9 Fun Apps For Practicing Sentence Building Skills

“learning swimming I am”

The time you read the above sentence, the first thing came to your mind must be the incorrect sequence of words. This is one of the common difficulties that English language learners or beginners may face. Just knowing some grammar rules or vocabulary does not help in knowing how to properly make a correct sentence.

It takes different parts of speech that are handled with numerous grammar rules to finally construct a correct meaningful sentence. Knowing how to correctly form a sentence is also required for effectively communicating your thoughts and views, but this is something that is achieved by constant practice.

Besides, book exercises, worksheets, and some creative classroom activities, playful apps are a go-to tool adding to the fun and engagement factor. Let’s check out some unique apps to help little learners practice and master flawless sentence-building.

Interactive and engaging apps to practice sentence-building skills

Just like many people take help from YouTube channels to learn English, similarly, certain applications play a good role in involving students in playful, effective learning, especially for concepts like sentence building. The below-mentioned applications help students learn about sentence building, basic rules, and how to apply concepts in a practical manner.

1. Word and Sentence Building 

Word and Sentence Building 

Word and Sentence Building is a well-organized app that has different types of themes and levels with respect to word and sentence building. It has creative and engaging ways of encouraging young children to learn through the app. It uses interactive images and fun challenges through which children can learn playfully without getting bored. 

In this app, a set of words are simply jumbled up and students are expected to reorganize the words in the proper order to form a sentence. It also has a section where students have to match a sentence with the correct image. This form helps in developing memory and also in applying what is learned practically. Using visual images while learning can enhance memory. This app can be a big boon for students to gain a great head-start in their journey of learning.

App Link: Playstore

2. Learn English Sentence Master 

Learn English Sentence Master 

Learn English Sentence Master is an education app not only built for young learners but also calibrated for proficient English speakers. This app has specifically 5 levels which have their own set of challenges, each a bit more challenging than the other. The levels are developed in accordance with one’s proficiency in the English language. These levels are named beginner, skilled, professional, expert, and sayings. 

Each level has a specific difficulty according to which a set of scrambled words are introduced to the player. The player has to arrange these words in the correct order to move on to the next sentence of the corresponding level. For young students who have just started learning the language, the beginner is the level to opt for. This app is meticulously developed by educators and is a great tool to use for enhancing one’s literary skills.

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

3. Sentence Bridge Builder 

Sentence Bridge Builder 

Sentence Bridge Builder is an app designed to make learning fun. In this app, there are two sections that consist of four levels each. Each level increases in difficulty. In the combination of these two games, the first one is a missing word game. In this one, the student has to simply slide in the appropriate word in the right place so that the construction of the bridge can be completed and the player’s animal can cross it. This symbolism through creative imagery can help encode the right rules of grammar related to sentence building for a long time. 

The second section in the app requires more concentration and focus. In the second variety, students are required to put all the words in the sentence in the correct order, if they make a mistake they have to restart that particular level. This app is specifically designed for teachers to use in schools and various learning centers and help students in their academic journey. 

App Link: Playstore

4. Kids English Learning Sentence

Kids English Learning Sentence

Kids English Learning Sentence is specifically designed for young students who have started their journey of learning English. It has an interactive and colorful interface. It is filled with various kinds of worksheets that introduce young students to various rules of grammar. It has loads of activities related to filling in the right word in the blank. 

Additionally, it teaches concepts through the use of relevant colorful pictures. There are Worksheets for preschool and kindergarten that include sentences related to English, math, science, and pre-writing skills. There are 100+ types of sentences that will help students learn the art of sentence building. 

App Link: Playstore

5. English Sentence Listen and Make 

English Sentence Listen and Make 

This app is developed and designed for developing the necessary skills for learning English by helping users learn grammar, pronunciation of words, and sentence formation rules. In this app, the words which can make a sentence are simply jumbled up and one needs to arrange them grammatically in the correct order in order to form the right sentence. 

This app has a unique feature where users can listen to the sentence displayed on the screen, in which the app reads the sentence for them. Users can also adjust their speaking speed at their convenience. There are 9700+ sentences in this app. There are also Fill in Blank exercises and activities which enhance the vocabulary of users are also present. 

