8 Characteristics Of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Chracteristics

The famous British-American Author Christopher Hitchens once said ‘The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.’’ These lines are the very core of critical thinking. This attribute might look like a complex and complicated subject to understand, but situations as basic as searching about something on … Read more

Intellectual Standards of Critical Thinking And Impact Of Learning Disability

Intellectual Standards of Critical Thinking

The ability to understand things around and reflect on them in the right way is referred to as Critical thinking. In your personal as well as professional life, critical thinking has its advantages.  Critical thinking is often a strength of people with dyslexia. But, unfortunately, they get pulled into a vicious loop of sticking to … Read more

Top 7 Movies To Put Your Critical Thinking Skills To Work

Movies for critical Thinking

From understanding what your friend is upset about to giving a logical explanation about a recent incident to even identifying real and fake news, many situations that life throws us in can be overcome and understood well by critical thinking. This complex notion is the capacity to think clearly and rationally and form a logical … Read more

5 Interesting Activities & Games for Boosting Critical Thinking Skills in Adults

5 Interesting Activities & Games for Boosting Critical Thinking Skills in Adults

With their superior intellect, humans have constantly been evolving to overcome their environment and barriers to their goals. Necessity, the adage says, is the mother of invention; indeed, the process of systematic analysis of an issue at hand to come to a conclusive judgment is how one solves the issue. This process is termed “critical … Read more