Dyslexia And Graph Comprehension: How to manage?

dyslexia & graph comprehension

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON FEBRUARY 23, 2023 Learning difficulties like dyslexia in which reading, writing, and spelling of basic words is a struggle often make educational and career aspects of affected learners full of obstacles. In today’s world of multimodal learning, institutions are becoming more inclined toward incorporating visually processed information such as graphs, tables, … Read more

9 Awesome Manipulatives For Teaching Graphs and Charts

Manipulatives for Learning Graphs

Yes, we can always make a table to structure our data, but what if you have too much data? That is where graphs and charts come to your rescue. Graphs and charts are essential tools to analyze and visualize the data. They represent data in an organized way which helps us process content and make … Read more

6 Online Graphing Games For Middle School Students

Graphing Games for Middle school

Graphs are useful tools. Be it weather patterns or a student’s performance over time, a graph will help you process it much easier and faster. Moreover, graphs are fun to look at too! You can pick from a pie chart, a bar graph, a dot graph, and so many more styles to explain your quantitative … Read more

10 Fun Graphing Activities For High School Students

Fun graphing activities for high school

High school is an exciting phase of one’s life. So much to learn, and also, there is so much fun! However, this is also the time when students make some choices that well over pave their life. Academic performance is needed too, and the subjects get harder! One such concept is graphing, which is not … Read more