Printable Critical Thinking Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

critical thinking lesson plan

What is one thing that is common among Albert Einstein, John Dewy, and Abraham Lincoln? It is their critical and rational thought process. Along with their unique personalities, their unique thinking pattern and view toward the world make these individuals creative and different.  Critical thinking is the ability of an individual to rationally analyze and … Read more

ELI5 The Difference Between Logical Thinking And Critical Thinking

logical vs critical thinking

The origins of logical thinking and critical thinking are close in time. Philosophers and theorists like Piaget and Dewey have talked about each of them differently, evaluating each of the thinking’s broad characteristics. However, one thing which is common among such theorizing is the discussion of specific dispositions and habits that such thinkers possess.  Even … Read more

100 Critical Thinking Questions For Kids [PDF Included]

Critical thinking is an essential skill that helps a person derive information on a particular subject, analyze it by comparing it with relevant things and arrive at a conclusion. While doing so, the person utilizes their thinking ability to develop a 360-degree overview of a subject to find a solution. We may not realize it, … Read more

8 Best-selling Critical Thinking Books To Read In 2024

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Critical thinking is the process of examining the available data, facts, evidence, observations, and argument to reach a conclusion. It is the capacity to evaluate information while being aware of different preconceptions. While it is a crucial concept, it needs to be … Read more

10 Engaging Online Games To Test Your Critical Thinking Skills

To define it in very simple terms, critical thinking refers to the overall analysis of all the facts and figures you have at your disposal and using them in an organized way to make a judgment or a decision.  There are a lot of interactive ways that can help develop your critical thinking abilities. However, … Read more

12 Inspiring Critical Thinking Quotes For Students

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A birdie flies sans inhibitions, and so must you. But first, you must know where you wish to fly. One’s moods and behaviors are both influenced by one’s thinking. Whether you’re shaping a student’s moments or a lifetime, thinking is a powerful tool. The actual fun is that you can learn to think better throughout … Read more

8 Awesome Critical Thinking Apps For Adults

critical thinking apps fr adults

What makes one person different from another? Well, besides their identity, it’s their ability to critically analyze everything and make a decision that carves a distinct life for everyone, making them unique from one another. Intellectual standards also come in handy when looking forward to determining the extent of critical thinking in an individual.  Critical … Read more

10 Real Life Examples Of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking examples

Amongst the various skills needed in life, critical thinking is one ability one needs to dissect information objectively and make judgments. Not just to excel professionally, this skill is required by an individual in their personal life as well. Simply put, an individual’s growth is apparent when critical thinking is used well. While it can … Read more

10 Fun Critical Thinking Activities for Middle School Students

Critical thinking activities for middle school

Wouldn’t it be exceptional to see your children learning from games? That’s what activities usually ensure by giving them hands-on experience. While we see academic lessons thriving through activities, can teaching an idiosyncratic concept like critical thinking through activities be possible? Critical thinking can be boosted at any age. However, being a part of overall … Read more

Critical Thinking In Individuals With Dyslexia

Critical Thinking & Dyslexia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT REVIEW PANEL ON DECEMBER 07, 2021 An individual can have four modes of thinking: Analytical, Divergent, Critical, and Creative. After identifying and defining information (analysing), one has to process the same by conceptualising and solving them. This is what Critical thinking actually is.  On the other hand, dyslexia, as we know, is a … Read more