Top 10 games for learning algebra

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Our school math curriculum suggests that a kid is able to understand very basic algebra and its related topics right from the 5th grade. When i taught the algebra to early learners, i was questioned quite a few times the reason of putting alphabets in the numerical problems and making it more complicated. This argument is justifiable for those just beginning to learn the topic, but as you progress through the classes, you came to realise ita actual importance.

Call it misunderstanding or whatever, there is definitely a lack of awareness in our education system specially in maths that do not focus on reasoning right from the beginning. Specially for students with dyscalculia, this can be terrifying.

Algebra is all about applying right logic at right time to arrive at the solution. Sequence of steps is pretty important. More important is to be aware of the logic behind each step. And for that, you need to understand basics.

Critical thinking is required to have a good grip on every corner of this topic. Deep embedding fundamentals right in the beginning is the key here. But the sad reality is, most of the students hate dealing with algebra. Sporadic pattern of solutions is one of the main reason behind it. However, they do not understand that if the fundamentals aren’t clear enough, then even simplest question would pose a doubt to their preparation. Early adaptation to the topic with good practice is the only solution to the issue.

This post has been developed keeping in mind the little learners who struggle in this topic. One thing that always work out well when dealing with issues in math i.e. mixing it with fun. There are numerous ways of turning maths into a fun learning subject. One such is to present it to the kids in a form that they like the most.

Yes, you guessed it right! GAMES. May it be indoor, outdoor, board or mobile games. Kids learn while playing. They develop analytical, strategical and spatial skills while doing it. So, here is a curated list of top 10 free games for learning algebra.

10.) Algebra Bug Hunter

algebra bug hunter game

Algebra bug hunter is a math puzzle mobile game app with focus on learning algebra. The centre theme of game is the space adventure. You can choose between Emma, ​​Zack and Lim as your pilot in search of precious gems from the Bug planets. Catch the bugs and complete the levels by solving algebra problems. As you progress through planets, the expressions become complicated.

The game will take you through almost every form of equations required for you to excel algebra. There are 5 planets to explore. Game covers the topics of algebra such as,  the equal sign, opposite numbers, inverse numbers, simplifying equations and solving for “x”. There are over 100 levels for you to play. Kids will be hooked for hours learning algebra.

Game Link : Playstore | Appstore

9.) Algebra Puzzle

algebra puzzle game

Algebra Puzzle is inspired by your regular grid puzzle online math game. You have to solve the number value of each unique element in the grid. Players can make expression out of the grid to solve the value. Students will learn making visual equations playing this game.

Numbers are given in horizontal and vertical. With the reference to which, players will be solving the expression to get the value of elements. Usually three elements are present (alarm clock, pumpkin, popsicle in first level) in every level. When you get the number, just use the slider to set the respective value of each element. Click ‘Check It’ to complete the level.

Game Link : Web App

8.) Algebra Basketball

Algebra basketball is a perfect game for those algebra strugglers who love basketball as well. In this game, Player has to put the ball in the hoop. The only way to do it is by solving alebraic expressions. There are 15 levels for you to compete. Each level you will be given beginner level algera expressions, different from the previous ones. 10 points is awarded for each right answer and same is deducted on a wrong one.

Game Link : Web App

7.) Algebra Noodle

algebra noodle game

Algebra noodle is inspired by classic board game where you roll the dice and compete the opponent to reach your goal. But there is a twist. You have to solve algebra problem for your turn. Both you and the computer opponent roll dice, but if you answer the algebra question correctly, you get to choose which of the two dice to use to help you get around the board faster to reach the final square. The opponent have to go back to start if you land on the same square. You can set the difficulty of the algebra expressions as per your suitability.

Game link : Web App

6.) Algebra Crocodile Board

algebra crocodile board game

Algebra crocodile board is a combination of modified snakes & ladders, and solving algebras. Instead of snakes and ladders, we have frog and alligators in this game. As a player, you have to help the frog go home by rolling the dice and solving the algebraic expressions correctly. Click on the dice to move the frog. You have to careful with moment as every wrong answer will send you back two spaces and landing on crocodile will reset the game. Algebra Crocodile board is a really engaging game. It really helps you learn basic algebra in a fun way.

Game Link : Web App

5.) Math Tank Algebra

Solve algebra problems and ride your tank to the victory. Collect as many coins as you ride to lead the score. At each step you have to find the value of ‘x’ to pass through. If given wrong answer, your tank will destroy and game will restart. You can set the difficulty mode according to your pace in algebra. Tha game is currently avaliable on mathnook and is fairly popular. As young kids really love tanks, this game is perfect for them. Math Tank Algebra has really engaging gameplay and intuitive graphics.

Game Link : Web App

4.) Algebra rag to riches

If you love ‘who wants to be millionaire?’, Algebra rag to riches is the game for you. But here’s a twist – instead of general knowledge questions players have to give the answers to the algebraic expressions. Similar to the game, Algebra rag to riches also provides you with three hints available as lifelines to help you out. This game is perfect for kids in grade seven and eight to learn about algebra. With every correct answer, you earn money (obviously not real). The game starts with easy algebra but questions become really challenging as you move up the level. See if you can hit the $1 million mark?

Game Link : Web App

3.) Algebra snakes and ladders game

Combo of Algebra and our childhood favorite snakes and ladders in one. Solve the algebraic expressions to get a chance to roll the dice. Progress through the steps to reach your goal. You are given the chance only after you solved the expression correctly. Nostalgia is a fun factor here that keeps you hooked for hours to the game and learn the algebra simultaneously.

Game Link : Web App

2.) Bike Racing Math Algebra

Bike Racing math algebra tests is a great game to test your algebra skills. Its all about testing your pace in solving algebraic expressions. You have to compete with 3 other players. To boost up your speed, you have to correctly answer the algebra problem given to you. The quicker you are able to solve the problem, faster your speed will be to beat the opponents. Be careful as for every wrong answer, your bike will slow down. You have to keep on answering the problem algebra problems until you finish the race.

Game Link : Web App

1.) Parking Algebra

parking algebra game

Mathnook with another platform to up your algebra skills to next level. Parking algebra is a really engaging fun game. The main gameplay involves with player parking the car at ‘X’, where X is the parking slot number. To get this number, you have to solve x from the algebraic expression. One thing good about this game is that the gameplay does include driving the car yourself to park instead of computer doing it on itself. It makes the whole thing really fun to play and really interactive.

Game Link : Web App

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