10 Real-Life Examples Of Random Variables To Understand It Better

random variable

A random variable is a variable that represents the possible outcomes of a random process or experiment. It is a mathematical object that can take on different numerical values depending on the outcome of the random process. While there is a substantial difference between probability and statistics, however, in both of these, a random variable … Read more

10 Examples Of How An Inclusive Classroom Works

examples of inclusive classroom

Think back to the last class you attended. Did your takeaways from the class only include points about the lesson being taught by the teacher? Or did it also include perspectives and opinions based on the experiences shared by your classmates? Learning, like every other thing in the world, does not happen in isolation. Students … Read more

10 Common Examples Of How We Use Algebraic Expressions In Daily Lives

example of algebra equation

Mathematics has various branches and one of them is “ Algebra”. Algebra uses letters and symbols, known as variables, to represent a number. It helps to determine problems or equations in mathematical expressions. Any expression with one or more variables is considered to be an algebraic expression.  An algebraic expression is a mathematical statement that … Read more

10 Examples Of Acute Angle In Our Daily Lives

Take a time to look around yourself, geometry is everywhere. Acute angles can be observed in many different contexts throughout daily life. Typically, primary students in grades three through five learn in math class that an acute angle is one that can be measured with a protractor to be less than 90 degrees and is … Read more

8 Real-life Examples Of Concrete Thinking

concrete thinking

Concrete thinkers see situations and the world in black and white! There is no grey for them, in many cases. Concrete thinking is a “literal” reasoning form. Concrete reasoning is centered on your observations, feelings, and experiences in the present. “Concrete thinking” is the capacity of a person to understand and comprehend non-abstract concepts. It … Read more

10 Examples Of RTI Based Interventions

RTI Intervention examples

“The goal of RTI is to catch struggling students early to provide appropriate instruction based on grade level students.” The core principles of RTI center on the early and ongoing identification, evaluation, and support of kids with learning and behavioral needs. To keep a track of all these components each classroom management strategy should include … Read more

5 Applications Of Hexagonal Thinking In A Math Class

Hexagonal thinking math examples

Hexagonal thinking is a borrowed concept. And while no theorists have talked about the idea and its implication, a curriculum developer, Betsy Potash, has been credited with its adaptation to classroom settings. Suitable for both physical and virtual classrooms, hexagonal thinking is a great way to help the class open up on discussions. But will … Read more