10 Helpful budgeting apps for people with learning disabilities

By definition, budgeting is the process of estimating and recording incomes and expenses of the present, past, and future to compile a complete report to make financial decisions. To manage these skills, special individuals may opt for several strategies. Apps can be one of the eminent choices.

The list of budgeting apps that we elucidated here can not only be assistive choices for individuals with learning disabilities but also help to improve their personal finance skills over time. You may check these suggestions to see which of them is a fit for you. 

Importance of budgeting- And the role of budgeting apps 

Budgeting skills mostly rely on the gripping knowledge of numbers and letters. Due to this reason, individuals with LD often face problems in organizing their expenses and budgeting their finance. They can employ strategies like simple role-play activities and other learning sessions to enhance these skills gradually. 

Budgeting apps can be one assistive companion for these individuals. In a Nutshell, budgeting apps are software applications that can be accessed across devices to track and maintain personal transactions related to finance. These apps basically act as records and trackers of common figures like incomes, expenses, savings, EMIs, investment portfolios, and even insurances. 

As budgeting apps can be availed effortlessly from application stores, these can turn into a good option for individuals who have learning compromises to make and update financial records anytime effortlessly.  

Budgeting apps for learning disabilities- Features to ensure

Every app nowadays is full of different features. However, a few features make these apps perfect for people with learning disabilities who want to learn about budgeting. Here are a few eminent features to look out for:

  • Easy access to all the transactions is important. The access gets easy when the individual can access and modify transactions in one or two taps. 
  • Has to sync with banks and other accounts. Managing bank accounts is arduous for learning disables; those budgeting apps that provide scope to manage all bank accounts at one click make it easy for special individuals. 
  • Easy inferences of data. Individuals with LD can interpret visual presentation easily. So the apps representing data in pie or bar graphs are preferable. 
  • Security makes a budgeting app reliable. Choosing those apps that come with passcode security is preferred. 
  • Voice inputs can be a great add-on to the app as this feature mitigates typing efforts. 

Top Budgeting Apps For You- Our Suggestions

1. Intuit Mint

Intuit Mint

Mint is an easy-to-use budgeting app that comes with a white and green theme. It focuses on maintaining records and setting financial goals all in one place. All the transactions can be added and modified with one tap.

There are multiple features that make it handy. The users can monitor their cash flow, plan their spending, save money and manage bills. It also comes with support for pre-setting of transaction and financial goals. Interestingly, it comes with support for cryptocurrency too.

As the presentation of trends and other figures are depicted visually in bar graphs, it can be a good choice for people with learning disabilities to infer and maintain the software easily.

App link: Play store | App store | web app

2. Money manager: Budget planner by learnings.Ai

Money manager: Budget planner by learnings.Ai

With a serene white and black theme, this app ensures to be a straightforward choice for users by giving all the options right at the opening screen. It comes ad-free, ensuring a disturbance-free experience to the user.

This app comes with all the needed budgeting features like expense tracking, provisions for investments, bills, insurances, and other entries. Adding or modifying an entry is easy here. 

There are multiple features that make it suitable for people with learning compromises. First, the presentations are shown in pie chart format- ensuring visual appeal. Second, there is a provision to set reminders for a future transaction, improving the executive abilities. Finally, there are multiple language options to choose from. Individuals may choose the easier language from the list. 

App link : App store

3. Budget Planner by DigitLeaf

Budget Planner by DigitLeaf

With a simple white and orange theme, the app comes with four options in the menu bar and details below them. Users can choose to see trends of their budgeting, percentile of each expense and income in graph format, and a few other options. 

The dashboard on the welcome screen gives a clear picture of the user’s portfolio. They can traverse through different entries and modify their transactions. Users can add new customized categories at any time and reflect them in their portfolio. This app also comes with an inbuilt calculator making estimation easier in the app itself. 

This application supports voice recognition for entries which makes this one perfect for people with learning disabilities. Moreover, an option of auto-filling makes it easy for the users with LD to make entries. 

App link: play store

4. Monefy by Reflectly

Monefy by Reflectly

Monefy redefines the meaning of budgeting with some distinct features. First, it comes with multi-device support. Implying that the user can maintain the record from multiple devices. Second, it can be synchronized with google drive or dropbox. 

Other features of the app include provision for multiple accounts on a single device, a passcode for each account or app, a built-in calculator, and default category suggestions. With this app, users can take control of recurring payments.

