Printable Ten Frame Worksheets [PDF Included]

Are you looking for an interactive method to make it easy for your toddler to learn to count?

Ten frames are what will help you out here. Ten frames are a unique and creative tool that can be used to teach concepts like counting, place value, basic addition, and subtraction. Ten frames are easy to employ that can be either drawn or some common daily life entities can be used as ten frames. 

One such tool apart from games and activities that has been helping out students is worksheets. Much different from the traditional books and notebooks, ten Frame worksheets provide a brief understanding of the first 10 numbers. These worksheets allow consistent practice and are a power pack to help your little learner build a strong base of these math fundamentals.

Hence, in this post, we shall provide you with a printable ten-frame worksheet that can be downloaded and used for your little one who is on the quest to learn this concept. 

What’s included in this Worksheet?

Worksheets have been the first love of teachers and parents because they help them teach mathematical concepts easily. These sheets are also helpful because of the endless elements and features included in them. From learning to drawing and playing, these sheets provide an attractive learning platform for children.

1. Making it 10

Ten Frame Worksheet printable pdf

The first concept is drawing elements to make them 10. Yes, it is sometimes difficult for your children to find how many more are needed to make 10. Here, the Worksheet will help them by counting and then drawing the required number of entities to make it 10. 

  • In this activity, the students are given different shapes in tabular format.
  • Students are required to draw the required number of shapes to make the final answer ten.
  • For example, if there are 3 apples, students have to draw 7 apples to make 10 total apples.
  • Below the frame, students also have to write the number to generate the total answer as 10.
  • For example, 7 + _ = 10. Here, students can fill in the number and also draw the shapes simultaneously. 

With such practice, kids get a visual idea of how to find the number of things needed.

2. Understanding Addition

Ten Frame Worksheet printable pdf

When students are confused with addition, this sheet provides an engaging method to teach them this concept. 

  • In this sheet, children have to count two different shapes given in two different frames.
  • These shapes are in different colors, so to make it is easy to differentiate between the two. 
  • Students are required to count all these shapes and draw the total number of shapes in the frame provided to write answers. 
  • This helps them build concentration skills and they also love to engage themselves in the creative drawing process. 

For example, when there are 2 balls on the sheet, you can also make them memorize things like: We saw two brinjals today with the vegetable seller, and now he gave you two lemons. Ask them about the total number of vegetables they have at the end of grocery shopping.  

3. Learning Numbers & Matching

Ten Frame Worksheet printable pdf

Why not make children match the numbers after they count them? This activity of learning and counting will make them enjoy their time, and they will never run away from the concept again. 

  • In this activity, children are required to count the number of shapes and match it to the table that has the same number of shapes. 
  • To make it interesting, all shapes are different with unique colors. 
  • For example, if one table has 3 apples and the other table has 3 kites, students are supposed to match them both.

This activity will help in improving the motor skills of your child. The learning numbers and matching activity also help sharpen your child’s memory.  

4. Drawing Objects

Ten Frame Worksheet printable pdf

Kids love to draw and color. This sheet will help them learn counting all the while drawing and coloring.

  • In this part of the sheet, children are exposed to different tabular formats.
  • Clear instructions are mentioned above in these formats.
  • Here, children have to draw as per mentioned like 5 stars, 3 apples or 2 candles.
  • In this way, they learn to draw and also understand how to make different combinations. 

The kids can complete the sheet without help and gain confidence in solving the sheets, and then slowly, you can increase the difficulty level as well.  

Benefits of the ten-frame worksheet

By now, you are familiar with what the sheet includes and its usage; now, let’s move on and see what the benefits are that one can enjoy with the help of these ten-frame worksheets.

1. Improves Math Skills

The ten-frame worksheet is an ideal way to make your child improve math skills. You can slowly and gradually increase the difficulty level and make them practice the concepts. Math is a subject that needs a lot of practice, and these sheets will prove to be your good companion in keeping them connected to the concept. 

2. Boosts Creativity

When children are exposed to different shapes and colors along with math concepts, they are likely to gain creative skills. They can enjoy learning the concepts and creatively solving the math sheets. As they learn to add, draw, and match the correct pairs, they can often be creative with their daily calculations. 

3. Improves Concentration

The worksheets are ideal to create eye-hand coordination, ultimately improving the concentration level. The child will be able to count the numbers and concentrate on the pictures drawn on them. If the sheet has a star with five sides, then the kid will know that the rest of the stars also need to be of five sides only.  

4. Creates a Playful Learning Environment

Children learn better when different techniques are used to make them understand concepts. They can enjoy solving the sheets as a test or an activity. You can play games with them and give them instructions while they complete the worksheet. You can also incorporate these methods in routine life to understand addition, shapes, and other math concepts.

5. Enhances Knowledge

How can we deny this? A good part of this worksheet is that it enhances the knowledge of children. They will be able to enjoy learning confidently and give you the best time where you can see their growth in a playful manner. 

The child might have questions not only related to math but various other objects, drawing,s and colors. Such sheets help them think beyond the topic and explore ways of creativity. 

Why use this ten-frame worksheet?

While various teaching methods can be helpful for teachers and parents, worksheets have their own benefits. They can be reused or even distributed to the entire class for an engaging math learning session.

1. Easily Printable

The worksheets are designed so you can easily take a printout of them and enjoy making your child practice them as much as he wants. You need to keep some copies ready with you, and your little one will never get bored of them. These sheets can also be used by adults and teachers for toddlers to learn the concept of adding 10. 

2. Structured and Colorful

The ten-frame Worksheet is colorful and well structured. You will not find them mismanaged and will love to give them to children. The fonts are big enough to enable children to complete the task without additional assistance from teachers or parents. The creative drawings on the sheets attract the kids and make them explore what is there on them, and this way, they can be more familiar with the math subject.

3. Saves Time

Last but not the least, the worksheets are designed to help save your time. You do not have to think about creative ways to engage your child, but take a printout, and it’s done. They will make your little one enjoy his academic time. With such worksheets, you can easily engage children and students in an attentive learning session without taking too much effort. 

Summing up,

For practicing fundamental math skills, math worksheets are an ideal learning tool. These allow the learners to interact and easily comprehend fundamental mathematical concepts. With the help of consistent practice, a strong base can be established. 

Students can better recall the ideas by using practice worksheets to review arithmetic during tests. It is also a great way to provide a concise explanation with each activity thereby enabling them to learn and even solve it, simultaneously. 

With no pressure or fear, kids may practice math at their speed with the help of worksheets. It is the ideal technique to aid pupils in concentrating and enhancing their comprehension of a certain subject.

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