Top 10 Kindergarten Math Games For Developing Early Number Skills

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Mathematics has been scientifically proven to enrich one’s skills in all walks of life, as it fosters both logical reasoning and critical thinking. Therefore, teaching preschoolers and mathematics in a way that they take it as a repository of fun is important.  

Technology and innovation have rendered a large number of excellent strategies, games, and teaching methods to render the fullest pleasures in learning mathematics. Specifically, for the kindergarteners, there are a plethora of online and offline math games/activities that are both productive and joyful.

In this article, you will learn about ten kindergarten math games for building early skills and setting off in flying colors!

Top 10 Kindergarten math games To Consider


1.     Counting with counters game

The basics of mathematics are numerals and counting skills that can lay a great foundation for building many other skills in all walks of life. Hence, counting games covers a great part in sharpening and shaping all the essential skills a kindergarten child requires.

Counting with counters game for kindergarten math games for building early math skills

Counting with counters game is a top of the line game that can help to count numbers, the foundational basics. Also, learning is joyous by the usage of pictures for counting, and the other complementing aspect is those attractive counters pull in children, and exciting rewards make them undertake more and more levels.  Don’t miss out on a great game that makes a kindergarten child’s everyday routine indulging!

2.     Addition pizza party

Addition pizza is a splendid edutainment game that knows a child can resist but only wishes to come back for more.  It’s a perfect melange of math skills as well as culinary skills. None would want to miss out on the addition of little pizza, with eye-catching visuals and excellent game flow and interesting theme.

Addition pizza party for kindergarten math games for building early math skills

All tiny tots – Preschoolers, as well as kindergarteners, would explore a new world taming addition skills with the addition pizza party game, where they have fun with numbers (from one to ten).  By decorating with the required and instructed a number of toppings on their very own pizza, they learn addition skills with the first ten numbers, and embark on a journey of culinary skills too!

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3.     Identify two-dimensional shapes

 Identify two-dimensional shapes  for kindergarten math games for building early math skills

An excellent game to rise up the spirits, elevate the moods, and brighten up the eyes of the little children, “identify two-dimensional shapes “ game can be the best and most memorable part of their childhood.  The game, basically aiming at inculcating math skills in children, is a perfect partner to ward off the boredom of small children. 

The dual goals of this game are recognizing and segregating the two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects. Moreover, in a given cluster, rightly naming the shapes despite alterations in their orientations or their overall size adds to the enthusiastic essence of the game.

4.     Count the objects up to twenty using multiple choice

Count the objects up to twenty using multiple choice for kindergarten math games for building early math skills

Count Objects Up To Twenty using Multiple choice is a wonderful game, suitable for all the kids in their pre-kindergarten as well as in kindergarten that builds up their math skills. Other early required skills

A child can practice basic counting and numeracy skills even without them feeling that they are into the process of learning since learning is so jovial. Exciting rewards, collection of stars, unlocking of new and harder levels unleash the undeniable oneself in a child. Accessible and available anywhere and anytime, it’s one of the pretty exciting games where fun is overloaded!

5.     3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack

A highly peculiar game, “3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack”, can make even the most active and swaying child to pause and play. The aim is simple –  the setting is so hot, and the hero of the game, Officer Ice Cream must be protected from melting, which can be done only by identifying right three-dimensional shapes. 

 3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack for kindergarten math games for building early math skills

Correctly identifying the three-dimensional shapes(sunny cube/rectangle/prism/cylinder) freezes the sun, saving the hero and wrong identification brings sun more closer making the Officer melt soon. Seeming so simple on the surface, the amusing games lay a base for the child’s knowledge about three-dimensional shapes.


6.     100 Cups: A Stem Challenge

One of the practical hindrances most of the children face is counting right up to the first hundred numbers. But the “100 Cups: A stem Challenge” has a goal that children would be tuned enough to count the first hundred numbers in the hundredth day of schooling. Then, the game aims at making them work on the identification and writing of the first hundred numbers.

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This game is so easy, affordable, and additionally is a great way to start building things! The objective of the game is so interesting – to stack, the cups labeled one to hundred sequentially.  It increases the frequency with which a child encounters these numbers, and also helps the child to learn the actual order of numbers.

7.     Fruit themed shape matching game

Shapes are always amusing and found everywhere. But, an unanticipated challenge found in many children is in recognizing these shapes. The fruit-themed shape matching game is a perfect game for all preschoolers and children in kindergarten that can enhance the frequency, with which they are used to these shapes, recognize and interpret it.

The game basically involves a caretaker/educator/ parent to draw various shapes in cards and fruit shapes too. The child would have to match the exact shape of the fruit with respective planar shapes. The fun-filled activity is mustn’t miss out on one! Grab this opportunity to involve a child with a caretaker/ instructor and together set out to a fabulous world of shapes!

8.     Playdough Shapes: Fun Way to teach preschoolers geometry

Geometry is completely about shapes( two and three-dimensional shapes, angles, symmetry, etc.) and their characteristics. Games like “Playdough shapes: Fun Way to teach preschoolers geometry” ensure that math is joyous. There can be no better way to get the little tots to love geometry except by making tall those shapes by themselves, hands-on training that helps them to manipulate and have a grip on like the play dough.

Playdough Shapes: Fun Way to teach preschoolers geometry kindergarten maths

Children and caretakers can do wonders with craft sticks, play dough, and shape cards. Shape cards are used, and play dough can be manipulated to make several small balls, and craft sticks would be brought in to finally finish the shape and see a visible output of a great job done!

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9.     Learning numbers with balloons

A spark of an idea can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, normal to excellent and marvelous. Learning numbers with balloons game is so, whereby balloons would have numbers written on them and would be placed at various places of the home/classroom. A child has to go from one balloon to another and collect them, but only in the order of right numbers.

For example, if the balloon written as eight is chosen after six, it is wrong. And the balloon with eight should be kept in the same place from where it was taken, and the child should find seven and then reach out to eight. Hence, add this game of memory and vibrancy to the child’s playlist.

10.  Counting on card game

The dice and cards are some of the best tools to teach mathematics. Yet another beautiful aspect is that there is no winner or loser in the game, but all participants would have a turn to take part in.

Counting on card game kindergarten math games

The basic idea of the game is to flip the topmost card from the deck and roll a die and add their values and say the resultant. The counting on card game isn’t tough if regularly played and also stimulates to offer one’s answer quickly and precisely. Rejoice the turn-taking game where learning and laughing are high!

Closing remarks

Learning of mathematics isn’t the hardest nut to crack, for the kindergarteners, provided the methods of learning are right. The games mentioned above, be it online or offline, are fun-filled ways to spread more energy, and positivity in learning math, by which inculcating necessary early skills in kindergartners become comfortable and more productive.

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