10 Interesting Graph Theory Games And Apps

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Have you ever wondered how those complex network systems are made and how they function? Well, the study of these complex graphs or networks is what is known as graph theory. City planning, traffic control, maps, and airline schedules are common applications where such type of complex network is being used.

Numerous engaging games and applications that support the growth of the human mind’s capacity for abstraction have been made possible by the usage of graph theory in game and app development. For those who work in STEM professions or other disciplines that demand the analysis of complex systems, having a basic understanding of graph theory is beneficial.

Graph theory games and apps are what you may select if you want an enjoyable brain-stretching experience while learning the topic as it is sometimes challenging to comprehend. These types of games tend to challenge your brain while also teaching you more about the fundamental ideas behind graph theory. 

Check below the graph theory games and applications to enjoy improving your comprehension of this intricate subject.

Challenging yet fun games to understand graph theory

Graph theory is an interesting topic however, it is too vast to understand. In such situations, fun games can be a good way to engage individuals as well as students to understand it in its real sense.

1. Numberlink


To win the game Numberlink, you must apply reasoning to match the numbers on a grid. Although it starts off being rather easy, the complexity quickly rises because each number can only be used once.

  • Locate the proper route between matching number pairs.
  • The numbers in this pair indicate how long the path is.
  • Color these paths to reveal the picture that is hidden.
  • Utilize tips to accelerate your success.
  • If you’ve messed up, get more lives.
  • Take note that no cell should be left vacant.

By striking a balance between mental exercise and the excitement of discovering new images, you can achieve zen. Number Link is a fantastic mashup of the number link and image puzzle genres.

Game link: Playstore

2. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

People who like brain-type puzzles, cards, and strategy games should try Brain Dots. It might influence intellectual development and stop brain degradation.

  • To pass a stage, all you have to do is “make the blue and red balls bump.”
  •  To move and roll the balls, freely draw doodle lines and shapes.
  • The secret to success is going to be adaptable thinking.

More than 25 different types of pens in various colors and sizes are available. Walk through the stages while gathering different pens. Individuals can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Game link: Playstore | Appstore

3. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2

In this enjoyable logic puzzle game, guide your Thinkrolls through 270 levels of mazes loaded with science.

  • With the help of the physical laws of matter and fundamental physics, youngsters can utilize this ingenious logic game to make their Thinkrolls do more than just roll through a variety of chapters with various themes.
  • Each gradually introduces a fresh scientific idea in a comprehensible manner.
  • The problems demand juggling various alternatives, but players may keep their Thinkrolls blissfully rolling along by deliberately mixing pieces and planning movements far in advance.

Children develop confidence in their deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills as they experiment and learn by trial and error how to navigate twists, turns, and numerous hazards.

Game link: Playstore | Appstore

4. Flow Free

Flow Free

Presenting a simple puzzle game that is challenging as well as offers relaxation. As the name suggests, individuals simply need to flow their hands and complete puzzles every day.

  • To construct a Flow, join pipes in complementary colors. 
  • To complete each problem, pair all the colors and cover the entire board. 
  • But be careful, pipes that cross or overlap will crack.

The smooth touch interaction along with sound effects offers an engaging learning experience to individuals. The application also offers clear vector graphics and labels are available for color-impaired players.

Game link: Playstore | Appstore

5. Sprouts – Strategy Game

The Game of Sprouts

The board game Brussels sprouts served as the inspiration for Sprouts. In the strategy game Sprouts, players connect as many of the same colored nodes as they can by drawing lines from one to the next. 

  • Individuals can only link up to three nodes at once, and you must not cross over existing lines. There are 3 connections left for each spot. 
  • The first thing to know is how many places are available. 
  • By joining two adjacent dots on the board, individuals can move them around. 
  • It will take a specific number of moves to move the sprouts between each connected dot.

Playing this game is enjoyable, but being good at it takes practice. Individuals lose one life at each move, and two more lines will cost you two lives. Players gain an understanding of how graph theory may be utilized to solve problems and how problems are distilled into it through the game.

Game link: Playstore | App Store | Web App

Relevant applications to learn graph theory

With the changing times, technology has enabled individuals to get information on various subject matters. Hence, different applications can be used by science as well as engineering aspirants along with individuals who wish to learn about graph theory. Check out these relevant apps that are easy to download and provide ample information on the subject.

1. Graph Theory

Graph Theory

Presenting an interesting application to learn about graph theory. This application is more like a handbook that covers important topics and notes. Individuals also get access to materials and the current news about graph theory. One good part about the application is that it consists of more than 100 topics with detailed information on each.  Individuals get to learn about diagrams, equations, and informative notes. 

Additionally, the topics are also listed in chapters making them easy to understand. The application is pretty helpful for students pursuing science or engineering. It also offers a good visual appeal by outlining content in different formats.

App link: Playstore

2. Math Graph

Math Graph

As the name suggests, the application gives information about Mathematical graphs. It is a good application for beginners who wish to learn different graphical methods. Individuals get to understand the linear equation from clear illustrations. The entire application looks like graph paper allowing individuals to explore these mathematical concepts in the best possible format.

The application also highlights information about linear graphs and vectors through an easy interface. Additionally, the application helps individuals find relationships between different gradients, linear equations, and lines. Hence, the application is helpful for students as well as individuals in engineering. 

App link: Playstore

3. Graph Makers

Graph Makers

Information can be better presented when it is visually appealing. Infographics are a great way to highlight different types of information. This application helps individuals create different types of bar charts, pie charts, and line charts to communicate vital information in a structured manner. Here, individuals can create as well as design their own graphs. 

Interestingly, the application also offers the designing and creation of bubble charts within minutes. Hence, this application is useful for business professionals as well as students willing to convey information in a methodical manner. The intuitive designs also offer a visual appeal by setting different colors and offering relevant color themes. 

Applink: Playstore

4. Track and Graph

Track and Graph

Individuals generally put their time into work, socializing, meditation, exercising, or even studying. Hence, the app is good for self-awareness as well as reflection. The basic fundamental feature of the app is to assign a numerical value to any of these works and individuals can then track it easily. 

Various insightful graphs are prepared by the application to understand how much time, days, and hours have been invested in a particular work. The application helps individuals build good habits and overcome negative ones. It also helps them track symptoms of any of the problems and finds a correlation with other factors.

App link: Playstore

5. Function Graph Plotter

 Function Graph Plotter

This application combines a math calculator with a plotter. It is possible to compute function values and value tables, as well as generate numerous function graphs. Calculating minimum and maximum values is simple through the app. Individuals can also perform numerical integration. 

Polynomials, rational functions, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, and hyperbolic functions are also a part of this application. Individuals get brief information about natural logarithms, exponential functions, and all possible combinations of them in one single application. An app is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to perform several graph theory-based calculations.

App link: Playstore


All things considered, graph theory games and apps offer a novel method to master this interesting subject. Studies have also indicated that graph games are a stimulating, concrete, simple to comprehend, yet the difficult method of learning.

Additionally, they’re a fantastic way to sharpen thinking skills and test mental agility. Whether you’re a math enthusiast or just searching for a fun way to exercise your brain, they can help with problem-solving and critical thinking in addition to being enjoyable.

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