Top 10 Online Counting Money Games for Adults

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Last Updated on February 9, 2022 by Editorial Team

Adulthood has challenges of its own. In a run to figure out various things, some people may find themselves losing grip over basic skills like counting money. Also, an aging brain may give an adult a tough time while managing money. Mostly, receding sharpness in handling money management issues can be overcome by regular practice or ample repetition.

But, the challenge lies in the selection of activities, because anything complicated may not be preferable. Games have always been a fun way of learning various skills. Hence, in this post, we have curated 10 easy online money counting games that, though popular among kids, may intrigue adults too.

Before we start off with the list, let’s take a quick look at the advantages that adults can derive from money counting games.

How games can help?

Coins come in different denominations. Thus, those having issues with working memory or who display pronounced forgetfulness may tend to make mistakes while paying for the purchase in cash. The gamified essence of money counting online quizzes help encounter this issue by serving the following purposes:

  • Relearn skills lost due to brain injury: Money counting games, by virtue of repeated playing, or due to player’s zeal to improve scores help regain skills that may have got due to a brain injury.
  • Strengthen mental reasoning: Some counting games require to differentiate among denominations; others require adult learners to add or subtract, or associate coins with their values. All these requisites of money counting games eventually boost mental reasoning capacity.
  • Help retain mind’s agility: Especially in older people who face frailing mental agility issues, the money counting based games, owing to their speed and accuracy requirements, can help retain quickness in thinking, decision-making and calculating.

All these advantages must have made you inquisitive about the money games that adults can play to improve their counting and money management skills. So, let’s head on to our hand-picked list of money counting games for adults, which they can use to play with kids, or to be familiar with a foreign currency.

Engaging online money counting games for adults

1. Money Tree Game

Money Tree Game

Money counting is mostly thought to be a skill learned in the early years. But, there is always a need to refresh the learning. The money tree game acts as a quick refresher for denominations’ differentiation. It supports using the ‘onemore-than technique‘ which has helped people with retarded mental capacities to revive their coins identification and calculation skills. Adults can benefit from this game by further playing it in a time-pressed manner.

Playing this game requires prior memorizing of the denominations of the coins. If you have thought of moving to the US and want to be familiar with coins in circulation, you can help yourself by playing this money counting game. The best reward from this game will be your smooth familiarity with coins denominations and values, which is crucial for error-free money management.

Web App Link: Play Here

2. Change Maker

Change Maker

Shopping and managing the correct giving of change are unimaginable without one another. You have to be quite quick in mind to tender or accept exact change. Hence, you can work your brains up and be comfortable with the coins by playing this game as fast as possible.

This money counting game is an effective tester of mental agility and gives the dual advantage of mastering the counting as well as calculating the change. Gameplay is quite simple; it requires you to calculate the change mentally and pick the corresponding coins that total up the amount. Thus, you can be ready to flaunt your calculation skills once you have fared excellently in this money counting game.

Web App Link: Play Here

3. Count money: Select the correct 5-dollar bill

Count money: Select the correct 5-dollar bill

Count money while making use of a 5-dollar bill correctly is the essence of this free online game. You are given a set of bills and coins, and the total amount is achieved by including a 5-dollar bill in the correct combination with other coins. Thus, while shopping, you will never be confused about cents, dimes, or nickels once you have practiced this game amply.

This game is a part of a long series of similar games where the focus will be a one-dollar bill, ten-dollar bill, and so on. You are free to select the difficulty level of your choice or may start with the most basic calculation too. The aim of this game is to help you revisit the early money counting games. As a caretaker to a homeschooler, you can be prepared for all questions from your kid when you have mastered this game.

Web App Link: Play Here

4. Counting Coins

Counting Coins

Summing of coins values can be challenging for many adults who face arithmetic difficulties. It is affirmed by researchers that regular and productive practice is essential to make up for these shortcomings. This money counting game offers the best-quality and entertaining method for improving summation abilities.

