Printable Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets [PDF Included]

Knowing how to tell, calculate or understand time is an essential skill that children tend to grasp at a young age. But just like any new thing we get acquainted with, learning to tell time and calculate the time elapsed can get confusing and overwhelming, especially in the puerile years.

Elapsed time is the discrepancy between the starting and ending times. This concept sometimes seems perplexing due to the inefficiency in coordinating with the units. Multiple ways and techniques can be employed in helping out kids practice elapsed time.

And this is exactly where elapsed time worksheets come in. In this post, we have curated different activities for young minds to help them learn and master calculating and managing time effortlessly. Read below to learn more about these worksheets and their numerous advantages. 

What’s included in these elapsed time worksheets?

Elapsed time worksheets consist of problems involving daily events that will help your child get better in telling time calculating it.. This series of worksheets will teach students how to determine an elapsed time by practicing it with story-based math problems. Have a look:

1. Word problems for time telling

Under this activity, There are different word problems based on common daily life events which will help kids connect and understand the context easily.

The activity is broadened with routine movements that make one figure out what time it is and how much time a particular event takes to complete. For example the arrival of a train,  the time school gets over, Sam leaving for school, and likewise.

By the end of this activity, the child will be able to effortlessly tell the elapsed time between 2-time stamps, and understand the clock. Through this, they will also learn to add or subtract time. 

Printable Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets [PDF Included]

2. A day in Mr. Smith’s life

The second activity takes it a step further. It has a story crafted about a day in Mr. Smith’s life. It starts when he leaves his home for work in the morning and when he comes back home after the entire day at work. 

The activity also has small illustrations to help the child identify which place is what. For example, a cafe, grocery store, home, office, etc.

The child will have the opportunity to calculate and answer questions ranging from “what time has he reached his workplace?” or “How much did it take for Mr. Smith to reach home?”

Printable Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets [PDF Included]

Time elapsed worksheet – what can you expect after solving these questions?

These simple elapsed time worksheets are ideal for assisting children in practicing elapsed time to the closest minute using basic mental math and situation-based questions. 

Elapsed time worksheets will assist students in solving various word problems using digital and analog clocks. These will help in getting knowledge of hours, minutes, and seconds.

But it also rewards you with the following benefits –

  1. A sense of motivation develops in your child to learn more and do better.
  2. Get more comfortable with studying the clock and answering daily questions about time.
  3. A strong hold over situation-based questions such as daily life instances.
  4. A gradual improvement in managing time.

Learning is a rigorous journey with many questions to be answered, but these worksheets might provide a solid starting point for diving into time and its calculations. 

How to effectively use these worksheets?

  • These free worksheets can be simply integrated into a student’s learning plan and tailored to their specific needs. Parents and instructors can distribute these printouts all at once or one at a time, depending on your child’s level of cognition.
  • If you are a parent, have your child do these worksheets by giving them a clock toy to help them participate more effectively in the task.
  • Distribute these worksheets in class as an interactive activity. Students can form teams and one team can role-play the questions mentioned in the worksheet and the other teams can solve and find the answer.

Summing up,

Academic education may include a variety of sources of information for practice such as books, workbooks, and other hands-on activities. They all have their own set of advantages. It is important to understand which one fits your child the best according to their learning style. 

A suitable worksheet exercise can help any learning style. These free printable worksheets help students understand time better. These are simple to use. All you have to do is download, print, and start practicing them.

Last but not least, never forget to acknowledge your child or student’s effort. The appreciation awarded at the right time in the right moment goes a long way and helps them strive for perfection!

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