Free printable colored algebra tiles template [PDF]

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Algebra tiles are one of the most commonly used manipulatives to have on-hands experience of algebra. The importance of algebra grows exponentially as classes go higher as it forms a crucial base for several equations and operations to be dealt later in higher studies. Hence, it becomes important to get a good grip of it in early phases of learning. For students with learning disorders such as dyscalculia, it can be nightmare. Algebra tiles as a manipulative plays a crucial role in achieving that grip.

Algebra tiles are perfect for learners beginning in the algebra concepts. To get the maximum benefit out of these manipulatives, practicing regularly is the best approach. Teachers must accomodate a couple of minutes for practicing algebra tiles weekly.

Sessions may include, quizzes, contests on generating expression or just playing it randomly to see what it leads to? The on-hands experience last longer than practicing it through books. Fundamentals will be stronger and kids will be able to handle advanced level concepts of algebra in higher classes with ease.

In Algebra Tiles, square and rectangle shaped colored tiles are used to represent numbers and variables. As per general rule, Each small square  tile, the unit tile, represents number one. If we have two tiles, then we have the number two. Red colored square tiles are used for negative numbers, while any other color could be used for positive ones. The rectangle represents the variable, x. The large square represents x² . Algebra tiles gives a better visual perspective to solve the problems. 

In this post, We’ve made printable algebra tiles (both black & White and Colored) template for you to practice at home or classroom. These are available for free and pdf version is provided for download as well.

free printable algebra tiles template black and white pdf
free printable algebra tiles template colored pdf
Free Printable Negative algebra tiles pdf

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