Counting Money And Budgeting IEP Goals

comparing and budgeting iep goals

Money makes the world go round, and learning how to manage it is a crucial life skill.  For your child, understanding basic financial concepts like counting money and budgeting is essential for making informed decisions about finances. For children with learning difficulties, in particular, learning these skills early on can set them up for greater … Read more

10 Helpful budgeting apps for people with learning disabilities

budgeting apps

By definition, budgeting is the process of estimating and recording incomes and expenses of the present, past, and future to compile a complete report to make financial decisions. To manage these skills, special individuals may opt for several strategies. Apps can be one of the eminent choices. The list of budgeting apps that we elucidated … Read more

8 Fun Budgeting Activities For Adults

Budgeting activities for adults

Every day, we are fed with tons of information, and we unconsciously work towards segregating that information according to its usefulness, absorbing it, and applying it in our daily lives. However, a systematic approach is required to predict and manage one’s revenue and expenditure when it comes to finances. This concept becomes crucial in adulthood, … Read more

How Dyscalculia Affects Budgeting Skills?

Dyscalculia & Budgeting Skills

Dyscalculia interferes with one’s ability to recognize and process numbers and establish numeric relationships. Various life skills become difficult to learn due to this learning disability. One such skill is budgeting that primarily involves numbers. Even those not diagnosed with dyscalculia show a lag in budgeting skills. Reasons can be many including ineffective teaching, absence … Read more

8 Cool Online Budgeting Games For Students

Online Budgeting Games

The excessive consumerism that is characteristic of today’s capitalist society has led to a Generation X that spends even before it earns, thanks to an array of credit cards at its service. This often leaves them in a financial mess as they get into a debt trap where they have to take more loans to … Read more