10 amazing books on developing number sense

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Number sense means flexibility and lucidity of a child in understanding numbers. Knowing what numbers mean, their value and the relationship between them is important for children so that they can apply them in real life. The number sense improves the children’s ability to identify, compare, and do operations on numbers. Taking example from real life, we can infer that the sense of counting currency bills and computing change in value after addition or subtraction emerges from the math intelligence which the number sense offers.

Identifying or spotting the number sense can be done by:

  1. Checking ability to understand number symbols, meaning, and vocabulary
  2. Assessment of systematic counting
  3. Assessing competence in mathematical operations
  4. Checking the ability to understand bigger and smaller numbers, and so on.

However, these abilities are not so strongly developed in the children with learning difficulties. They need support for building number sense. Many board games, assistive tools and manipulatives are available for the purpose. Apart from these, it is the number sense books that are proving to be very effective in sharpening the numerical assessment abilities of a child.

How number sense books help in developing numeric intelligence in a child?

Number sense books offer readymade support to the teachers as these help them learn strategies to strike a conversation about numbers with the kids. The books can provide support for learning the math activities like counting and operations; even before that, these help build a sense of friendship with numbers while eliminating the math’s scare from the minds of the early learners.

We have compiled for you some of the best number sense books for the beginners of number literacy. These books can incite curiosity among the children about numbers and mathematic operations, engaging them in a better and participative way.

1. Number Sense and Nonsense: Games and Puzzles

This book is a rich resource for building number confidence. The writer of this book, Claudia Zaslavsky, has curated about 80+ puzzles, activities, games, and problems to help children go beyond simple memorization of rules.

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It forays into the application part and builds mathematical abilities through good practice on a variety of math topics. By the way of allowing manipulation of odd and even, prime and composite numbers, factors, multiples cracking and so on, the students can enrich their math skills with ease using this book.

2. Ten Apples Up on Top!

Ten Apples Up on Top! is a hilarious introduction to the concept of counting. Dr. Seuss, the noted author of books for kids has done a magnificent job of making counting a fun activity for kids through this book.

With the help of fun-filled activities and illustrations, the concept of counting reaches the kids’ minds and stays there too! They do not mind practicing often, which is essential for the development of the concept of counting. This book can be used as a playtime activity, too, and is making homeschooling easier and fun for the parents.

3. Nimble with Numbers

Nimble with Numbers is an interesting number sense book that builds math confidence in children by promoting better participation. This book is an ideal resource for removing math scare from children’s minds.

It inculcates mastery in basic math computations and further teaches well about decimals and fractions. Thus, this book can make students algebra-ready. Answer key and teaching tips are other value-added features of this book.

4. Big Brain Teasers Book for Kids

This book is designed for kids of 9-12 years of age. Crammed with brainteasers, it allows building critical analysis skills, problem-solving skills, apart from improving memory retention of the math concepts and number knowledge.

With loads of cryptograms, hidden pictures, logic grid puzzles, and so on, this book offers an easy pastime to make space for more math in a day’s time. It offers a good break from the screens of mobile phones and engages the children in mind-stimulating, fun math activities.

5. Number Sense: Simple effective number sense experiences

The book is designed for primary school to middle graders. It gives wholesome support for promoting thinking about and understanding of the numbers and related operations.

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It covers mental computation, relative size, number relations, multiple representations, reasonableness, and so on. The book comprises of ten-minute activities that encourage dialog between the student and the teacher. It drives thinking of students about the numbers in a meaningful direction and helps lay a strong foundation for mathematical smartness.

6. Everything Kids Math Puzzles Book

The book is an exhaustive collection of games, brainteasers, and activities aimed at building math literacy in children. The children will be able to learn Roman numerals with the help of decoding messages, grasp calculations by connecting dots, enhance division by solving riddles, and improve number literacy by doing activities like matching the profession with number license plates. The book puts the fun in the process of learning numbers and math skills and induces informal learning.

7. Ten Black Dots

This book is a fun introduction to basic math skills. By actually making some imaginary figures using different numbers of dots, the kids get to learn the difference between the numbers and their values.

They are able to identify the numbers by learning it playful way. Children can develop visual learning abilities in addition to improving the number counting skills with the help of lots of activities provided in this book.

8. Books about Skip Counting

The skip counting is a kindergarten class’s concept that helps building the foundation for multiplication in the later stages. This method needs a lot of practice, which one can easily get from this book. It features the problems based on the four most used skip counters 2s,3s,5s, and 10s.

Children get to learn the concept through pictorial illustrations available in the book. It can help learn skip counting till 100. The book is available in e-book format and has text-to-speech feature that swells kids with the notion of learning like a big boy!

9. 12 Ways to Get to 11

The book comprises of 12 witty double spreads that help young learners internalize the concept of counting by the way of gamification. This counting supporting book offers different ways to reach number 11 helping students grasp the idea of dodging numbers, adding numbers, and learning missing number concepts, etc.

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The book has high engagement quotient making it easier for the teachers to keep the excitement of doing something interesting alive in kids; as a result, they love practicing with it more and more. The book is designed for pre-primary and primary level students and work as an interesting homeschooling resource too.

10. Quack and Count

This book is a colorful illustration of adventure that happens in a day of a family of lively duckling family. The kids can slip, slide, dive, and leap the way these ducklings do and learn the concept of counting, adding, and dodging numbers in the process. By the way of grouping themselves in various combinations, the ducklings teach kids the art of reaching to the number 7. Kids can master the concept of addition in a playful manner and would love to practice it every day as a game activity.

How the number sense books help in developing routines?

Routines for number sense are small activities that builds number readiness in children. With the help of books, the teachers can achieve the objectives of number sense routines, which are:

  1. Allowing experimenting with basic math concepts
  2. Reinforcement and enrichment of elementary math skills
  3. Internalization of mathematic operations like addition, multiplication, etc.
  4. Warming up the students to do more math with intelligence and interest

So, empower yourself with number sense books and give the much needed support to the early number learners in building number and math literacy. With these books, kids are sure to fall in love with math, without any fuss!

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