7 Awesome Apps For Learning How Place Value Works

When you’re a kid, learning math may seem pointless. But as you get older, you learn that everything in life is connected to math. And what is place value?

Place value is a principle that suggests that each digit in a number represents a specific power of 10. For instance, the number 123 has digits that represent 1 (one), 2 (ten), and 3 (hundred). 

The importance of place value lies in the fact that it allows us to compare numbers and understand their size easily. Learning about place value as kids lays a foundation for strong math skills that aid in more complex mathematical concepts. Place value can be known not mandatorily through the old school methods but can also be practiced using mobile apps. Mobile apps provide a way for students with learning disabilities and dyslexia to improve their place value skills and everyday math basics. 

Today, many place value apps are available, each with unique features and benefits that host a whirlpool of engaging ways to let students learn interactively through visual learning. But before we get into it, let’s look at what place value is and why it is essential. This post will discuss this and much more related to place value alongside a handy list of apps and websites that may benefit you and your kid. Read more below:

Place value apps: Blending technology with learning

Studies have shown that technology can enhance student engagement and learning. As a result, many schools are shifting to using more technological devices and hosting a set of activities around it within the classrooms. While some may worry about how much screen time is appropriate for young students, there are many ways technology, if inducted well, can bring exponential growth to your child’s sensory development.

The market is full of apps and programs that can help make learning more interactive and engaging. With technology becoming more prevalent in society, there is no dearth of educational apps that involve learning fun and interactive.

At the same time, learning place value for younger kids can be as easy as 123 using these apps. Addressing this, place value apps can be a great way to supplement traditional instruction and help students develop a deeper understanding of this critical concept. In addition, they even aid in making a subject like math look and feel simple.

Moving forward, we will look at some of the best place value apps available and how they can be used in the classroom. We’ll also explore some ideas for blending technology with traditional teaching methods to create an even more effective learning experience for students. Have a look.

Cool Apps for learning place value concepts

Smartphones, if used well, can exponentially help a child’s development. Educational youtube channels, podcasts, and applications are a few activities to indulge in. Therefore, here are some apps for your child to learn place value effectively and in a fun way. 

1. Numberland Montessori

Numberland Montessori

Numberland is a fun math app that helps students understand the significance of quantity and link it to numbers. It is designed to help students understand numbers and place values better.

Numberland offers a sequence of activities that help children reinforce their mathematical skills through counting, block manipulation, stacking, number cards, and matching. It introduces numbers and quantities on a matrix of 0-9-year-old kids concerning pre-K to K children through an interactive and engaging way of learning. The app weaves a story through 2 characters named Tam and Tao. 

Moreover, there’s a set of visually appealing animated scenes where kids interact with birds, mountains, trees, and more while solving math. The app also comes with an engaging tracking activity recorder for parents. It is a number learning mobile application based on a 100-year-old demonstrated pedagogy. The app is designed to help children learn place value numbers in a fun and interactive way.

App link: Play store | App store

2. Tinytaps


Tinytaps is a distinguished application company that offers a handful of other math-centric apps for students. However, the place value app, in particular, comes with thorough place value concepts: Place value cards, Place value decimals and Place value charts. It is an app for parents who’re ideally concerned about their kids’ screen time and want to turn it into an educational experience. It helps users learn about the inside-out-of-place values of numbers in a fun, interactive, and block-building format.

The app includes various games and puzzles that help users understand such concepts. In addition, students can learn much from the activities by taking them on a mathematical concept journey through reward points. It comes with a multitude of options to offer, like comparison games, 2D-3D block games, sight recognition activities, quizzes and puzzles, and much more. 

App link: Play store | App store

3. Kids Math Place Value

Kids Math Place Value

Kids Math Place Value app is an excellent tool for teaching place value to kids. The game is simple enough that young children can understand it at ease, but is challenging enough to keep older kids engaged alongside. The objective of the game is to correctly identify the Place Value of various numbers.

Kids will develop an understanding of place value concepts such as greater than, less than, and equal to, through this app. By playing the Kids Math Place Value Online Game, kids will develop a strong foundation in place value that will serve them well in their math studies.

