12 Must-watch Math Movies For Middle School Students

math movies for middle school

Mathematics often has a reputation for being abstract, complex, and challenging for students. However, it is a subject that involves logic, solves problems, and finds its applications in real-time. To bring math to life and inspire middle school students, incorporating math-themed movies into the curriculum can be a powerful and engaging strategy. By watching math … Read more

Top 7 Movies To Put Your Critical Thinking Skills To Work

Movies for critical Thinking

From understanding what your friend is upset about to giving a logical explanation about a recent incident to even identifying real and fake news, many situations that life throws us in can be overcome and understood well by critical thinking. This complex notion is the capacity to think clearly and rationally and form a logical … Read more

Top 11 inspirational movies on dyslexia

inspirational movies

Movies are not merely entertainment materials. Some are made with a motive to educate people. For example, movies based on some social cause or an influential legend serve as a good learning source. Such content can be a positive driving force in anybody’s life. Dyslexia is one such topic that has intrigued filmmakers many times. … Read more