7 Fun Classroom Activities To Do With Algebra Tiles

Algebra tiles activity

Algebra tiles are simple yet effective tools that help students explore and work on different algebraic concepts. Games and activities are popularly used by educators to provide a hands-on learning experience while strengthening the understanding of vital math concepts.  Like any other math topic, teachers can conduct algebra tiles activities in the classroom. These activities … Read more

9 Apps To Understand How Algebra Tiles Works

Algebra tiles have long been used to teach algebra. Algebra tiles are basically physical manipulatives that teachers use to explain abstract algebraic concepts to their students. Once the students learn how to use them, they can apply this knowledge to model and solve algebra problems.  Digitization in today’s world has changed the way we do … Read more

9 Algebra Tiles Games To Play Online

Nowadays, many educators prefer using online math games in the classroom to polish their students’ understanding of specific mathematical concepts. Students often lose interest in topics they have difficulty comprehending. Games can help revive the lost interest and allow them to explore and work on their math skills. Although you may find games on most … Read more

DIY: How to make Algebra Tiles and how to use them?

Today I am here with another DIY activity that is suitable for kids in middle school. Grades 6 and above students learn and practice concepts of algebra in their school curriculum. Algebra tiles are manipulatives that support students in understanding algebraic concepts through visual representation of equations.  Buying individual sets of algebra tiles for every … Read more

Free Printable Algebra Tiles Worksheets [PDF]

Algebra tiles worksheets

Preaching algebra to kids who have just mastered letters and numbers can be strenuous. But, this situation can be eased when parents and instructors ensure constructive sessions for their little ones. Algebra is a crucial division of math that preaches us the logical path of resolving a problem. It may be arduous to figure out … Read more

Free printable colored algebra tiles template [PDF]

free printable algebra tiles pdf

Algebra tiles are one of the most commonly used manipulatives to have on-hands experience of algebra. The importance of algebra grows exponentially as classes go higher as it forms a crucial base for several equations and operations to be dealt later in higher studies. Hence, it becomes important to get a good grip of it … Read more

5 examples to understand algebra tiles easily

algebra tiles examples

Algebra constitutes a major part of math curriculum, specially in high school and middle school. It forms a crucial base for several equations and operations to be dealt later in higher studies. Hence, it becomes important to get a good grip of it in early phases of learning. For students with learning disorders such as … Read more