Top 8 Job opportunities for people with learning disabilities

job opportunities for dyslexia

Beryl Benacerraf is an accomplished radiologist but has a history of dyslexia. (Source: Reuters) Dona Sarkar, the chief engineer at Microsoft, confesses having issues with reading during her school days; she still prefers images over letters and numbers (Source: Microsoft Features) David Boes, who the New York Times termed as, ‘the lawyer everyone wants, has … Read more

10 Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Every person is unique in terms of personality and intelligence, and it is essential to understand this before choosing a career route. Psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to him, there are eight kinds, and Intrapersonal Intelligence is one of them.  People with intrapersonal intelligence are reflective in nature and focus … Read more

Best suited Career Options & Jobs for people with dyslexia & dyscalculia

Best suited career options and jobs for dyslexia and dyscalculia

What will my child do in the future when he is facing so many difficulties with words and numbers? It is a common worry that almost all parents face when they realize that their children’s intelligence assessment test shows poor results. The good news is that having learning difficulties is not the end of the … Read more