10 Interesting Graph Theory Games And Apps

Have you ever wondered how those complex network systems are made and how they function? Well, the study of these complex graphs or networks is what is known as graph theory. City planning, traffic control, maps, and airline schedules are common applications where such type of complex network is being used. Numerous engaging games and … Read more

10 Cool Apps For Improving Number Sense In Little Aspirants In 2024

Children are like molds of mud. If it falls into the right hands of expert potters, the outcome becomes impressive. The parents and the teachers are the potters who can give shape to the future of the children. But, in this era of technological advancements, other sources can also improve a child’s educational aspect. One … Read more

8 Awesome Productivity Apps For Students In 2024

Every student struggles with productivity-robbing distractions. Getting everything done might be challenging when your child’s day is filled with schoolwork, social engagements, after-school organizations, and sports. Along with getting the finest grades, it’s crucial to make time to rest extensively, interact with others, and take care of one’s physical health. It is crucial for students … Read more

8 Cool Google Extensions For Teachers

In the ever-changing world, technology has transformed the entire learning experience. It is not only students but also teachers who benefit from different tools and technology. For quite some time now, we’ve been familiar with using websites and applications for various different purposes.  Nowadays, Google Chrome extensions have come into the limelight and are meant … Read more

10 Awesome Dictation Apps For Students

Dictation apps for students

Dictation involves dictating letters or statements that students make a note of after actively listening to each one correctly. As dictation helps students understand words and their particular sounds, it becomes crucial to use the dictation method in teaching to enhance reading and writing. While teachers and parents generally dictate words and sentences, dictation applications … Read more

8 Awesome Apps For Learning How Place Value Works

place value

When you’re a kid, learning math may seem pointless. But as you get older, you learn that everything in life is connected to math. And what is place value? Place value is a principle that suggests that each digit in a number represents a specific power of 10. For instance, the number 123 has digits … Read more

10 Helpful budgeting apps for people with learning disabilities

budgeting apps

By definition, budgeting is the process of estimating and recording incomes and expenses of the present, past, and future to compile a complete report to make financial decisions. To manage these skills, special individuals may opt for several strategies. Apps can be one of the eminent choices. The list of budgeting apps that we elucidated … Read more

8 Awesome Critical Thinking Apps For Adults

critical thinking apps fr adults

What makes one person different from another? Well, besides their identity, it’s their ability to critically analyze everything and make a decision that carves a distinct life for everyone, making them unique from one another. Intellectual standards also come in handy when looking forward to determining the extent of critical thinking in an individual.  Critical … Read more

10 Awesome Apps For Adults With Dyslexia

Dyslexia apps for adults

Living in the digital era, resources like apps, ebooks, websites, etc. make our lives easier. Targeting each and every set of audiences, we even have digital resources for individuals with learning disabilities like dyslexia. One of the handy resources is apps.  The portability, intuitive nature, and accessibility of these apps allow dyslexic adults to gain … Read more

Top 12 Innovative Note-Taking Apps For Students

Best note-taking apps for students

Apart from paper-based strategies, students nowadays. utilize computers or cell phones for nearly everything, including schoolwork, online classes, and communication with peers. The way the style of schooling is continuously changing, and note-taking is not an exception to this. For many students, taking notes is a time-consuming task. Further, ensuring all the information is interpretable … Read more