Printable Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets [PDF Included]

Elapsed time word problems worksheet

Knowing how to tell, calculate or understand time is an essential skill that children tend to grasp at a young age. But just like any new thing we get acquainted with, learning to tell time and calculate the time elapsed can get confusing and overwhelming, especially in the puerile years. Elapsed time is the discrepancy … Read more

10 Fun Math Word Problem Activities

Math word problem activities

We all have studied sentences and math problems in school, but the amalgamation of digits and these sentences can bewilder many students. Math word problems, often about the various mathematical operations, can leave the little learners at sea because of the complexity and the way the problems are presented.  But at the same time, these … Read more

10 Engaging Games For Practicing Math Word Problems

Math word problem games

Comprehending numbers and early arithmetics are often made easy with tactile and multisensory practices like employing fingers to count and the use of few manipulatives. As students climb up the grades, word problems of various notions eventually step in to ensure pragmatic instances. Some students may encounter impediments in comprehending and solving these questions on … Read more