20 Negative Behavior Comments Examples for Report Card

Negative Behaviour comments

We cannot stress the importance of highlighting a student’s positive behavior in front of the class and parents. After all, positive reinforcement is the backbone of instilling good habits and behaviors in children. But what about negative behaviors? Often, teachers have a positive classroom behavior list to refer to and access to behavior tracking apps … Read more

12 Pretend Play Examples Observed During Child’s Development

Examples of Pretend Play

A child’s Imagination knows no bounds. In an imagination, a child can be anything, from a cook to a teacher or an astronaut, and interestingly, a child will not only imagine being a cook, astronaut, or teacher, but a child will also pretend to be one by acting similarly. In other words, children pretend and … Read more

50 End Of The Year Report Card Comments Examples [PDF Included]

Examples of report card comments

Another academic year comes to a close and students are gearing up for their new awaiting adventure. Amidst of these, teachers are occupied preparing the end-of-the-year reports of the students. As these reports constitute the overall performance of children in every area, these can take a lot of time and effort. Also, as educators have … Read more

12 Inquiry-based Learning Strategies and Examples

inquiry based learning

Progress is born of Doubt and Inquiry– Robert G. Ingersoll  That’s why asking questions and inquiring about doubts in the classroom enriches knowledge and promotes children’s critical thinking and creativity. Inquiry-based learning is a student-centered teaching approach based on inquiring doubts, devised by John Dewy, a renowned philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer. It is an … Read more

18 Real-Life Examples Of Parallel And Perpendicular Lines

Examples of Parellel and Perpendicular lines

Imagine the strokes of a bamboo basket that are beautifully weaved together in a pattern consisting of parallel and perpendicular lines. Also, the two-way highways run parallel to each other and connect to different parts of the city through roads running perpendicular to them. It is evident from these simple examples that how mathematical concepts … Read more

10 Examples Of ‘Rate Of Change’ In Real-Life Situations

Rate of change real life examples

In the ever-evolving tapestry of existence, change is an inseparable companion. From the subtlest transformations to the most dramatic shifts, we find ourselves surrounded by the constant ebb and flow of the world. Amidst this ever-changing landscape, the concept of rate of change emerges as a guiding light, illuminating the dynamics and rhythms of our … Read more

8 Examples of Integers in Real Life Situations

example of integer in real life situation

Math can sometimes seem like a puzzle. Terms like whole numbers, natural numbers, positive and negative numbers, and integers can all be confusing. To ease your confusion, let’s pick “integers” as the topic of discussion for today. You may be wondering, “What are integers anyway?” Well, integers are those unique numbers that don’t have any … Read more