10 Must-try Social Emotional Learning [SEL] Based Apps For Little Learners

Teachers play a crucial role in the life of students. They not only teach students a myriad of educational subjects but also work on social-emotional literacy to mold students into responsible individuals. 

With so many things to do, it can often be challenging for teachers to find different ways to include social-emotional learning in class.  Social-emotional learning activities and games are one way of teaching social-emotional skills. Another way is to leverage technology to assist in developing the emotional quotient of students. 

A vast selection of social-emotional learning apps is now available to support teachers in implementing social-emotional learning in their classrooms. In this write-up, we will focus on some of the best paid and free SEL apps to teach emotional regulation, social skills, problem-solving, responsible decision-making, and other aspects of SEL.

1. Breathe, Think, Do

Breathe, Think, Do

Breathe, Think, Do is a teacher-approved app by Sesame Street. It features a blue monster friend who faces different challenges, and students must help him calm down, make plans, and solve his problems. The monster then gives high-fives when they complete a task in the right manner. Kids enjoy silly animations and learn emotional vocabulary, breathing techniques, and a lot of other things. The app stresses the importance of kindness and empathy and reminds students that they can create a happy and positive environment if they choose to be kind and empathetic individuals. 

App link: Playstore | Appstore

2. Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings

Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings

Daniel Tiger is a popular animated character on PBS Kids. This app is suitable for kids 0-5 years of age and can be found exclusively on the App store for use on an iPad. Kids can engage with the interesting activities available on the app and learn about feelings and emotions. The four activities included in the app are a drawing easel, a sing-along, a feelings photo booth, and a fun trolley game. You can use the app to conduct individual or group SEL activities in the classroom. It teaches students how to identify emotions and improve their emotional vocabulary.

App link : Playstore | Appstore

3. My Peekaville

My Peekaville

This is an educational app that focuses on social-emotional learning. It has a host of lessons, stories, and activities that can help kids learn about self-awareness, emotional regulation, and empathy. The app encompasses a fantasy world where animals and humans, known as Peekapak Pals, live in harmony. Students get a chance to visit the homes of Peekaville residents to learn about them and their families. The app is suitable for kids 4 years and above and is designed to provide a personalized learning experience while kids learn how to engage socially and manage their emotions.

App link : Playstore

4. Bouncy the People Trainer

 Bouncy the People Trainer

This free app is designed by Ripple Effects and can be used on an iPad. It is a fun and engaging app for kids 4 – 6 years old. Hosted by Bouncy, a three-legged dog, this tool aims to teach students how to control behavior, make friends, and face challenges. Kids can create an avatar by choosing options from varied eye colors, skin colors, costumes, etc. The app can cater to learners of different levels and touches on several aspects related to social-emotional learning. Also, don’t forget to check out the You Can Learn’s school edition which has a wide range of useful resources for teachers.

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5. The Social Express II

The Social Express II

This SEL app is free to download and offers in-app purchases for its users. Its interactive lessons feature Zack, Emma, Sam, and Katie, who find themselves in different social situations. Students must help them solve their problems, which in turn, teaches them how to navigate social situations and develop healthy relationships with others. The app creates a safe learning environment for students to brush up on their social competency. They learn how to identify other people’s feelings, be a part of the group, identify social cues, and more. The app is available on the App Store and requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.

App Link: Appstore

6. Avokiddo Emotions

Avokiddo Emotions

Here is another teacher-approved app to add loads of laughter and fun to your classroom. It is a simple app but has plenty of interesting things to jazz up lovable pets, such as shy sheep, zany zebra, modest moose, and jolly giraffe. The app offers more than 110 items, such as food, toys, musical instruments, etc., to keep the pets happy. Students get to learn about different emotions while they take care of these animals in a fun and interactive playroom. The app is suitable for kids 4- 12 years old.

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7. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind

Smiling mind is a free app that teachers can use to instill mindfulness and teach meditation to students. The app is developed by a group of educators and psychologists who wished to create a tool to bring balance to an individual’s life. The app has tailored mindfulness programs for kids, youth, and adults. It has quick 2–5-minute bite-sized programs for kids who have very short attention spans. Through guided meditation lessons supported by calm and soothing voices, Smiling Mind helps in relieving stress, and improving the mental well-being of students. 

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8. Middle School Confidential Series

Middle School Confidential Series

Middle schoolers come across a variety of situations in real life. They face challenges such as bullying, friendship problems, self-image issues, etc. Through this interactive graphic novel app, teachers can polish their students’ social-emotional skills as they get to explore easy-to-navigate stories and in turn, learn solutions to everyday life challenges. The series is a collection of three books that inspire students to deal with difficult situations through quotes, quizzes, tools, and resources. The bundle is only available on iPad and iPhone and allows family sharing for up to six family members. 

App Link: Appstore

9. Headspace


Another meditation and mindfulness app that makes it to our list is Headspace. It is designed to cater to people of all age groups, including children. The app is equipped with videos, visualizations with relaxing sounds, meditation programs, exercises, games, and quotes to manage stress and lead a calm and stress-free life. Teachers can use guided meditation and breathing visuals to give students a break on a busy school day. The Headspace app offers in-app purchases that give teachers complete access to all its features. 

App Link: Playstore

10. Emotionary


Emotionary is a tool to help students understand what’s going on in their minds. The app is developed by therapists and is based on the principles of cognitive behavior therapy. Students can journal their emotions regularly and track their emotional health. Some of the key features of the app are daily emotion check-ins, personalized feedback, videos, a streak meter, etc. It also includes a few habit-building activities, such as mindfulness and breathing exercises, task lists, and sleep logs. Teachers can make in-app purchases at $ 0.99 per item.

App Link: Playstore

Wrapping up,

Social-emotional learning apps are great tools to evoke emotional intelligence in children. Using them at school is a great way to add fun learning opportunities to brighten up a typical school day. Another advantage of these apps is that parents can use them too to promote social-emotional learning at home. SEL apps are clear examples of how technology can improve our life experiences. By assisting in the social and emotional development of children, these apps have changed the way how learning is facilitated in today’s times. Most of all, it has made the lives of teachers and parents so much easier.

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