Teaching Circles to Preschoolers: 8 Fun Activities To Begin With

circle Activities for preschoolers

Which is the one shape that is different from all the other? The circle! This is for the simple fact that a circle has no sides, no angles, and no corners, which not only makes it interesting but also idiosyncratic. For these reasons, introducing children to shapes, especially circles, can be quite exciting yet intimidating … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Introducing Square Shape To Preschoolers

Square Activities for preschoolers

Teaching young children new things and watching their eyes light up can be utterly delightful. Introducing little learners to shapes can be quite tricky, given the fact that there are so many of them. Spatial recognition of different shapes forms an integral part of mental development.  One of the most fundamental shapes is the square. … Read more

20 Real-Life Examples Of Congruent Figures

Examples of Congruent figures

Once you are through with elementary geometry and learn about measurements, you are all set to understand the relationships between two figures. It is when you come across terms like symmetry, parallel and intersecting lines, etc. Moving forth, you delve deeper and find a bit more interesting topics like congruence. In simple words, two figures … Read more

6 Engaging Games For Learning Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral games

Is there any captivating way of acquainting beginners to quadrilaterals? Many times this question crosses the mind when kids look perplexed. It is commonly noticed that students’ thoughts take flight when the instructions are unidirectional. To keep the children on the same page, collaboration has to replace dictation. The challenge of combatting attention deficit[1] posed … Read more

6 Fun Quadrilateral Activities For High School Students

Quadrilateral Activities for High School

The high school math curriculum drives students to dig deeper into concepts learned in previous levels. Geometry is one such subject that moves from lines and angles to more complicated terms like Quadrilaterals on reaching high school. Teaching them while keeping the interest alive can be a daunting task. Those with learning difficulties need alternative … Read more

8 Cool Congruent Figures Games To Play Online

congruent figures games

Congruency in figures is a geometry-based skill taught to math beginners. The concept of congruency takes you closer to the reasoning part of understanding mathematical relationships. It propels kids to apply logic to establish this relationship. Learning this concept requires applying an understanding of orientations too, as congruency does not end if the shapes are … Read more

Top 6 Geometry Books for High School Students

Top 6 Geometry Books for High School Students

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Learning geometry is an important step towards building logical-mathematical intelligence in a person. The students are introduced first to it at the primary level; when it is called early geometry. But, things change as the student reaches the high school stage. And, … Read more

Measurable IEP Goals for Geometry

Measurable IEP Goals for Geometry

It’s hard for a child with learning disorders to match the performance of a regular child. They can’t just study the same curriculum given to the abled kids and if they can, they require a little extra effort than their counterparts. Thus in order to make developmental, behavioral, and social skills better for the differently-abled … Read more

8 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

7 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

After studying 2D figures like rectangles, squares, and other polygons, solid geometry is next in the curriculum. Solid geometry is the study of solid shapes or 3D figures. The introduction of the third dimension names solid geometry as the study of 3D figures too. Cube, cuboid, and sphere replace square, cuboid, and circle respectively. Accordingly, … Read more

6 Simple Activities to Teach Area and Perimeter to little learners

6 Simple Activities to Teach Area and Perimeter to little learners

Geometrical calculations are incomplete without the mention of area and perimeter. These are the basic parameters of any geometrical figure that kids ought to learn. But, if you think that compelling kids to mug up their formulae[1] can make them a measurement specialist you are quite mistaken! Changing patterns of delivering education give more focus … Read more