Top 12 games for learning algebra

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The school curriculum in general expects students to be well versed with basic algebra and related topics right from the 5th grade. Therefore, students are introduced to some really helpful books to learn algebra. But, when I taught algebra to basic learners, I was questioned on my decision to add alphabets to numerals which at times may seem complex to the students.

However, I stood my ground and today my ex-students realize the importance of having sound reasoning in mathematics right from the beginning. When you have your basics right, the complexity of equations does not frighten you. Especially, when you are a student with dyscalculia, a strong foundation is imperative so that the mathematical reasoning you build is never on shaky grounds.

Critical thinking is required to have a good grip on every corner of this topic. Deep embedding fundamentals right in the beginning is the key here. But the sad reality is, that most students hate dealing with algebra. The sporadic pattern of solutions is one of the main reasons behind it. However, they do not understand that if the fundamentals aren’t clear enough, then even the simplest question would pose a doubt to their preparation. Early adaptation to the topic with good practice is the only solution to the issue.

This post has been developed keeping in mind the little learners who struggle with this topic. One thing that always works out well when dealing with issues in math is mixing it with fun. There are numerous ways of turning maths into a fun learning subject. One such is to present it to the kids in a form that they like the most.

Yes, you guessed it right! GAMES. May it be indoor, outdoor, board, or mobile games. Kids learn while playing. They develop analytical, strategic, and spatial skills while doing it. You can also incorporate algebra apps and flashcards to expose them to different means of learning. So, without stretching any further, here is a curated list of the top 10 12 free games for learning algebra.

12. Detective X and the Missing Variable

Detective X and the Missing Variable

Solve the mystery of missing variables in this intriguing online algebra game. Players take on the role of detectives to unravel three mysteries. Each mystery has its own storyline and comes with a file that contains information about the suspects, evidence, and location.

Players must solve simple algebraic equations, picture problems, and find equivalent equations to figure out the culprit. The game is extremely engaging and a must-try for all students who are looking to learn algebra in ways other than the traditional pen-and-paper approach.

Game Link: Web App

11. Solve for the Variable

Solve for the Variable

Algebraic equations involve operations that help us find the value of an unknown variable. So, this game is designed to give kids an opportunity to practice solving for variables in four distinct levels, each level being a bit more complex than the previous one. Players must solve ten questions in one level before moving on to the next.

In situations where a player gets stuck or fails to give the correct answer, a video appears on the screen that explains how one can find the value of ‘x.’ Other features of this game include a scratchpad, which can be used for manually solving problems, and a robotic reader to read out the questions to the player.

Game Link: Web App

10. Jumping Aliens

Jumping Aliens

This is a perfect game for kids who love the idea of aliens. The player is assigned a friendly alien who must race against other aliens to reach the finish line. But the catch here is that the alien must solve algebraic problems displayed on the screen and jump to the right places to move ahead in the game.

What makes this game challenging is that players need to think swiftly and find solutions to problems so they can stay ahead in the race. A little lag would mean other players getting closer to the finish line. You can play this multiplayer game against the computer or create a private game and invite friends to play the game together.

Game Link: Web App

9. Math Pup Golf for Algebra

Math Pup Golf for Algebra

This Math Pup loves his golf. He also loves his Algebra. So by solving Algebra equations, he gets to aim for the holes, which are 30 in number. He also uses algebra to remove the penalty strokes when the ball falls into the water or the sand. This fun-filled game will make you fall in love with dogs, golf, and Algebra all at the same time! Also, you may learn about angles when you play the shots, which is just the golf icing on this maths cake!

Game Link: Web App

8. Otter Rush

Otter rush

Practice the exponents and bases of equations by challenging your partner to an otter race. You can power your otter by giving the right answers. If you don’t have a friend with you right now, you may participate in an otter race that is about to begin online. Thus, always be high on that competitive spirit! Answer the maximum right answers with the highest speed and grab that otter trophy

Game Link: Web App

7. Algebra Noodle

algebra noodle game

Algebra Noodle is inspired by a classic board game where you roll the dice and compete with the opponent to reach your goal. But there is a twist. You have to solve an algebra problem for your turn. Both you and the computer opponent roll dice, but if you answer the algebra question correctly, you get to choose which of the two dice to use to help you get around the board faster to reach the final square. The opponent has to go back to start if you land on the same square. You can set the difficulty of the algebra expressions as per your suitability.

Game link: Web App

6. Algebra Crocodile Board

algebra crocodile board game

Algebra crocodile board is a combination of modified snakes & ladders and solving algebras. Instead of snakes and ladders, we have frogs and alligators in this game. As a player, you have to help the frog go home by rolling the dice and solving the algebraic expressions correctly.

Click on the dice to move the frog. You have to be careful with the moment as every wrong answer will send you back two spaces and landing on a crocodile will reset the game. The Algebra Crocodile board is a really engaging game. It really helps you learn basic algebra in a fun way.

Game Link: Web App

5. Candy Challenge Junior

Candy Challenge Junior

These Algebra puzzles in the sweet shop help your child visualize the importance of algebra in daily life, especially in their favorite candy stores! This online store has 30 different candies, but the price of each is unknown. Algebraic stories and equations will help the child find out the price of each candy. There are 3 candy-solving levels to choose from and you can move ahead with the imaginary taste of each candy price you solve!

Game Link: Web App

4. Algebra rag to riches

If you love ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, Algebra Rag to Riches is the game for you. But here’s a twist – instead of general knowledge questions players have to give the answers to the algebraic expressions. Similar to the game, Algebra Rag to Riches also provides you with three hints available as lifelines to help you out.

This game is perfect for kids in grades seven and eight to learn about algebra. With every correct answer, you earn money (obviously not real). The game starts with easy algebra but questions become really challenging as you move up the level. See if you can hit the $1 million mark.

Game Link: Web App

3. Algebra snakes and ladders game

 Algebra snakes and ladders game

Combo of Algebra and our childhood favorite snakes and ladders in one. Solve the algebraic expressions to get a chance to roll the dice. Progress through the steps to reach your goal. You are given the chance only after you solve the expression correctly. Nostalgia is a fun factor here that keeps you hooked for hours on the game and learning algebra simultaneously.

Game Link: Web App

2. Bike Racing Math Algebra

Bike Racing Math Algebra

Bike Racing math algebra tests are a great game to test your algebra skills. It’s all about testing your pace in solving algebraic expressions. You have to compete with 3 other players. To boost your speed, you have to correctly answer the algebra problem given to you.

The quicker you are able to solve the problem, the faster your speed will be to beat the opponents. Be careful as for every wrong answer, your bike will slow down. You have to keep on answering the problem algebra problems until you finish the race.

Game Link: Web App

1. The Fun way to learn Algebra

The Fun way to learn Algebra

The Fun way to learn Algebra is an excellent gaming app to introduce your child to Algebra. You start with ‘Guess and check the equations and then balance the game pieces on the two sides of the equations to see if they fit together! On the next level, you get to upscale your game by making ‘legal moves with the pawn. This app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and will really boost your child’s confidence with Algebra.

Game Link: Playstore


Algebra is just not an academic concept, but a necessity in everyday life as well. This can be proved by the numerous applications of algebra in real life. Yes, you may rush to your calculators, but you still need to get your algebraic equations right now and then to get quick solutions.

In this fast-paced world that waits for none, the power of your brain is still the best bet over any mathematical gadget. It needs to be stimulated and wired in the best way possible, and we couldn’t think of a better idea than these brilliant algebra games.

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