A[[ Link: Playstore

6. Learn Phrases

 Learn Phrases

Learn Phrases has a wide range of useful phrases which are used in daily conversations. It has a collection of 5000+ useful phrases in the English language. This app also has features related to translation. It can help users learn English in their own mother tongue. It has a set of 60 languages available to support this feature. This application can be used by young students as well as tourists or adults who want to improve their skills in a playful manner. 

It has a set of 11 fun games which provide exposure to challenges that help users enhance their writing, speaking, and listening skills. It has four levels namely beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. 20 topics are divided into a set of 145 subtopics to provide variety and cover extensive relevant areas of knowledge regarding the English language. The topics for English conversation feature situations that might take place during a conversation with friends, traveling, restaurants, work, and so on. 

App Link: Playstore

7. Make Sentences for Kids

Make Sentence for Kids

Make Sentence for Kids helps in the development of sentence-building skills for kids by challenging them to make sentences when exposed to a set of jumbled words. This app has an interesting feature that it encourages young students how to build different types of sentences. These different types of sentences include descriptive, assertive, negative, exclamatory, and interrogative. 

It has an interactive and colorful interface. It helps in capturing and keeping them engaged in order to help them learn. It has a very large set of different types of words and sentences. The app also has a set of idioms, phrases, and many commonly used sentences to build users’ vocabulary and overall develop their language skills. 

App Link: Playstore

8. Sight Words: Sentence Builder 

Sight Words: Sentence Builder 

Sight words play an important role in developing the overall understanding of language and polishing communication. Only when students learn to recognize sight words can they better use them in constructive sentences. This app is designed for the recognition of such words that help students build accurate sentences. 

The application is filled with more than 100 examples to learn sentences. To make it interactive, the app offers auditory feedback where students know if they are correct or not. There are three visual themes thereby giving a visual appeal to the learner. High-end graphics with clear fonts engage the students in building sentences.

App Link: Playstore

9. Sentence Constructor: Hear It!

Sentence Constructor: Hear It!

An application where students can learn, hear and also build sentences is indeed a helpful turn in their educational journey. This application is available on the App store and it is a combination of audio and graphics. Basically, the application has more than 1700 words displayed on different boards. Here, students get an opportunity to tap on any word and hear them.

Interestingly, there are no restrictions on building a particular sentence. They can choose any 5-6 or more words to make unique sentences simply by dragging. The application teaches written and spoken communication through audio and visual images. It has different words related to animals, clothes, science, fun, holiday, garden, and many more.

App Link: Appstore

Crucial factors to consider before choosing an app

Choosing the right application for children is not an easy task because apps are designed for a larger audience. Check the factors that you should consider for little learners.

  • The age range of the application should be checked as children should only be given apps and exercises that are age appropriate. 
  • Before choosing an app, understand the difficulty level of concepts and games in it. It is important to look for the understanding and the learning level of the child before offering any exercise to play and learn.
  • It should also be noted that some sentence-building apps can also be paid apps. Before investing, check if the application is worth buying and satisfies the learning requirement of the child.
  • Nowadays, reviews and feedback are also significant with reference to apps. Look for positive feedback and know if it fulfills your requirement of sentence building skills
  • Similarly, before choosing an app, check if the user interface is kid-friendly. A complex user experience leads to disrupting the entire learning process where kids cannot actually get to the learning part and often need assistance. 

Furthermore, some of these applications also help teachers and adults understand and assess the sentence fluency of the students, as they serve as a classic example of the assessment, which ultimately helps them become better orators.

Wrapping Up 

Technology is a boon for humankind. Using technology correctly and productively solely depends on every individual’s choice. These apps which promote ways and means to educate young minds are a way of exercising the correct choice to optimize education. Learning through the help of digital aid, games, and activities students can better learn about building sentences, using grammatical concepts, and polishing their language skills. They help in developing their creativity, expand their knowledge, and sharpen their memory. Encourage children to use these wide arrays of apps and help in developing their skills related to sentence building.

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