9 Online Games For Understanding Angles Concepts

Looking at an analog clock, discerning the arrangement of the needles can let the person determine time. This arrangement is nothing but an angle. Not only in clocks, one can see angles in many real-life examples like arrowheads, scissors, set squares, and cloth hangers. After the young learner has learned about angles in school, relevant sensible applications need to be comprehended for better mastery.  For that reason, here we edify you with our eminent picks of online games on angles that your little one can access anywhere from a phone or a PC. 

Angles- Where rays converge!

Angle, as we all know, is the space between two intersecting lines or surfaces at a point where they meet. The applications of angles are in various places. For instance, we implicitly set the angle to hit a coin on a carrom board.  Not only in such daily instances, but the notions also have a noteworthy role in areas like construction, arts, and dance. 

Due to the varied set of applications of this concept, kids need some additional learning resources like games and activities so that they can fully understand and retain the concept for a longer time. 

Angles & dyscalculia: Friends or foe?

Math is a diverse subject, with plenty of concepts that make can mathematics a catch-22 situation for people with learning disabilities like Dyscalculia. While we already know how dyscalculia affects math skills, does it also obstruct the learning of angles?

Angles, being a crucial part of geometry, can be a stumbling block for little learners who have dyscalculia. While dyscalculics are creative, and somewhere or the other, geometry too needs some creativity, but is being creative enough to be good at angles for these individuals? 

Nathalie Sinclair[1] in her study talked about how drawing can be a part of teaching and learning geometry. But, at the same time, a few researchers like Nova Riastuti[2] made research which conclude that there is a correlation between a student’s spatial intelligence and geometrical skills, and these spatial skills are required to carry out functions like geometry, as they involve 2D figures. 

Moreover, geometry involves logical thinking, and reasoning skills, which of course can be developed over the course of time, but these skills do not come naturally to people who have a learning disability like dyscalculia. 

However, having dyscalculia certainly does not mean that these individuals cannot be successful, as history has proven that there have been plenty of people with dyscalculia who have reached a milestone, and made a name for themselves. Not just in other fields, with perseverance and dedication, dyscalculics can overcome their math anxiety and can excel in math, the famous mathematician Emma King being the perfect example.

Online games for learning about angles

Angles may be anywhere around us; nevertheless, identifying and addressing the relevant complications may necessitate pragmatic inferences. Being aware of the same, here are some online games that can aid the learner to grasp the conceptual notion of gradient as well:

1. Alien Angles 

Alien Angles 

The game is set in space, where a rocket is launched at an angle to fire an alien.  While the player doesn’t see where the goal is, the angle of firing is given at the bottom of the screen. Taking the assistance of that value, the player can set an angle of firing. If the angle is perfectly adjusted, then the player gets the point as a reward. 

This game manages to retain engagement with a simple yet noteworthy user interface.  Further, the player can take as many turns as they want. The game focused on angles, ensuring the student learn about angles finer. 

2. Bow and Angle

Bow and angle

The game is set in a classic archery practice room where the archer needs to shoot targets present around him.  Various goals/ enemies are set at acute, right, straight and obtuse angles. Based on the location of the target, the player needs to aim and shoot the goal accordingly.  

This game is interactive with admirable visuals. The players can also choose from four different characters to play. Since a measuring protractor is shown for every shot, the player can learn about what angles needs to be shot, thereby learning gradients implicitly.

3. Angle Find

Angle find

With a set of lines displayed on the screen, here, the player needs to identify the angle stated on the question area. For every correct identification, the player is awarded one point. The game is long enough to practice all types of angles. Furthermore, the student can get a chance to switch among three types of questions: Easy Cornering, Parallel Play, and Tangled Angles. This is a light game that can be accessed easily on any device without lag. This game is a simple and apt pick for those who are looking to retain information about angles.

4.  Lines, Angles and a City Grid 

Lines, angles and city grid

This application is more like an online practice module that will help students identify different kinds of lines and angles using a city grid. The name of the various roads and lanes of the city will be written on strips which will be arranged in the form of a grid. Below there will be a set of questions like a quiz with multiple options to choose your answers from. The quiz will be mostly about the position of the lanes and identifying them in the form of angles.

This application is suitable for students in grades 4,5 and 6 and will help in building the analytical skills of the child. The activity will help in developing a better understanding of identifying angles in terms of how the positions of the two rays of an angle are.

5. Angle Sort

Angle Sort

This game facilitates training students to learn both sorting and angles. This game, being focused on right angles, came up with ten picture cards.  The player needs to analyse each of them to determine if they have the right angle in it or not and segregate them accordingly. The picture cues are interactive and are easily relatable as these are regular entities. Further, a timer at the left-top corner makes this gameplay further engrossing. This game strives to relate the real-life application of right angles to the player. 

6. Match-Up Angles 

Match-Up Angles 

Various angles and measures will be given on one side while you have to match them up with correct options. There is a timer that you have to abide by and finish before the time is up. This fun learning game is suitable for kids in 2, 3, and 4-grade levels. 

This game will help in developing a better understanding of recognizing the angle by looking at the position of the two rays. One will also be able to understand and use the protractor.

7.  Estimating Angles 

 Estimating Angles 

This is a game that offers the chance to improve the ability of children to estimate angles. This game can be played either on our own or with a friend. The closer one gets to the target angle; the more points will be scored. The game can be played by children 7-14 years of age. There are four levels:

Level 1:0−90

Level 2:0−180

Level 3:0−270

Level 4:0−360

This game is straightforward to play and involves the skills of developing strategy as we reach the ending. Thus, this game would help enhance mathematical skills, along with strategic thinking skills to grow to a substantial level.  

8. Andie Golf

Andie Golf

Golf needs the player to judge the right angle to launch the ball straight to the goal. This online game also needs the same. Set in a golf field, the player needs to launch the ball at such an angle that the ball gets into the goal in minimum chances. The faster the ball goes, the more points that the learner gets. While no measurements are shown in this game, the students can judge and apply the right angle in the game.  Admirable visual and interactive gameplay ensures engagement for the player. 

9. Angle Spat Game

Angle Spat Game

From obtuse angle to right angle, to an acute angle — in this game, the player needs to click on the angle which is being displayed. Images of different angles are flying on the screen, and all you have to do is click the angle which is being displayed on the screen.

For instance, if the angle on the screen displays ‘right-angle,’ you would have to click all the right-angle triangles. This game has a scoreboard that can be used to track the progress of the child. This game helps in clearing the concepts of the student, along with retaining the topics related to angles. 


Comprehending what a child can compromise in geometry and how the teacher or the parent Strive to teach its concept, online games with schooling can be an engaging way. Although the traditional school methods are worthy, with developing technology, the kids can get a chance to do and learn more. Evidently, aiding the student in better learning is the end goal for any mentor, and these online games fulfill the same. The urge to learn may grow in your child by themselves with accessibility at the tips of their hand in phones, tabs, laptops, everywhere. In this way, you can also make screen time useful. These games will encourage the young mathematician inside each child to understand geometry, analyse the concept and ponder more about it.


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