Printable Addition Flash Cards with Free PDF

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Mathematical operations cross a kid’s life in the preschool stage for the first time. These are quite likely to give a tough time too if the inclination is not that strong. That is why parents and teachers always try to bring more to the table. The idea is to supplement kids’ study material with something more engaging than math books. The concept recall and practice support offered by flashcards make them the best fit for encouraging kids into learning basic math.

Keeping with the quick learning and regular practice needs, we have designed addition-based flashcards for your use. Take a look at the following flashcards; these are available in device-friendly PDF formats so that you can have anywhere access to the study material:

Printable addition flashcards with free pdf
Printable addition flashcards with free pdf
Printable addition flashcards with free pdf

Types of addition flashcards included in the bundle

We understand it is important to maintain a suitably progressive pattern while introducing the addition concept to young learners. It is why you will find the following flashcards in our bundle:

  • Single-digit addition: Demonstrate first to the students how single-digit addition is done. Further, you can ask them to solve the questions on single-digit addition on their own. You can conduct number talks to drive young kids to learn method by strategizing.
  • Two-digit-one-digit addition: Enough of doing finger math or adding by counting! Now grow up in your approach to solve addition and move up the ladder. Practice addition of two-digit numbers with one-digit by referring to the flashcards for addition beginners.
  • Two-digit addition flash cards: Throw bigger challenge to yourself or to children by flashing the two-digit addition questions to the math beginners or preschoolers. You can revisit these flashcards as grown up to brush up on your addition with carry forward skills too.

Best ways to use our addition flashcards printable PDFs

We designed printable flashcards in PDF formats to help you have ubiquitous learning support. Our flashcards are devices compatible so that you can access these anywhere, anytime. If you need a printed copy of the same, you can file it in your teaching support folder too. Whichever way you choose, these printable flashcards fulfill the purposes, such as:

  • Revision materials: Researchers have established the utility of addition flashcards in reinforcing the concept in early learners and also in those diagnosed with learning disorders.
  • Test battery: The students with math difficulties can be imparted effective remediation of arithmetic procedures like addition. Once addition facts are established, the flashcards allow early learners to take suitable tests for concept recall.
  • Quiz master: Administer these flashcards for organizing quick quiz in classroom or home. These flashcards are the most effective in creating an engaging and vibrant learning environment in classroom. Homeschoolers can employ addition flashcards to accomplish their self-study objectives.
  • Printable charts: The best way to teach addition to little learners is by showing them at intervals how to present two numbers to perform the calculation. By giving them an overview of all ways the addition problems may come acorss, teachers can make children comfortable with this basic math operation.

Benefits of using printable flashcards for addition

What do you need Additon flashcards for? I think you have understood well from the section above. But, what you will be taking away by using these flashcards? Here is a quick explanation.

  • Easy concept-building tool: You can take hassle out of the learning process and make it fun. Those with math anxiety can continue with their endeavors without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Quick knowledge resource: Often kids make the mistake while writing numbers and putting the ‘+’ sign at appropriate place. With continual and regular exposure to flashcards, children can master the act of writing and solving arithmetic operation.
  • Strong concept recall: Math has a lingo and script of its own. Flashcards make the operations’ writing easier to grasp and normalizes the functions for the growing and budding math learner.

How to use addition flashcards PDFs?

Here is a quick guide on how to use our children-centric flashcard PDFs that we designed to teach them addition:

  • Make cutouts: You can create cutouts of the operations’ slots and ask them to paste on their project book. They can write answers below the cutout. It can help bring flavor to the activity of giving homework to kids.
  • Create charts: Paste these on the cardboard sheet and hang it at a place where kids can see them clearly. The use as wall-hanging makes the addition class reverberating with concep. Kids feel drawn to learning concept much better way when they come across these charts more often.
  • Mobile flashcards: Since the flashcards can be saved on the mobile phones or other gadgets, you can give a quick revision of addition to your budding math genius when you are on the move.

Summing up,

Addition flashcards available in PDF format represent a simple alternative to augmented reality technology in education concept quite brilliantly. These learning supplements can be of multiple utilities and have a variety of benefits to offer. Use these PDF flashcards and share what positive change you observed in the kids’ addition learning curve.

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