Learning Disables can take the support of their mentors or peers by easily synchronizing their budget with other devices. Also, it has a provision to record every minor expense like coffee bills to make short-time estimations. 

App link : Play store | App store | Web app

5. Mobills  by Mobills INc. 

Mobills  by Mobills INc. 

Mobills ensures complete monthly planning with a few settings made in it. With a serene interface, it welcomes the users with a dashboard with a summary and recent categories. 

It encompasses all the budgeting features in a detailed manner. For example, it can store the notes, statements, and bills of the transaction making it easier to recall. Another unique feature is that individuals can manage all credit cards in one place. 

What makes this app useful for Learning Disables are its features like detailed transaction entry, geolocation-based expenses categorization, and better scope for credit card and debt control. 

App link: Play store | App store

6. Toshl Finance by Toshl INc. 

Toshl Finance by Toshl INc. 

If the individual makes transactions in multiple currencies or traverses different countries, Toshl can be a good choice. With the support of 200 currencies, it stands a step above in versatility. Also, the app can be connected to multiple bank accounts. This implies that even bank transactions can be handled and tracked from this app.

Other features include support of 2 accounts in the free version or 2 budgets. It ensures to offer all the features like an inbuilt calculator, divide expenses by category, multi-device support, and optional rollovers to the next period. 

Toshl comes with multiple presentations of data like pie charts, bubble graphs, and expense location maps, making it a good choice for learning disables. Also, bank synchronization and multi-device support are additional add-ons. 

App link: Play store | App store | Web app

7. Money manager by Realbyte Inc.

Money manager by Realbyte Inc.

The money manager is a comprehensive budgeting app that can be employed for business and personal purposes. The feature of double-entry bookkeeping makes it special and better organized. 

Some of the chief features include credit/debit card management, passcode for security, and transfer of money. It comes with a bookmark function using which users can save a few categories that they look to access regularly. Also, it comes with a sub-category ON-OFF function which implies that the same sheet can be viewed by applying or removing a function or entry- increasing flexibility for the user.

The bookmarking feature is a good add-on for users with LD. Also, the integrated calendar function can make it a better option for planning transactions beforehand too. 

App link: Play store | App store

8. Bluecoins Finance by Mabuhay Software

 Bluecoins Finance by Mabuhay Software

This app comes with an easy interface and an option to choose a dark theme. Bluecoins Finance ensures quick access to options like transactions, reminders, and worksheets. 

Some noteworthy features of this app include easy access, provision to export sheets as PDF reports, and options to manage money across multiple devices. Other features include multi-language support and multi-currency and password support.

Screen Glare can be a challenge for the LD to infer text from digital screens; the dark theme in this app can help them to read text easily. Further, multi-device support and synchronizations with bank alerts are clear add-ons. 

App link: Play store | web app

9. Coinkeeper by Disrapp

Coinkeeper by Disrapp

This app can be a handy option for use on both iPad and iPhones. It comes as a combination of budget apps along with the latest financial news to educate the user with regular snippets. 

With this app, the user can identify all the uncontrolled expenses to manage them. Monthly budgets can be set easily, and users can check out all the account balances on one screen when synchronized with accounts. 

This app comes with tutorials to use the interface and gives reminders for payments. These Insights along with visual statistics, make it a fit for individuals with learning compromises.

App link: Play store | App store

10. Smart Finance and Budget by Alexander Survillo

Smart Finance and Budget by Alexander Survillo

As the name depicts, this app is smart enough to make suggestions about financial planning. Once the user enters the income and estimation of expenses, it forecasts the approximate amount to be planned and free money instantly. 

Some features of this app include comparing incomes and expenses, analysis of expenses, investment and purchases management, security with a passcode, and multi-currency, and cryptocurrency support. 

People with learning disabilities can relish the remainder and suggestion feature of this app. With this app in hand, they can get an instinctive idea to move forward. 

App link: App store

Before we wind up…

Paper-based accounting and budgeting can be strenuous, especially for people with compromises like dyslexia and dyscalculia. Apps can act as an easy alternative with a large set of additional features. While there are many options available, we tried to filter out a few choices that we feel are best suited for the learning disabled. All these apps are free to download and use. Traverse these and check if any of these can be a good pick for you or your loved ones.

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