You have several hats to don as an adult. In many cases, learning to manage money through playful methods can be a wise step. In this game, adults with difficulty in calculations and money management get to differentiate coins and make the correct calculation to arrive at the correct sum. Hence, you can revise the calculation, digit identification, and coins’ denomination collectively with this engaging, fast-paced game.

Web App Link: Play Here

5. Money Game

Money Game

Counting becomes easy to master when you have memorized all coins’ and currency bills’ denominations. But, counting is only the start. You need to learn to apply counting skills correctly too, to become an able cash flow manager. As an adult who has struggled with numbers and money most of the time, you can find the best practice tool in this free, online money-counting game.

As the gameplay indicates, you have to select the combination of bills and coins to match the amount given in the question. Thus, the game drives the grown-up learner to recall the bills and coins appearance, and add them up to get the correct amount too. Hence, the game prepares you on multiple grounds and grooms you to become a confident money manager.

Web App Link: Play Here

6. Counting Money

Counting Money

Terrible is the word that best describes the feeling when you are given those looks by others in the queue at the billing zone for being slow in making payment. You can save a lot many precious seconds by being fluid in calculations and tending correct payment to the billing executive. This money counting game offers you that exact learning support you require to be fast in making correct payments.

Further, if you have applied for a job as a cashier and want to excel in it, this game offers an awesome preparatory ground. With continuous practice and playing rounds and rounds of it, you are sure to find a distinct lucidity in managing the payments you receive. This game is quite close to real-life situations and prepares you for all those instances you are most likely to encounter.

Web App Link: Play Here

7. Adding Money Game

Adding Money Game

This game is quite captivating and teaches you how to arrive at the correct money amount from the cues provided in words. It may remind you of your school days when solving word problems was a part of the curriculum. However, it was not easy to crack those problems back then; difficulty remains in adulthood, too, if you have learning difficulties to deal with. The gaps in learning left in childhood surface up most prominently while dealing with money matters. Hence, you can pick up the reins from where you left by tuning on to this online game and play a couple of rounds daily.

This money counting online game can help adults improve comprehension, understanding, and identification of numbers, and make them comfortable with payments.

Web App Link: Play Here

8. Guess the value of coin

Guess the value of coin

Coins can be confusing. And, it takes extra sharp memory to remember the relationship between cent, nickel, dime, quarter dollar, and so on. However, a good start is half the battle won, and this ‘guess the value of coin’ game offers that wonderful start. If you are a newbie to a foreign country and need to repurpose your understanding of money to fit in a new land, this game helps you do so.

This money counting game for adults can work best when you have played it at a difficult level where the time allotted is less. By adopting this strategy, you can boost memory recall and associative memory. Thus, you may hope to avoid all possible calculation blunders once you have trained yourself sufficiently by playing this money-calculating and identification-based online game.

Web App Link: Play Here

9. Trade coins with equivalent money

Trade coins with equivalent money

The most crucial part of making the correct payment is identifying the value of a set of coins. Seamless identification, quick mental calculation, and correct matching with values are some of the prerequisites of becoming a confident money manager.

This money counting game offers all three learning requirements in the gameplay. Thus, by the way of gamification, the adult learners can shake off their hesitation in dealing with coins and currency bills. Play it often and since it is available online, you can play it when traveling too.

Web App Link: Play Here

10. Equivalent Coins

Equivalent Coins

Converting nickel into dimes or into dollars or the other way round can be mentally taxing if you are not in touch with the process. Rampant use of calculators and online payments have added further to agony. Hence, a game that can help you revisit old-school ways of dealing with coins is certainly worth attempting. It can help you count change faster, pay tips correctly and eventually live like a local in a foreign city.

Play it faster with every attempt, or choose to climb the difficulty level and gain the confidence you need while dealing with coins. All of it will pay you back in form of easy management of cash, and error-free shopping!

Summing Up,

Our list of money counting games is designed keeping in mind the common problems adults encounter while dealing with daily finance affairs. Money management learning can be put on the right track with these games. There can be a lot many problems apart from counting that you might face. With the games mentioned above, all those issues can be addressed collectively.

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