9 Board Games For Challenging Your Math Skills In 2024

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Kids tend to have a more focused attention span while they engage in game-based learning that includes game characteristics and principles embedded with learning activities. Board games may seem like an easy time to spend with your family or friends but subconsciously they benefit children’s brains by boosting their critical thinking. 

Math board games can be the ideal option for active learning techniques to promote student engagement as a well thorough understanding of concepts. In math board games, children can practice counting, hand-eye coordination, and making strategies such as planning and organizing. 

From as simple as counting spaces when moving objects to count money, even the use of probability, we can make the best of the playtime of kids. 

This post includes a list of board games that can be employed in teaching and practicing math concepts with the help of a fun learning environment.

Fun Board Games that help with a better understanding of Math

The below-mentioned board games are specifically designed and made to inculcate math concepts by making the use of critical thinking, concentration, and mental math calculation. These games will also help in reducing anxiety and pressure due to math.

1. Logic Roots Addition and Subtraction Games

 Logic Roots Addition and Subtraction Games: Cloud Hoppers & Mountain Raiders

This is an adventure-themed board game that provides an exciting medium to practice addition and subtraction. In this game, each player gets to pick two avatars. Cloud hoppers is a subtraction game and mountain raiders is an addition-based game.

How to play:

  • Roll the dice on the board.
  • The player needs to add or subtract the number on the dice by the number they’re positioned at.
  • For example, if a player rolls a 4 and they are positioned at 50. So they will move on to 46 if they are playing cloud hoppers.
  • For both the games, the theme is to navigate their way from start to finish, while adding or subtracting.

Both the games offer an interesting approach to learning. Players will be able to practice their addition and subtraction skills while playing. The games come with a small notepad and pens. Therefore, the players can either do calculations while writing them down or in their minds. Both ways are essential for strengthening strong calculating skills.

2. Math for Love Prime Climb

2. Math for Love Prime Climb

It is a beautiful and color-oriented math board game. Linking colors to numbers and using play in disguise helps sharpen math skills. In this game, players use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to outwit their opponents. 

How to play:

  • To start the game, place two pawns of your color at zero.
  • The prime time cards should all be shuffled, except for the ones that say, “Write your card.”
  • Players can use the multiplication table, which is the guide card to be reminded of the order for the turn which goes as roll-move-bump-draw.
  • The goal in prime time is to take both of your pawns from zero to 101.
  • Roll the dice and then move the pawns as per the numbers that have been rolled in turn one at a time using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to wherever the player is on the board.
  • For example, if a player is at 10 and they roll a 9.
  • They’ll do 9+10=19 and move from 10 to 19.

Math is the engine of play in this game. The heart of the game is the idea that players can express multiplication and division using color. Thus, the game changes the abstract rule-following process of games into a visually colorful, and intuitive process.

3. Itelya Free The Dinosaurs! – Dinosaur Board Game

 Itelya Free The Dinosaurs! – Dinosaur Board Game

The game is based in a large dinosaur park, where a not-so-nice scientist captured 15 dinosaurs. The players need to free these dinosaurs using 85 original illustrated cards and an immersive math-based concept.

How to play:

  • 2-5 players are required to play this game.
  • Place all the dinosaurs on the board and shuffle the deck.
  • Distribute all the cards evenly to each player.
  • Create three piles of cards. 
  • One to draw from, one for used cars, and the last for discarded dino cards only.
  • The player with the card bearing the image of the trapped dinosaur can release it.
  • To release the dinosaurs easily, players will have to solve basic subtraction and addition quizzes correctly.

The game helps players practice their subtraction and addition skills. This will help them to consolidate their understanding of such concepts.

4. Pressman SMATH – The Game That Makes Math Fun!

Pressman SMATH - The Game That Makes Math Fun!

Players can hone their math skills with this numbers game. It helps players to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while having fun with their peers.

How to play:

  • 2-4 players can play this game.
  • Each player has to choose 10 tiles and take turns building math equations crossword-style to score points.
  • Each tile has a point value that is earned once it is played.

