Top 6 Geometry Books for High School Students

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Learning geometry is an important step towards building logical-mathematical intelligence in a person. The students are introduced first to it at the primary level; when it is called early geometry. But, things change as the student reaches the high school stage. And, from there, the zeal to have the best books in Geometry starts.

Why you should read Geometry Books?

  • Development of cognitive intelligence: Geometry books[1], according to study, ‘O ensino e a aprendizagem da Geometria: princípios fundamentais‘ done by Douglas H. Clements University of Denver, United States of America state that geometric knowledge promotes Mathematical-Logical Intelligence. This trait of intelligence is used in the Agam program that is reviewed in this study.
  • Boosting mathematical awareness: Identification of shapes and patterns, how relationships among the angles, sides, and changes in measurements affect the outcome, etc are some of the factors that lead to better mathematical understanding. Geometry books make it possible for people of all ages including high school students to develop a mature, centered, and progressive attitude.

How geometry books are helpful to high school students?

Geometry may not appeal to all students equally. Some learners may be a bit resistant towards concepts when served in an overwhelming manner. Thus, our books recommendations offer the following benefits:

  • The concepts may be divided into smaller and easily understandable parts. It may help learners grasp the concepts in a fully utilizable manner. The students can find their weak parts and improve on them in a focused manner.
  • Improve on a variety of concepts. The students can use the geometry books to guide themselves in various areas of the subject.
  • Have a rich repertoire of problems to solve. With multiple problems to solve on geometry topics, the users may enjoy doing problems on geometrical figures, ratio and proportion, surface area and volume, and others.
  • Learn more about the new and unexplored things. Books have always been the best resource to enrich the knowledge. The Geometry books for the high school students are no exception. Our recommendations may have some options where you can find new and unexplored aspects of Geometry, which are usually not available in curriculum books.

So, want to have a look at the best books to learn Geometry topics suitable to a high school student? Look no further! Here we bring you the most engaging, complete, and learning-supportive high school geometry books.

List of geometry books for high school

1. Everything You Need to Ace Geometry in One Big Fat Notebook

Everything You Need to Ace Geometry in One Big Fat Notebook

This is the book that can take you to that moment when you approach your friend and say, “Hey bud! Did you prepare your notes? Please give me too.”

It is the ultimate, award-winning resource for learning Geometry. You can find there everything from an easy way to hard-to-learn definitions to engaging quizzes, doodles, mnemonics, and a lot more. The book walks you through the topics like – Parallel lines, Ratio and proportion, Trapezoids and kites, Logic and reasoning, The Pythagorean theorem, surface area and volume, and several others.

2. Tutor in a Book’s Geometry

 Tutor in a Book's Geometry

How about having a skilled tutor in hand? Yes, in the present times when you want everything to be served to you in a contactless manner, this book comes to you as the best alternative to a private geometry tutor. The book is designed the way any tutor will guide you in learning various geometry topics for the high school.

What you will get from this – about 500 plus, beautifully crafted, well-illustrated, carefully worked-out, and explained proofs and problems. How to apply an effective solution and test-taking strategies, identification of patterns, and much more comes easily flown to you in this book. To top it all, there is a repertoire of graphic organizers that offer visually engaging materials for learning and solving geometry-based problems.

3. Must Know High School Geometry

Must Know High School Geometry

The writers of this book compare its content to be no less than the lightning from the bolt. The book offers quickly usable solutions that can make every geometry problem look like a cakewalk. Students can refer to this book to ensure that their learning is easier and full of fun too.

What does this book offer? An extensive repertoire of flashcards, support to take home the essential concepts, and other resources to provide better clarity on how to solve Geometry questions. Thus, it is a ready reckoner one needs to use to master Geometry-based concepts.

4. Geometry, Grades 9-12: Mcdougal Littell High School Math

Geometry, Grades 9-12: Mcdougal Littell High School Math

Maths is not only about conceptual reinforcement but helps develop abstract thinking too. Thus, the problems in this book drill your minds to better absorption of ideas. The element of playfulness is a unique feature that makes learning quite happier for the students.

The writers have put in the solutions in the most absorbable manner. The book offers the benefits of walk-throughs to complex topics in an engaging way. It also enlightens the students with a complete guide on trigonometry, probability, and other basic to advanced topics.

5. Carlson Dellosa – Geometry Workbook

Carlson Dellosa - Geometry Workbook

Having a ready-to-work resource works great for the learning endeavors of a geometry learner. This workbook provides exactly that and empowers students with concepts like sine and cosine functions, etc. It has all that it takes for any student to practice and perfect the geometry questions.

If the parents can employ it for homeschooling, the teachers can also put it to use to engage students in practice activities. The learners can employ the book to cover topics like congruence, rotations, reflections, etc Thus, all geometry topics of high school are available to explore and master in this engaging book on geometry.

6. High School Geometry Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Geometry

High School Geometry Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Geometry

Clarity and simplicity in the way concepts of Geometry are included in this book make it a unique resource. The high school Geometry needs students to be conversant with different ways of approaching the problem. With an enriched resource to wield, it becomes easier for students to understand, absorb and utilize the geometry concepts at a high school level.

With more than a hundred questions to practice, the learners can find here the help for the ACT and SAT-like problems. If you are looking for some innovative ways of working upon the problems of high school Geometry, you can buy this book to gain a perspective.

How to select books on geometry for high school level topics?

Choosing books can be an uphill task sometimes due to the fact that not all of those cover the geometry topics in their entirety. So, the challenge of buying more than one book is always there. Hence, it is essential to understand and know a few tips for buying geometry books.

  • Look at the author review: The users do leave author reviews. This information source helps understand what is unique about the book.
  • Go through the solutions provided: Sometimes, the users are looking for solutions on some specific topics. Hence, they can sift through the books keeping those requirements in focus.
  • Enriched graphical analyses and workflows: It becomes easier for any student to lap up the concepts when the solutions are provided in a visually appealing manner with proper workflows.

Summing up,

Books for geometry for high school students are designed to evoke the thinking of students so that they achieve better results. They can absorb the concepts, prepare for the exams and competitions, or sometimes, may use them for personal growth. If you are searching for some mind-provoking books that make your knowledge of geometry better, you can select from our recommendations and do better in the subject.


[1] ‘O ensino e a aprendizagem da Geometria: princípios fundamentais‘ done by Douglas H. Clements University of Denver, United States of America.

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