Printable Counting Money Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

counting money lesson plan

Money is an important asset that keeps the world moving. Earning, managing, spending, and saving money are crucial life skills required for successfully navigating the world. These skills are acquired at a young age and remain with us forever. Educators and parents play a pivotal role in helping children understand and apply these crucial skills … Read more

Counting Money And Budgeting IEP Goals

comparing and budgeting iep goals

Money makes the world go round, and learning how to manage it is a crucial life skill.  For your child, understanding basic financial concepts like counting money and budgeting is essential for making informed decisions about finances. For children with learning difficulties, in particular, learning these skills early on can set them up for greater … Read more

10 Engaging Counting Games For Preschoolers

counting games

Preschoolers are a ball of fire – full of energy, enthusiasm, and zeal. At the same time, it can be a daunting challenge to keep them entertained all the while engaging them in learning basic skills. Preschool is the age when kids are introduced to counting.  Kids have a short attention span. They tend to … Read more

Vedic Math Vs. Abacus: Which One To Choose For Boosting Your Calculation Skills?

Vedic maths vs Abacus

Academics preach all the obligated notions to enlighten students. However, some handy tricks and tools can mold the concepts better. While parents and instructors look for such functional pedagogies, learning Vedic math or Abacus can be a great take-in.   Derived from Atharva Veda, Vedic Math is a collection of ancient strategies and techniques for speeding … Read more

9 Manipulatives to Teach Counting to Little Learners

9 Manipulatives to Teach Counting to Little Learners

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. If you see children counting the chocolates or gifts they receive on Birthdays, you may appreciate the importance of teaching counting. As the count of goodies (their just-found manipulatives) increases, the grin gets broader. Have you ever thought about what is actually … Read more