Top 7 Movies To Put Your Critical Thinking Skills To Work

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From understanding what your friend is upset about to giving a logical explanation about a recent incident to even identifying real and fake news, many situations that life throws us in can be overcome and understood well by critical thinking. This complex notion is the capacity to think clearly and rationally and form a logical relationship between concepts, subjects, and ideas. 

The ability to analyze and solve problems, creative thinking, great communication, and empathy comes with a person’s potential to think critically and intensely. But this is not something that can be taught theoretically in school or by books. A child needs practical learning to understand the basics of critical thinking and later exercise it in real life. 

A lot of learning about different skills comes from daily activities, games, and even movies. Movies teach us a lot of life and life skills, critical thinking being one of them. This article will be all about such movies which promote critical thinking and enable the individual to indulge and practice attributes like self-evaluation, drawing conclusions, creativity, emotional intelligence, and much more. 

Movies & Critical Thinking

When individuals are exposed to new information, they need to carefully and logically find out how this information relates to what they already know. Similarly, whenever a movie makes an individual aware of a certain emotion, feeling, or attribute, they begin to think consciously about it and try to fit it in their library of attributes.  

Once in a while, a clever movie comes in and plays with an individual’s mind, which in turn helps promote critical thinking. There lies suspense and twists at every stage of a good survival and thrilling movie, which compel the audience to use their mind critically. Fortunately enough, nature endows each individual with intrigue and vision that can be further enhanced if we indulge in the movies that make us question and think hard over our existing beliefs and notions. 

How do movies help in critical thinking?

Film or movies are an effective educational tool. Films can help individuals better comprehend and empathize with the life experiences of other persons by providing diverse views in compelling and emotional ways. 

Individuals learn to investigate, evaluate, synthesize, and understand using the movies and their plots as catalysts. Movies serve as a training tool for survival skills and real-world situations. Above all, movies are becoming a great medium to impart skills that help children think critically to solve problems. 

List of Movies for critical thinking 

1.  Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic science-fiction film that questions all our beliefs. Being a psychological drama with a nonlinear storyline, this movie promotes critical thinking because of the unique plot. Having had memories removed to get rid of the traumatic past, this movie fills in the mind with many emotions and questions, which builds the various attributes of critical thinking.

2. Life of pi (2012)

Life of Pi is one movie that challenges our thoughts and helps us face the real world. Being an adventure drama film, this movie by Ang Lee centers around an Indian adolescent who tells a novelist about how he survives a shipwreck and ends up adrift in the pacific ocean. This aspect of the movie brings awareness to the audience. Life of Pi shows the struggle of the teenager to save his life, which induces the various attributes of critical thinking in the individual.  

3. Forrest gump (1994)

Forrest Gump is a comedy-drama film based on a kind guy who impacts numerous historical events in the United States in the 20th century. This movie is complex but will play with the strings of your heart. Promoting aspects like loyalty, appreciation, and honesty, Forrest Gump is perfect for adolescents as this will make them think hard and learn a lot.  

4. Good will hunting (1997)

Being an American Psychological drama, this film about a 20-year-old will change your life for good. The movie teaches you to break down the barriers and inspires you to fight the demons inside. This story about an unappreciated genius will persuade you to think emotionally and logically question your life and teachings. 

5.  Equilibrium (2002)

Starring Emmy Watson and Taye Diggs, this movie is an American science fiction that edifies an individual’s potential for creative expression. The movie revolves around how residents need to undergo daily medication to keep their emotions at bay, making their emotional intelligence more powerful. The way characters regulate their behavior makes the viewer more sensitive towards morals and society in general. All these aspects of the movie ultimately work towards the critical thinking of an individual.

6. Inside out (2015)

Set in the mind of an 11-year-old, this movie deals with strong emotions that we face daily. These feelings of anger, fear, disgust help the protagonist and give out plenty of inculcating moments. The movie teaches the viewers a lot about happiness, leaving a powerful message which challenges emotions and teaches them not to suppress them but rather express them. 

7. Moneyball (2011)

This American biographical film is based on a true story that is about Oakland Athletic’s former manager. Few movies enable the viewer to think out-of-the-box, and this is one of them. It shows the unique way of building a team and builds critical thinking attributes like teamwork and decision making. 

Wrapping up

Although movies cannot be used as a primary method of teaching attributes, skills, and abilities, they work perfectly as they push us to think intensely and build new qualities, such as critical thinking. These movies can be added to the class activities, and later the teacher can also host a debate, which will be even more beneficial for the student. These movies can also be given as homework for holidays, and later the teacher can discuss them in class to understand whether the child has comprehended the plot well. Movies are often looked at as a source of entertainment, but very few give out life lessons and make the individual more aware of their feelings, likes, dislikes, and so much more.

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