novels for high school Students

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Novels serve quite a part of high schoolers’ journey. From fiction to romance to theories, students indulge in novels the most during this phase. But have you ever thought about how great math novels are for these teens? The distinctive fusion of … Read more