Kids must first select the correct number of tens and ones blocks. They then arrange the blocks in the correct order, starting with the ones block on the left and the tens block on the right. As kids play the game, they’ll learn how to read and write numbers in both standard and expanded forms.

App link: Play store

4. Place Value by Teachbasix Technologies

Place Value by Teachbasix Technologies

Place Value by Teachbasix Technologies provides a fun and interactive way to learn the concept. The game is designed to teach kids how to identify the value of numbers in different positions and regroup them. The game helps children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As a result, they will be better equipped to handle real-life math problems. 

This game app uses colorful graphics and engaging gameplay to help kids understand this important concept. In the game, kids must identify the correct place value for each number to solve the puzzle. As they progress, the puzzles get more challenging, but kids will be able to use their knowledge of place value to figure out the solutions.

App link: Play store

5. Place Value of a Number

Place Value of a Number

Place Value is an important concept in Math that helps kids understand the value of each digit in a number. The game “Place Value of a number” is a great way for kids to learn this concept. This game helps practice place value skills and to learn how to compare numbers.

In addition, by playing this game, kids will be better prepared to understand Place Value when they encounter it in math class. Each player gets a number card with a certain number of digits in the game. The game’s object is to determine the place value of each digit and then put the digits in order from greatest to least.

App link: Play store

6. Math Slide Place Value

Math Slide Place Value

The game “Math Slide Place Value” can be a helpful tool for teaching kids about place value. By experiencing how the value of a number can change depending on its position, kids can develop a deeper understanding of place value. As a result, “Math Slide Place Value” can be a helpful game for teaching kids about this important math concept. 

Players slide numbered tiles around on a grid in the game, trying to put them in order from least to greatest. As they play, kids learn about the relative value of each number and how it changes depending on its position on the grid. 

For example, if the number tiles are arranged like this: 1, 10, 100, then the 1 tile is worth 1 point, the 10 tile is worth 10 points, and the 100 tile is worth 100 points. However, if the tiles are arranged like this: 100, 10, 1, then the 100 tile is worth 1 point, the 10 tile is worth 10 points, and the 1 tile is worth 100 points. 

App llink : App store

7. Number Place Value Tutor

Number Place Value Tutor

Number Place Value Tutor app is a great way to help your child learn place value and other relative math concepts. The app lets kids develop their mental math skills and learn to think strategically about how to manipulate numbers. Overall, the app is a good practice game for teaching place value to kids and help them develop their math skills without a hustle in a fun and interactive way.

Through their gigantic library of videos and membership, one can access a humongous pool of videos, written concepts, pdfs, and worksheets to practice place value and other math concepts. 

For example, such practices to learn place value helps users comprehend whole numbers in expanded form, whole numbers in written form, and regroup whole numbers. It also includes worksheets and mock test series conducted through various engaging activities.

App link: App store

Apps-based learning: Effective learning strategy for math concepts

Math applications are setting up breakthroughs and revolutionizing how children learn and understand calculation today. However, these apps are designed to use during the learning process, especially for students with learning disabilities like dyscalculia. Therefore, they can be used as an educational tool to test the learner’s skills. In addition, they help determine how well your child is doing overall and the loopholes in his/her knowledge. 

Understanding place value is essential for math success, and many apps can help students with learning difficulties master this concept. Some of the key takeaways of using learning applications are:

  • They use colorful visuals and animation to engage learners and make the material more accessible.
  • Many place value apps also provide interactive exercises and games to reinforce the concepts of math and its use in everyday lives.
  • Some apps specifically cater to students with learning disorders, offering text-to-speech functionality and other tools to make the content more accessible to students with learning or hearing disabilities alongside dyslexic students.

Summing up,

These place value apps are changing the way students with learning disabilities learn about numbers. The apps provide various activities, games, and puzzles that help users understand place values better. With many great options available, a place value app will be perfect for your child’s math needs.

And that’s not it; while learners enjoy diving deep into this fun and engaging way of learning, parents and teachers can side by side benefit by keeping track of their progress and the areas of concern. These apps will not only help them enjoy math as a subject but will also have them lead in the class, speaking volumes about their performance.

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