The game mixes scrabble gameplay with an interesting way to practice mathematical equations. Pliers can build off each other’s equations to score more points. Beginners can choose to play using only subtraction and addition tiles. Advanced players may use multiplication and division tiles too.

5. Logic Roots Pet Me Multiplication and Division Game

Logic Roots Pet Me Multiplication and Division Game - Fun Math Board Game

The players will walk around the pet path, feeding and petting the dogs while doing basic multiplication and division exercises. They can also adopt the animals and win as many hearts as they can.

How to play:

  • There are four different starting points on the board, one for each player.
  • Every player will select one marker corresponding to the color of the starting point. 
  • Shuffle the three types of pet cards and place them face down beside the board.
  • Distribute six red hearts to each player as well as the pet tags of their respective game marker color.
  • The youngest player will make the first move and thereon the players will move in the clockwise direction. 
  • The players with the most number of hearts at the end of the game win. 

Players will be able to master the many core math skills related to multiplication and division. They will be able to practice their calculations not just in their turn, but for their competitor as well.

6. Genius Games Outnumbered

6. Genius Games Outnumbered: Improbable Heroes Board Game

The goal of the game is to roll the dice and use math to defeat the villain before they overrun the defenses and steal the infinity generator. 

How to play:

  • Deal each player a hero card.
  • Shuffle the bonus powers deck and deal one card to each player.
  • Shuffle the villain deck. 
  • Playing in the hero mode, shuffle the purple cards and add the event deck.
  • Pick one person to be the starting player and that person rolls the three dice. 
  • Players will have to apply math to the numbers on the dice to match the numbers on the villain’s cards.
  • Then that villain will be eliminated from the game.

This is a cooperative, tower defense-style game where players get to combine their superhero forces using all manner of math. Using calculations to defend the megatropolis from all the villains.

7. Byron’s Games Math Sprint Board Game

Byron's Games Math Sprint Board Game

A mental math-oriented game that’s fun for the whole family. It will help kids to learn the basic concepts of arithmetic. The players who finish the race first by advancing each time using subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, or word problem win. 

How to play:

  • Choose from 8 relatable character pieces that feature athletes matching fun hobbies and sports.
  • All the players are racing against each other to get to the finish race first.
  • A player rolls the dice and moves forward, while the other player asks them a math question as presented in the question card.
  • If the player answers correctly, they move forward.
  • If not their opponent would move forward. 

This game is filled with creativity and playfulness. It has been inspired by the popular Olympic games.

8. Mathemagical World – Addition & Subtraction Math Board Game for Kids

Mathemagical World - Addition & Subtraction Math Board Game for Kids

It is a fun imaginative game based on 8 different types of islands. This game will help kids mix their imagination skills with quick calculations of addition and subtraction.

How to play:

  • There are 8 different islands.
  • Each player will choose an island.
  • The green dice are used for adding within 12 and subtracting within 6.
  • The red dice are for adding within 20 and subtraction within 10.
  • Each player takes turns rolling both dice.
  • They will have to solve the math problem and answer it correctly to move forward. 

This imaginative and immersive game provides ample advantages such as increased engagement, learning teamwork, and enhanced problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it will also keep them away from technology for a good portion of the time.

9. Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

 Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

It works on making changes, collecting changes in different forms using coins and addition and subtraction. The currency in the game is divided into different forms of coins and dollars. Players will be able to understand the usage of currency and calculate it while navigating their way to the finish.

How to play:

  • Players can choose any character out of 4 options.
  • Each player should have one of each of the coins. 
  • The goal is to navigate through the dollar sign on the board, collect money and reach the finish point first.
  • For example, if the player rolls a five and lands on the place with a $ sign. 
  • Players will need to get any amount of dollars from the bank using different combinations of addition and subtraction. 

The important skills that can be improved while playing this game are sharp and quick calculations. Moreover, players can also work on their money management skills which will always be beneficial for real-life applications.


If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to improve your math skills, look no further than the best math board games. These games will help you build your problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment. 

So roll the dice and get ready to solve some equations! Do you have a favorite game that helps you learn math better?? Let us know in the comments below.

No matter your interests or skill level, there is sure to be a game that is perfect for you. So get playing and start learning today!

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