10 Common Applications Of Logarithms In Real-life

Application of logarithm

Mathematics is challenging yet fun. To understand mathematical concepts, one should be curious, open-minded, critical thinkers, and have knowledge of inductive and deductive reasoning in mathematics. Logarithms is a challenging mathematical concept, yet children find it easy to solve and apply due to its practicality.   Logarithms have been used for years and have reinforced various … Read more

9 Common Applications Of Determinants In Real-life

Application of determination in real life

Mathematics is a fundamental part of life required in various other study areas, such as science, finance, statistics, etc. The study of mathematics is not limited to theoretical concepts; rather, you will find that most mathematical concepts like probability, and fibonacci sequence are applied in real life. The credit for the advancement of technology goes … Read more

10 Surprising Real-life Examples Of Conjectures

Real life example of conjecture

Patience, effort, and perseverance will lead to….. proven Conjecture!  Mathematics is a fundamental part of life that has its roots in the practical world. Understanding different mathematical concepts and applying logical reasoning to them is the basic requirement of mastering mathematical concepts. Conjecture is one such concept, based on thorough reasoning and brainstorming, and has … Read more

10 Real-Life Examples of Relational Play Observed In Kids

examples of rational play

A child goes through rapid physical, motor, and brain development during certain initial years of life. The development during this period impacts the whole life of the developing kid, hence, it is necessary to ensure that a child is developing healthily.  One significant parameter that ensures and facilitates the healthy development of a child is … Read more

7 Real-life Applications Of Mathematical Induction

Examples of Mathematical induction

Mathematical induction is a widely used mathematical concept that has varied real-life applications. The history of mathematical induction can be traced back to 1909, and the father of mathematical induction is an Italian mathematician called Giovanni Vacca. Inductive and deductive reasoning are crucial for teaching though major mathematical concepts including mathematical induction is based on … Read more

12 Constructive Play Examples Observed in Kids 

examples of constructive play

Toddlers are full of imagination and innovation. Provide the children with waste cardboard, and they will make a castle with it.  Constructive or construction play, a significant part of development, helps children bring their imagination to life. All they need is the right tools, and they will shape, manipulate, or construct something unique with those … Read more

15 Glows And Grows Examples For Teachers

glow and grows examples

Qualifications and skills alone do not guarantee excellence in teaching. What truly sets apart exceptional educators is their commitment to adapt to diverse learning styles and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. These teachers constantly evaluate and refine their practices to ensure they meet the needs of their students, enabling effective comprehension and learning. During the … Read more

10 Real-life Examples Of Functional Play In Kids

Real life example of functional play

Play is a significant part of a child’s developing years. A child goes through multiple stages of play during the developing years. According to Mildred Parten Newhall, play is divided into six stages: unoccupied play, solitary play, onlooker play, parallel play, associative play, and cooperative play.  Additionally, Jean Piaget divided play into four broad categories, … Read more

50 Report Card Comments For Phonics Skills

Report card Comments for phonics skills

Phonics skills are like secret codes that unlock the magical world of reading! They play a crucial role in early literacy development by showing students the incredible relationship between sounds and letters. Once they grasp this connection, a whole universe of words becomes accessible, transforming them into confident and proficient readers. But here’s the scientific … Read more