Dyslexia And Kinesthetic Learning: Does It Help?

Kinesthetic learning in dyslexia

A story can be inferred by reading a book. Nonetheless, watching a movie based on that narrative or role-playing the characters of that tale can be further intriguing due to physical involvement in the learning process. These styles account for kinesthetic learning. Stipulating to the implementation of various senses, this learning style has a set … Read more

15 Kinesthetic Learning Activities For Kids, Teens & Adults

Kinesthetic learning activities

Hands-on activities can be handy along with classroom pedagogies to ensure sensible training. While kids and teens may get indulged for better grades and academics, adults may participate in activities to instantaneously grasp skills. But, which learning style can be befitting, especially for pragmatic learners? The behavior and attitude of the aspirant determine their learning … Read more

Best Books To Start You Off With Kinesthetic Learning

Books for kinesthetic learning

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Books have been distraction-free sources of information. Being available in multiple formats like ebooks and hardcovers, readers can have multiple options to choose from. That being the case, some books can be befitting to start off with kinesthetic learning. Not only for … Read more

7 Interesting Kinesthetic Learning Strategies To Implement For Mathematics

kinesthetic learning strategies for math

There is evidently more than one way to learn “one plus two is equal to three.” While one student prefers to discern it on paper, another may prefer to count pencils to infer the same. Either of these pedagogies can aid; nonetheless, the latter one can be more interactive as these stipulate senses to realize. … Read more

What Is Kinesthetic Learning?- All You Need To Know

What is kinesthetic learning?

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn- said Ignacio Estrada. Before comprehending what learning style a student prefers, do you know that there are four distinct learning styles that individuals can choose from? Among these, kinesthetic learning stands out in some instances, as it employs … Read more