5 Manipulatives For Introducing Volume And Surface Area Concepts

Surface area & Volume manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Geometry – the moment you read this word, you visualize shapes, formulas, and terms like area, surface area, volume, etc. To discern these concepts on their face value solely may not be an effective way of learning for all. The playful approach … Read more

5 Engaging 5th Grade Activities For Learning Volume Concepts

Volummath grade volume activities e activities for 5th Grade

Children have their ways of finding out answers, and they run on their imagination. But, to make them imagine, you have to make sure they understand the concept first. One of the essential concepts for children to learn is ‘Volumes’. As we see in our surroundings, we are swamped with shapes of different sizes.  Be … Read more

Easy And Simple Volume Activities To Learn

Easy And Simple Volume Activities To Learn

The study of 3D shapes is called Solid Geometry. It is close to real life as we see only solids around. The first essential measurement useful in Solid Geometry is Volume. If we go by the formula, it is equal to length x width x height. We can say the volume is nothing but the … Read more

8 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

7 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

After studying 2D figures like rectangles, squares, and other polygons, solid geometry is next in the curriculum. Solid geometry is the study of solid shapes or 3D figures. The introduction of the third dimension names solid geometry as the study of 3D figures too. Cube, cuboid, and sphere replace square, cuboid, and circle respectively. Accordingly, … Read more